f Vitabase Professional Kit with 22% Bulk Tube Reviews and Information

Professional Kit with 22% Bulk Tube

If you are interested in getting a product exactly like you would get from your dentist, this is the teeth whitening system for you. Each kit contains the following:
The paste you will need to make impressions of your teeth. (3 are included in case you make a mistake with one of them)
A self-addressed, prepaid envelope to our lab that you will use to send your impressions to. We will then send you your custom trays within 10 days. Also includes detailed usage instructions.
Product: Professional Kit with 22% Bulk Tube
Brand: Vitabase (More Products)
Size: 60 Applications
Dosage: 1 per day
Retail: $44.95
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3 Customer Reviews

Good value for the quality
by Jack

Both my wife and I were very pleased with this product. Professional Kit teeth whitening system from Vitabase is yet another product that Vitabase hit a jackpot with. My aunt recommended this to us and bought us the 1st pack. While the whitening effect is somewhat temporary (lasts up to 3 days per application), both of us saw immediate effect after first couple of days of use. My teeth had the worst problem of yellowish color change due to a longstanding smoking habit that I only got rid of about 5 years ago. Ever since, I was nerve-wrecked by the fact that my teeth looked "unclean" all the time, until I tried this Vita base whitening system. I can now smile confidently in public places and I feel much younger and vibrant (especially when I look into the mirror)! Only downside is its hefty price tag ($100 a tube!) but we will tell you that it will be well worth your investment!

Enjoyed this product.
by Jo

I really enjoyed using this product. It is priced around the same range as similar products, however it comes with many more applications. It is a very personalized regime, and I liked getting the custom trays - much more comfortable than your typical teeth whitening system! I usually would not have dished out the money for something like this - and for someone who just wants to freshen up, I was recommend just going to your local drugstore. However, if you have an important interview or something similar coming up, this might not be a bad time to try this. I saw results in just a couple of weeks. I would definitely use it again down the road.

Very high quality
by Laura

I like this product. I have tried other OTC products, but none as tailored to the individual user as this one. I didn't find it to be overly expensive because I had recently bought a ridiculously expensive system from my dentist. The others worked OK in terms of lightening, but always caused tooth sensitivity and even some gum damage, so I gave them up. If you have had similar problems, try this system which is easy to use and quick to apply. The only reason I have not to give this product a perfect rating is that it took me two weeks to receive my tray. Still, that's not long for a completely customized and tailored product delivered to your door!