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by rhonda

I dont think any of these products work.

mother, wife, grandmother
by debbie cooper

this product works great! I have used professional products and have spent alot of money in the dentist office getting trays ect. This product whitens teeth just as well at a fraction of the cost.

Does the job
by Jenny

I am a dental professional and I recommend this to my patients. It does work well for those with minor staining and discolorations with minimal side effects such as sore gum tissue.

Registered Nurse
by Glynis

Cannot say enough good things about these white strips. I've never been confident with my smile but since I've been using these, about 10 years now I would say, I smile all the time and get compliments; people even ask me if my teeth are real because they are so white.

It works
by Lauren Shaffer

I tried this product a few weeks before my wedding. On the upside It worked really well to get my teeth white and that's no easy feat considering I drink coffee and coke daily. People did take notice and asked me what I used. On the down side if your teeth are sensitive it can really sting and ache. It's also a bit inconvenient because it takes a while to get the results you want. Overall a good product worth the price.

by Ralph

I started using this product about two years ago. Everyone comment on my smile and usually ask if my teeth are real, because they are so white. I'm also told that I have great teeth. Thanks to Crest whitestrips. I also visit my dentist every six months for regular check ups.

by Holly

I found these strips VERY irritating to my tooth enamel--they stung horribly. I felt nauseated from the pain.
Definitely not effective enough to justify such torture.

Holly Aglia
Certified Aromatherapist

by deidra

They were somehwat inconvenient, but they did work if you were commited.

Crest Whitestrops Premium Plus Dental Whitening Formula System
by erika

My friend teeth are so white, she tells me she uses this product and she gets complemented all the time. I'm glad i asked............ i an interested in using it as well. Great product !!!!!!!!!!! Less than a visit to the dentist for whitening..

by christy

I am commenting on this product as my sister used it. At a holiday party, I noticed her nice looking teeth as they were very white, a change from seeing her in the past. She said she used Crest Whitestrips and was very happy with the product. I definitely noticed the difference

by Heather

Absolutely the best inexpensive teeth whitener. Really works just like the expensive stuff, but at a good price. Would highly recommend, didn't burn or anything unlike when u have it done at the dentist, but very comparable on how white your teeth come out.

by Jessica

My brother has used this product since he got his braces off and let me tell really has brightened and whitened his teeth a bunch! I will DEFINITELY be purchasing this product when I get my braces off.

whitens well
by Jessica

This does work and does whiten teeth. But I don't like the way the strips slip and really hurt some teeth. They came out with the advanced seal which is way better

liked it
by Shahd

I used this product and I liked it alot, I noticed the difference from the 3rd day of using it..

Crest Whitestrips
by KG Harbin

I didn't think this product was nearly as easy to use, nor as effective as they claim. I personally wouldn't spend the money on this product, although others might like it. The container that it came in was handy to use and kept things in order. I just don't like messing with having to put something on my teeth, wait awhile and then take it off. If I could paint it on, it might be a different matter.

Dental Assistant Student
by Rebecca

This is pretty good product, at least for the price. It does whiten teeth slightly.

by Lori

I got better results with these strips than Listerine whitening strips. I liked these strips better and I didnt have that that gummy feeling in my mouth after i used them

Avid User
by Jamie Johnston

I have tried all kinds of Whitening Kits and they either burned my gums or made a huge HUGE mess. Any of the Crest Whitestrips kits work for me but this was an especially great kit which worked faster and has lasted longer for me. Not much of a mess and doesn't taste icky.

I Like
by Melissa

I love this product. It does slip off of your teeth a little bit, but it definitely whittens them by the time you are done with all of the treatments. At this point not being able to afford $600 for professional whittening, I will definitely be a buyer of these strips.

by MamaB

I hate how they slip and slide around in my mouth, and I feel rabid when I use them honestly...

by kc

My roommates and I all use these and I have seen a remarkable change in the color of our teeth. We all started using them about 5 weeks ago, and my roommate's teeth are so white that when he went to the dentist for a chipped tooth, the dentist didn't have a tooth white enough. Surprisingly also our teeth haven't become sensitive.

gross but does the trick
by Liz Theobald

Does the job but made me gag. Price is reasonable in comparison to other products; I would recommend to others seeking teeth whitening results.

Crest Whitestrips
by Kris

This product was effective in getting my teeth a few shades whiter. They stayed in place better than their generic counterparts. My only complaint would be a bit of burn to my gums.

by doubleB

Tastes gross, slides off teeth and makes my teeth sensitive for days. Eventually does whiten teeth if you can handle the sensitivity and I've never dealt with sensitive teeth before using this product.

still the best
by ernbarb

I have tried many different whitening products and I keep coming back to Crest. This is a consistently good product, does not irritate my gums, and is a fair price.

