f Hyland's Calms Forte 4 Kids Sleep Aid Reviews and Information

Calms Forte 4 Kids Sleep Aid

-All Natural
-Relieves Restlessness, Sleeplessness, Night Terrors, Growing Pains, Causeless Crying and Sleeplessness from Travel
Product: Calms Forte 4 Kids Sleep Aid
Brand: Hyland's (More Products)
Size: 125 tablets
Dosage: Use as directed
Retail: $5.99
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30 Customer Reviews

Calms Forte 4 Kids
by Debra Glass

I have an adopted daughter who has Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. I didn't want to give her a prescription drug and searched for a more natural way to help her through her "episodes". Calms Forte for kids had worked everytime. Placebo, maybe, but along with therapy this has totally worked to help sooth, calm and help.

NOT a placebo!
by Phyllis

First let me say this product worked excellently on my 2 yr old. For those who say it is like giving ur kid a placebo .. that's hogwash! My 2 yr old had no idea why I was giving him these cute candies so how could it have worked to help him sleep if it wasn't good.
It safely calms .. end of story!

by Jennifer

Bedtime battles have ended for my 4 year old. Placebo or not, I do not care. It works! Worked the first night in under 30 minutes. For the first time in 7 months she was asleep before 11pm (after 3.5 hours of crying, screaming and fighting). We had a peaceful 7:30 bedtime as they should be, with stories, snuggles and peace. She is happy, rested and agreeable for the first time in months. Thankful to Hylands for giving me our well rested girl back!


Great for adults too
by Alice M.

I am a 29 year old woman, and I have occasional restlessness at night. Sometimes I will wake up and can't fall asleep again, or I have trouble unwinding from work.

I actually prefer the KIDS version of Calms Forte over the regular because the sublingual tabs seem to work MUCH faster than the regular formula. 20 minutes, and I am back asleep!

Absolutely works!
by Bethany

Since birth my 3 1/2 year old daughter has been hyperactive, highly emotional and unable to get past daily tantrums. We've tried many things, but this product has been the one thing that's brought her relief (and to us also). She has been using it for 5 days, and for the last 5 days, she's been
even-tempered, slept well, no tantrums and all around much happier. I love that this is without side-effects. I have spent years studying holistic medicine... this is a good/safe combination and highly effective. Our entire family is thankful for Calms Forte!

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