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Improve focus and ability to concentrate
Increase attention span
Boost memory functioning
Increase motivation and energy levels
Increase study skills
Boost immune functioning and protect against illness
Reduce distractibility
Focus ADDult was specially formulated for teens and adults with ADD - Attention Deficit Disorder (without hyperactivity)
Product: Focus
Brand: Native Remedies (More Products)
Size: 50 ml
Dosage: 10-15 drops 3 times daily
Retail: $37.98
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7 Customer Reviews

A Happy Father
by Chris Williams

IMy kids have used Focus Formula (and BrightSpark) for 6 years now for their contentration and learning issues. They have been really effective for them. Their school grades are way up, behavior is so different and they have made friends that they would never have made before. It is definitely worth a try!

Just caffeine and ginseng
by S in Texas

Look up the ingredients. This is nothing special. I found it to me no more effective that a cup of coffee and ginseng pill.

good for kids with ADD
by Antony Copland

My little brother is diagnosed with attention deficit disorder (ADD). Sometimes, it is hard for him to stay focused on his homework or schoolwork, as he'd rather be playing video games, or outside with his brothers. After I bought this product for him, he began to settle down and do his homework, and his grades have actually improved since then. He has been using the product for 4 months,and we've all noticed a change in the little guy. I recommend this to parents with ADD diagnosed children...

by Sandy

I started on this product after having trouble with concentration from another side effect of a daily medication that I was on. It seemed to help me focus more and remember things better.

Great help
by Natalia

I started taking it in grad school. Although I've never been diagnosed with ADD, I had a hard time concentrating and finishing my readings for each class every week. This product works great, and it certainly beats taking Adderall or any other prescription drug. My life became much easier.

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