Love My White Teeth!!!
by Private

I knocked a tooth out when I was really young giving me an ugly cap on a front tooth and when I turned 17 I finally was allowed to get a real cap. I was happy until it took six weeks to get it in and I was embarrassed about my temp that would fall off constantly! They got my tooth in and had ordered one too white so I used Crest Whitestrips and it whiteneded my teeth three shades!

Worked Ok
by Katy

The strips didn't always stay placed but there was a definite improvement in the color of my teeth. I would use this again.

Kathryn Mitchell-Gilroy RD, CDN

I love it
by Kristen

These whitening strips work great. They even have them for only 5-minute strips, which makes it even better. They really don't taste that bad, and their flexibility helps them really mold well to your teeth.

by Paula Caudill

They work great! And the best thing that I like is that they stay on.

by kori

Worked well.

Very Nice
by Keith G

These work great, and mold to however your teeth are positioned, unlike the stiff molds with the gel.

by diana clayton

This product is amazing. I have tried it and it works really well. Marked difference within 1wk.

Actually Works!
by Katie

My husband and I have tried many whitening products and this is the only one that we consistantly will buy. It actually does what the box says it will do without a problem. My husband drinks a lot of coffee and smokes so his teeth are constantly being stained but using the Whitestrips every 6 months seems to keep his teeth looking great. Also, because I do not drink coffee or smoke, I only have to use a whitening product once a year.

Very impressed
by Julia

I have used almost every whitening product on the market today, but mostly I really didn't notice a difference in the way my teeth looked.
After using Crest Whitestrips Premium I noticed a whiter smile as soon as I took them off my teeth. I ran out of the bathroom and told my hubby to look, and he noticed before I told him what to look at! :)
I highly recommend!

I like it
by Malissa Bare

A little spendy, but it works wonderfully.

by lindy

These are so good you will be amazed! And once your teeth get back to the color white you want them to be you dont have to use them everday anymore - you can do it twice a week! they are fabulous! I am serious!

by Kim Thomas

Noticed a difference in 3 days!!

white strips
by heidi

Theese works very well. I've been using for 3 weeks and my teeth are 2-3 shades whiter. It tastes great too.

by Tina
by crest whitestrips

Worked really well! I was impressed with the difference after only 1 use. Did not hurt my teeth or gums like other products.

by Katch Mye

I received free samples of Crest Whitestrips at first. Great product!
As a smoker and coffee drinker, my teeth need constant care. Whitestrips has greatly increased the look of my teeth, thus I'm more apt to smile.
At first they're a bit awkward to apply but I'd think all or most of these products are. Once you get used to them its like second nature.
A++ from this user!

by Lacey

I love these products and recommend them.

Love Crest Whitening Products
by Natasha

I have used these strips for years, and they have been doing an amazing job. I actually just tried their new Advanced Seal, but like these better. I found that the Advanced Seal strips "stick" to my teeth, and you actually have to give them a good tug to pull them off. They should have stuck to this formula.

Retired Teacher
by Minnie Chatham

I used the Crest Whitestrips and do honestly believe my teeth are whiter and brighter. I used the Whitestrips for three weeks on every other week. I didn't always enjoy wearing the strips. However, I'm totally enjoying my brighter, whiter smile.

by lashundra

It hurts my gums when I put the strips on but other than that they are pretty good I recommend it though.

by Joanne Vicente

The fact that these have to be used for several days is a positive, I think. There's a reduced chance that they'll cause dental problems or irritate gums. Used for a week or more, the results become quite obvious. Sometimes they're a little hard to keep in place, but they're worth the adjustments needed.

by Joanne Vicente

These work extremely well. They're not, however, the easiest things to keep in place. Still, they're worth a little readjusting here and there!

by Laury

I don't know if they have changed this product recently but when I used it in the past my teeth would hurt whenever I was wearing the strips. I did whiten but I had to stop before I used all the strips.

by margarita

My teeth are whiter after using this but I really do not enjoy using the strips.

Seems like it works.
by Melissa

I have used these for a few days up to a week and think i can tell a slight difference in the major stained portions of my teeth. But they can leave tiny white spots behind.

Okay Product
by Jessica

This strips worked for me but if I used them for more than 2 days it would make my teeth very sensitive. They slide alot and would sometimes feel like they were burning my gums but overall they did work fairly fast. I wouldn't reccomend them if you already have sensitive teeth or gum problems.

Over priced

This is over priced & made my sesitive teeth hurt. I don't recommend this at all.

by Dave Wikler

Great product that gave me great results! I used it for one week and noticed results beyond my expectations. A product that I will use regularly for quite some time.

still a little awkward
by Katie

These do work to whiten, but I still don't like the feel of the strips on my teeth. They slide a little and are really nasty to remove afterwards. I'd rather use the quick dissolve strips by listerine so I don't have to deal with that mess.

