f Nature's Way Primadophilus For Kids Reviews and Information

Primadophilus For Kids

3 billion CFUs
Bifidobacteria & Lactobacilli
3 strain formula specifically designed for kids ages 2-12 years
Product: Primadophilus For Kids
Brand: Nature's Way (More Products)
Size: 30 chewable tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet daily
Retail: $6.99
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6 Customer Reviews

my son loved these

I always make sure to give my son acidophilus when he takes antibiotics and as long as a supplement tastes good I can get him to take it with no problem. He loved the taste so it was never a problem. The doctor said the antibiotic he was taking would cause severe diarrhea and I gave him a dose of this for every dose of antibiotic and he never got diarrhea at all.


Anytime my son has to go on antibiotics I give him this supplement. Every dose I give he gets one of these and he never gets stomach symptoms or diarrhea even on the strongest of antibiotics. This is a great product to keep on hand. I also use it when he has a stomach virus and I have gotten great results.

Every child needs this
by Jill S.

My son had an ear infection and was on antibiotics to help clear it up. I was also giving him these chewables, which he loved especially after taking the "nasty tasting" antibiotic medicine. I really wanted to make sure his body was not depleted of his good bacteria. It worked great, and I felt better knowing he was on the mend with the help from this Nature's way GREAT tasting chewable.

A Hit With My Kids
by Trudi Konzem

I have four boys and I don't hear one complaint from them when I give them these chewable tablets.
They all like the taste and they even remind me if I forget to give them to them. We use them after meals and use enzymes before meals.
These probiotics are a great combination. Will continue to purchase these.

Primadophilus For Kids
by Stephanie

Primadophilus For Kids is a great way to keep a healthy balance of good bacteria in your kid's intestines. Most importantly when they are taking antibiotics or other medication, as a side effect of many medications reduce the amount of healthy bacteria in your body. My mom gives them to my brother daily, and he likes them them. They are chewable so the are easy to take. She alternates between the orange flavored and cherry flavored to give him some variety, and he like the taste of both. You do need to keep them in the refrigerator to preserve the bacteria.

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