f Flora Udo's Choice Children's Blend Probiotic Reviews and Information

Udo's Choice Children's Blend Probiotic

8 child-specific bacterial strains at an appropriate strength, designed specifically to reflect healthy childhood microflora.

Limits the action of invading microbes or pathogens and disease-causing bacteria.

Breaks down lactose and produces the enzyme lactase, improving lactose intolerance.

Contributes to the absorption of minerals and the manufacture of important B vitamins.

Improves digestion of proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Promotes regular bowel movements.

4 billion viable/active cells

Product: Udo's Choice Children's Blend Probiotic
Brand: Flora (More Products)
Size: 60 capsules
Dosage: 1-3 capsules daily
Retail: $12.50
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7 Customer Reviews

Great Product!
by Tiff

This is a great product. I gave it to my daughter when she had an upset stomach and it helped her a lot. About 2-3 hours later she was feeling 90% better. She was up and playing again in no time. I highly recommend this product to everyone that has an upset stomach it works wonders and will make your children feel a whole lot better. 60 capsules for $13.00 isn't expensive either and it's reasonable pricing! I will pass this product on to all my family and friends.

Get this product!
by Green

My friend has used this with both of her children. It will help with many things. It helped with diaper rash, thrush, and stomach problems. It is very easy for young children to take.

by Roxanne Ranelli

I have tried similar products, but noticed that the dissolving effects and tastes just did not work with my children. They enjoy taking this product, and I noticed that they are more comfortable with going to the bathroom.

Fantastic Product
by Jody He

This product is great. I use it on my 2 boys and is very easy to give to them. It does work great and their bowel movements really improved.

Works Well, As Long As They Can Get It Down
by Shannon

I tried this product on my oldest son when he had an upset stomach. It worked like a charm. The nausea stopped within 4 hours, and the diarrhea one hour later. My son was able to hold fluids better after it entered his system. The only problem was that it is recommended that the child take 1 capsule on a full stomach, and if the child is sick, it makes it very difficult. As long as you can get your child to take and hold the product, I highly recommend it.

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