Good Tooth Whitener
by Christine

This is a good tooth whitener, but the results are gradual and not dramatic whiter. I believe there are other tooth whiteners that compare to this one.

Works well
by Nichole Alderfer

I like crest white strips and not just because they are more affordabe then most teeth whitening kits but also easier to use. I am a coffee/red wine drinker and no my teeth were not snow white; however their was a noticabe difference.

by April Arceneaux

Used for my wedding - worked great! Just not something I would want to continue to do.

Crest White Strips Review
by Jett

I have tried many whitening systems throughout the last 5 years. Being a coffee drinker yellowed my teeth! My husband spent $300 to get his professionally cleaned but I decided there had to be something out there that worked for less. I used Crest White Strips and found them to be superior to all others I had tried. I used the strips according to the directions on the first box I purchased and now only have to maintain by using them once a month, and can still drink my coffee. Of course I do not sell them or have any personal financial interest in Crest but I am a walking advertisement for how well they work and even have before and after pictures. Wow, what a difference! Sometimes you can find them at Sam's or Costco.

Great Product
by Mary

I like the fact that you only have to keep them on for just 30 minutes 2 times a day. They are pricey but they are worth it.

by renee

I have sensitive teeth and these burned my gums so badly I couldn't use them.

crest whitestrips
by april st.aoro

We have used several whitening products, and this is definately one of the best so far. it is easy to use and takes just a little time to get good results. A little pricey, but worth it.

crest whitestrips
by Jaimi Richter

I've tried these briefly and they improved my teeth alot.

by Rita

My daughter loved these! She said her teeth appeared much whiter in the first week.


It made my teeth whiter. However, the strips leave a gooey film on your teeth afterward.

by Bridgette O

This product doesn't work like advertised. They also don't stay put on your teeth.

Great Product
by Mary

These work great, easy to use and remove. Just wish they were less expensive.

by Princess

Crest is a name we all know. You can trust Crest. And their whitening strips have been around for awhile. They only seem to improve and get better!

Just tried this..
by alyssa

I'm an exsmoker. I started to notice how yellow my teeth were in photos and tried a lot of products. All of them have irritated my gums and teeth until I tried these. I was amazed that there was an improvement after just one use! They're don't hurt either!

It works
by Priscilla

This stuff work great! And i have nothing to complain about.Yeah it's hard to keep in place but i know its not going to do the job of the PRO'S .But hey you can't beat the price to get your teeth whitened.

data entry
by leslie

My daughter purchased this item to help whiten her teeth. Her teeth were discolored. WOW what a difference this made.

by christina irene jerro

Works extremely well at removing coffee and smoking stains from teeth. I prefer over any other brand and are affordable as well.

okay for tooth color maintenance
by RMA

I have used Crest Whitestrips several times, and found that, at best, they whiten my teeth a little bit - although they do so mainly by leaving little white spots, and not an even coat of white. However, I think that these are good to get rid of new/recent topical/surface residual stains, rather than any long-set discolorations. I have recently found that the combination of a weekly phosphoric acid treatment and MI paste (provided by my dentist) worked wonders over any OTC whitening products - and still came in under $100.

waste of time and money

These are hard to keep on your teeth and they never seem to whiten my teeth at all. I would not waste my money on these ever again. I found them hard to keep in place and messy.

by cheri

I love crest whitening strips. They really work! In fact.. I went to visit my family and one day my sister asked how did I get my teeth so white and I told her Crest whitening strips.. They work very well.


by sheree

To maintain almost white teeth it is a good get amazing results of teeth whitening, go to your dentist.

by Hristina

I have used those many times and they work great. It is true that it makes teeth sensitive but it's just for a couple of days so don't worry.

by Stephany Bechtel

Not sure I like strips... I like trays better. Trays get in between your teeth better.

Good but some setbacks
by Matt H

Works good, hard to keep on my teeth, and I can't drink cold or hot liquids for a few hours afterwards.

white teeth
by ruth

This works really well but it can whiten teeth kind of blotchy and makes teeth very sensitive.

works great!
by kim

I have used this product several times. It works great! The only problem I have had is that it will slip off your teeth, so just take your time putting it on. I notice results in the second day!

by Maddy Bailey

I really had some high hopes for this but after using it once I had to stop because my teeth hurt for more than 2 days. The pain started with in a few hours of using it and by that night I had to take something to let me go to sleep. I have been told by the dental assistant that it's a normal thing for a strong product like this and there are some gel that can help the soreness after use.

