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On-The-G0 40% Power Teeth Whitening Click-Pen

Trayless Whitening while you are on the go. Use this innovative click-pen and powerful whitening formulation as a front-line whitening system or as a touch-up gel to keep your teeth their whitest. Simply rotate the bottom of the click pen to dispense gel directly onto your teeth. Our 40% gel is specially formulated to penetrate into the hard-to-reach pours of your teeth where those ugly stains accumulate. This Power Pen can be used to whiten your teeth while you sleep, work, drive your car or any other time that a conventional whitening system is not convenient. Pack it in your luggage, put it in your pocket or purse so that you can easily take it where ever you go. Use it to immediately eliminate stains after eating or drinking. Our Power Pen formulation is the strongest on the market and equipped with a special brush tip to get into those hard to reach places such as in between your teeth to promote uniform bleaching. It is so powerful you can see it working as it foams organic stains right off of your teeth. Welcome to the future of dental whitening with On-The-Go Teeth Whitening. Each On-The-Go Power Pen includes the following:

One On-The-Go Power Pen Containing 2.2ml of 40% Carbamide Peroxide Gel
Specialized pre-fitted brush tip
Tip Cap
Detailed Instructions for use
Product: On-The-G0 40% Power Teeth Whitening Click-Pen
Brand: Teeth Whitening Systems Corporation (More Products)
Size: Varies
Dosage: Varies
Retail: $24.95
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43 Customer Reviews

Not good
by Mary

If you want a good quick touch up applicator try GoSmile. This doesn't work at all.

Don't bother
by Kat

I tried this for 2 weeks and did not see any improvement in whitening.

Good Idea, Poor Product
by Erica

This product sounds great and I wish it would perform up to the advertisement. I had a coupon to try it and did so to give it a try. I expected to buy a product that whitened my teeth. I was very disappointed to see I wasted my time and money.

Dont waste your money
by Mary

I decided to try this after getting a coupon. What a waste of time. Doesn't even work and it comes off easily. I feel like I am ingesting it.

by Princess

I've seen these before. And they actually work! Small, portable, and discrete. Very easy to use!

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