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Helps relieve symptoms that can be associated with spider veins, bulging, bluish, lumpy varicose veins, aching, sore and swollen feet and legs, burning, stinging, itching, and crawling sensations, vein inflammation, Phlebitis (inflammation of veins, usually in legs), Ecchymosis (ruptured blood vessels).
Product: Vein-Gard
Brand: NaturalCare (More Products)
Size: 60 Capsules
Dosage: 1 capsule 3 times daily
Retail: $14.95
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6 Customer Reviews


I have tried the cream and it does lighten up the blue spider veins. I am planning to try the capsules. The cream works well but I imagine the capsules taken internally will work better.

Doesn't work
by M B

My husband had huge varicose veins. Not wanting to undergo the surgical vein stripping to remove them (which is what the doctor recommended), he tried several over the counter products. Vein Guard was one of the many he tried. He suffered a great deal of leg fatigue that affected all he did. This product did not do anything to relieve the leg fatigue or change how the veins looked in his legs, even though he took as directed. He ended up having the surgical stripping procedure done after all, and it worked. I am convinced that the only way to change the appearance and/or fatigue that results from varicose veins it to have the veins surgically removed.

Remedied Bulging Ankle Vein Rapidly
by Rhonda Rutledge

In the past I have taken similar products as a preventative measure to avoid the unsightly varicose veins my mother has had since being my age. After hearing that the main cause of these awful looking veins are genetic factors, I began trying to add at least one supplement aimed at prevention with my daily regimen. They were however, on low priority as in my early forties I had noticed only very vague traces of discoloring in my feet and legs.
One evening after a long two day work rush had ended, my feet were swollen as they typically are after prolonged standing at work, but I noticed a blue, soft, bulging blood vessel morbidly poking out approx 3mm on my ankle bone. I did my usual shopping that night, and picked this particular product out of a few, after comparing ingredients, amounts, and prices.
I took one twice a day mindlessly with my other vitamins that I presort into cups and I keep ready to take after breakfast and dinner. I forgot about the vein somehow, as did my husband who had taken a look at it when I first saw it and tried to recall if I had bumped something or done something causing such notable protrusion. When I realized it had just disappeared it was 5 or 6 days later. The color and bulge had both completely subsided. To present, no other signs of discoloration or swelling of veins have appeared even though I have worked more than usual and have had the usual ankle swelling in the evenings. I'm amazed to think these have been the miracle curing any further signs or symptoms but being the only healthy measure taken to remedy, I refuse to stop them now. Bottom line is that without decent diet or adequate exercise ever existing in my life, these are who I have to credit for the vanishing of the bulge as well as all bluish, purplish discolorations usually present with my nightly swelling. For me, a sure cure!!

Great for tired legs
by alma

The reason I decided to try vein gard was because I was beginning to develop those pesky and unsightly spider veins. I experienced heaviness in my legs when I was standing for short periods of time. Since I have been taking these for a couple of months I have noticed that my legs aren't experiencing that heaviness and the redness has also subsided. I will continue to take these as they do relieve the symptoms.

by Sarah

I have several spider veins on my legs and I was tired of seeing them so I wanted to do something about them. I purchased this product mainly because of the price. I tried it for a while, and noticed that it helped to reduce the appearance of my spider veins however, it did not get rid of them. They are not as noticeable anymore, but I can still see them. I didn't really notice any relief for my legs and feet though. I don't think I will try this product again.

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1 Customer Opinions

It Works
by Diana

I have used vein gard and it works, it even takes the extra fluid out of my legs and makes my legs feel lighter. Unfortunately i can't always get it as not all health stores carry it.. I do notie a difference when i stop taking it only because my store can't get it from the supplier.

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