Loved Product
by Nichole Alderfer

Did whiten teeth, easy to use. Saw results within a week.

by Louisa Ritchotte

Love this product, have been using for awhile, and the total difference of my teeth are just so amazing. It is a product that shares how one feels about there smile.

by Pam Cook

My dentist office recommended this and it is awesome.

Not for me
by Renee

I have sensitive teeth and they really burned whilel I had them on. I endured though, for a week, in order to give them a chance. I didn't notice any improvement. It wasn't worth the misery.

by debra rodatz

I really enjoy having whiter teeth. I went out and bought some more.

great whitener
by mary mcmenamy

Crest for years has had a great reputation. Great product and works very well.

Works but sensitive.
by Jennie

I like the crest white strips a lot. They really improve the color of my teeth. I just find the whitness fades before the amount of months specified, even with proper cleansing. Secondly, I had a sensitivity issue to cold drinks while using this product.

by Denise

I got this product in the mail as a sample and used it. It really does a great job of making your teeth look a lot whiter. I saw results after only one use! This is a product I will buy and will also tell other people about.

Huh ? Didn't work for me !!
by Carol

These are so pricey and they did absolutely nothing for my teeth. I have used the gel and tray from the dentist which worked great, but talk about pricey ! I am still looking for an OTC that works even somewhat as well. This is not it !

by Susan

Excellent product. Fast and easy. My teeth are so white and I'm so happy. Worth every penny.

by sss


by Lani

I use this product a lot. I now use it only 1 -2 times per week for "maintenance". It took my teeth from "dingy" to bright in a matter of weeks. I LOVE it. It's very easy to use also - no messy trays!

Pretty Good
by Melissa

I love Crest Whitestrips, they seem to work better than anything else I've tried. My only complaint is tooth pain/sensitivity after using the strips. Also, they slip off really easily, but their new Advance Seal Whitestrips take care of that problem!

one that finally works
by Lakesha

I really liked this one. I was skeptical at first because I've tried others and they either worked some or worked a little. Plus they cost more money than they were really worth, in my opinion. I'm still using Crest Whitestrips and will continue to use them. I've gotten better whitening results using these and I like the price.

by Deepalisaini

This has really worked! My yellow teeth becomes white & my face looks attractive.

The greatest out there
by Ilona

My husband and I have tried several and we will always stick with Crest Premium because of the conveniance of the product. Good results and easy to use!

Whiter Teeth
by Deanna

This product works. Use as directed and you will see the results. You might experience some tooth sensitivity but the whiter brighter teeth are worth it.

Whiten Your Teeth For Much Less !
by eds

Love these Crest Whitestrips and so do other members in my home! My dentist thought I had went out to another office and had my teeth whitened! Easy to apply and easy on your pocketbook!

Even My Dentist Noticed!
by Jessie Sanchez

I really love Crest White Strips. I put them on before I take a shower in the morning and by the time I'm done I can take the strips off. I could see a noticable difference. People in my office noticed, and even my dentist asked if I had been using something to whiten my teeth. Also, my dentist recommends them, so they can;t be bad for your teeth. Right now Walmart is sending out free samples that come with a $10 coupon, so if you can grab one it would be a great time to try them out. They're one of the cheapest whitening products out there, and they actually work.

7 Customer Opinions

crest white strips
by Amy

They work!!! My teeth are about 3 shades whiter!!
PROS: They dont hurt the gums like the dental gel, (I have used bleach from the dental office and my gums turned while from the strong peroxide and then were very sensitive) very comfortable unlike mouthgaurds.
CONS: you have to be careful because they slip around your mouth easily, you will not see instant results it takes time with these...

Actually Works!
by ahsan

My husband and I have tried many whitening products and this is the only one that we consistently will buy. It actually does what the box says it will do without a problem. My husband drinks a lot of coffee and smokes so his teeth are constantly being stained, but using the Whitestrips every 6 months seems to keep his teeth looking great. Also, because I do not drink coffee or smoke, I only have to use a whitening product once a year.

crest white strips
by Gala

I have used a few teeth whiteners but this does the job. It will whiten your teeth and I have no problem with my teeth being sensitive that's a plus. I think you will be quite pleased with the product and you usually can find coupons for the kit that helps out also.

crest whitestrips premium
by heather

All I can say is that it works,but does not leave a good taste and a weird feeling,had to brush my teeth right afterwards,but it does work.

crest white strips
by sasha

Pretty good as they go, but they slide around and are very uncomfortable to use.

crest white strips
by heather

I have tried many teeth whiteners and havent been satisfied with any but this one.It actually works and didnt leave that nasty harsh taste in my mouth afterwards.I will continue using this product and recommend it to anyone!

by Vicki L. Vertrees

My family uses these and we all just went to the dentist and he commented on how nice and white our teeth looked.