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Pro White

Each Kit Contains:
- Custom upper/lower bleaching trays
- (4) Large 3ml Syringes of 22% Gel Materials to take your impressions
- (4) Applicator tips for the syringes Stamped pre-addressed envelope
Product: Pro White
Brand: Pro-White, Inc. (More Products)
Size: 8 Applications
Dosage: 1 per day
Retail: $99.99
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19 Customer Reviews

by Herbert M

Pro White is a scam. Paid $49.95 for 35% strength gel and it didn't do anything. They evebn advertised a 30% rebate for return customers and didn't honor it. Tried it twice now and the results suck compared to others on the market. They tease you with their pricing...don't be fooled

Nope...stay away...they do not honor what they say
by Matti

This company attracts people due to pricing. I do not have dental insurance, so naturally this seemed like a great fit. The guard does not even fit the mold let alone my mouth! Promises to send new kit and do new one have not been honored. They also state buy one get one free, but they do not tell you that you will get a day guard and not a night guard. Be happy within 30 days or get your cc to block payment.

Pro White OR ProWhite Teeth- 2 different companies
by Lindsey Tem

I bought from Pro White Teeth (dot) com, not Pro White. I am not sure which company people are talking about here but... I was suprised at the results because I was skeptical but there was a guarantee so I gave it a go. You get a kit and take these impressions of your teeth to send in. Then you get back trays that fit your teeth exactly. I couldn't get these a couple years back at the dentist because it was too expensive. The gel is very effective. It bubbles which I think shows it works. It worked for me in a couple days and i liked the custom trays much more than the boiling trays that you use when you wait. the gel doesn't stay on as good.

by DR Michael Miller

First i have tried other products and was never happy,then i researched and found this company has there own dental lab,well the proof was my teeth looked 7 shades whiter in less then 7 days,dont let others get you with there watered down version,This is the best product on the market hands down.

Waste of money
by Pattie

My youngest brother has coffee stained teeth and was told by his dentist to buy Pro White. He figured it would last a long time, so he thought the price would be worth it. He was wrong. Not only did he have a hard time understanding the directions, the results were nowhere near what he thought they would be. He actually sent the unused portion back to the company and got no response from them.

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