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Vein-Gard Cream

Naturally improve the appearance of embarrassing spider veins, bulging, bluish, lumpy-looking varicose veins; relieves minor pain and discomfort due to varicose veins; relieves swollen feet and legs, itchiness, and heavy, aching, tired feeling in legs. Helps strengthen and tone blood vessels, relieve inflammation and inhibit vein swelling, enabling them to function properly.
Product: Vein-Gard Cream
Brand: NaturalCare (More Products)
Size: 2.25 oz
Dosage: Use Daily
Retail: $19.95
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12 Customer Reviews

by Mar

I started to use Vein-Gard Cream a week ago and I feel how my legs are very soft and smooth, I hope this product can help me with my spider veins, because I don't like use shorts because my veins looks ugly, but my skin is like a baby right now

by injoy

I have been using this in conjunction with the capsules for only two weeks and can already see a difference! My V. Veins developed with pregnancy and ache during my monthly cycle. They ache less during my cycle now, but more when I am off my cycle as if the pain has been averaged out.

by shellann

I want to try this product. I have heard many wonderful things about it.

by hel

I really didn't think there was anything that would help veins beside an operation. VeinGuard by Natural Care proved me wrong. The cream faded them and the legs really do feel better. Just looking at them I feel more confident. I've had a lot of compliments and I replied VeinGuard Cream by Natural Care was the reason.

Great product
by LD

This is a revolutionary formula using only the very best Aloe, Horse Chestnut Seed extract, Vitamins A, C, and E, and rich essential oils. It transports the many health benefits through the skin's dermal layer making it the most effective leg therapy cream available. There are no synthetic drugs, artificial colors, preservatives, or hydrocarbons. It promotes improved leg circulation, and relieves the painful discomfort of varicose and spider veins, swollen legs and feet, and itchy skin. I definitely saw a noticeable difference after a couple weeks use.

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5 Customer Opinions

vei n guard
by womens health

Hi i have vericose veins very bad after reading about this products i will try it and hope that it helps my legs i would recommend this product

so so desperate
by maruen

i've seen this product and wanted to try, but am still saving for it, i'm gathering and reading reviews on this site, for i really wanted to go for the best...wanting to get off my so so ugly varicose veins...i'm so ashamed to show my legs, but desperate to wear those fashionable shorts....i'm so sad..really sad..

red spider webs
by Exec

I am suffering from unsightly red VVs and pain in the legs before i retire at night. To find cure i searched the net and found this Vein Guard cream.I am quite convinced with the reviews and ordered online, will receive the product this first week of April, will let you know the result once i start using it.

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