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by Tiffany Westcott

I have been using manna bears on my daughter for 4 years. She is the healthist child in her home daycare.

She still may get sick, but nothing like the other kids. The home closed for 3 days due to all the kids vomiting, 103 temp. My daughter was a little warm and said her tummy was upset. That was it, she was mad she had to stay home from "School".

by Belinda


I bought MannaBears yesterday as it was highly recommended by a friend.

My baby is 7 months old and is constantly sick, so I want to get this MannaBears in her system comes hell or high water.

I tried to cut them into very small pieces so that I can mix it with her porridge, but they're too sticky.

I then tried boiling water and it dissolved so I can mix it with her milk.

Do you think the boiling water / milk will spoil the ingredients?

by Liisa Petainen

My uncle suggested that I try Manna Bears and I have heard him talk about them for years. Finally I agreed to try them in a package I received...and am thrilled with the results. These are definitely not just for children. I make sure to take them each day and since then my digestive system has been working to the key and the constant bloating I felt after I ate every meal has subsided. Thanks to Manna Bears I can honestly say that I am a new person...and I don't care how "cheesy" that sounds. Try them! I highly suggest it!

by Heather

My children absolutely love these vitamins. It is hard to get them to eat a vitamin everyday, but I had no problems with these. They love them. Would highly recommend.

by chris

I started giving them to my toddler, who not only loves the taste but has a shown a big, big, improvement in his eating habits. Now he's eating well. He is also eating more fruit-- grapes, apples, and bananas. I'm thankful a friend gave me a free bottle to try.

No more fussy kids
by Audrey

My kids were fussy eaters, but giving them these yummy bears I know they are getting their fruits and veggies in a healthy way and they love them. It makes meal times a lot less stressful now.

Happy Healthy Kids
by Sue

These all natural chewy gummy bears are enjoyed by all our kids and knowing that they are full of natural fruit and vegetables with no chemicals or colours those of us with fussy eaters can be sure they're getting great nutrition for their young bodies.

by michael swift

Manna Bears were recommended by our naturopathic doctor and the kids love them. They are actually good for them, so there are 2 things why you would let the kids loose on them ,and another thing they taste GREAT! even big kids can eat them.

My kids ask for them...
by DMC

Recently, I received 2 bottles of Manna Bears and began giving them to my four children. In the next four weeks I will be monitoring any changes to their overall health. It seems like our children are getting sick with various ailments from school. I am particularly interested how "Manna Bears" with the ingredient Ambrotose helps the immune system.

As far as taste the kids love them! They ask for them instead of me having to remind them to take their supplements.

I am pleased thus far and will keep you posted...

My Boy Loves Them
by SMP

My boy is 3 1/2 now & he started eating manna bears as soon as he could chew & swallow. He is a happy healthy strong boy that rarely suffers any illness & when he does he bounces back quicker than other kids. I believe this has a lot to do with him taking these gummy bears which are full of fruit & veg. I recommend them to all my family & friends. They taste great & if for some reason your kids don't like them get your money back.

by Kim

How easy can it get? The kids think they are getting a treat!! Little do they know its full of fruit, vegetables, vitamins & minerals!

I have no problem dishing these little bears up to the kids and I have the satisfaction that I am doing a great service to their growing bodies.

by Elliot

Been taking them for 4 months. Our Nautropath recommended these for my 4yo son some time ago as she felt they were out there on their own for goodness and should help his immunity and may improve his attention span. I think that they are working. He hasn't caught a bad cold this winter and he sits for longer when he plays. He likes them and so does his little brother. They are pretty expensive but worth every cent. We will continue to take them as it only costs $1 per day for both boys and that's cheaper than you think considering that it's providing more nutrients than the fruit & vege he eats each day provides.

excellent supplement
by nivi

My kids love these supplements. The taste is good and they look like candies. So the kids take it so easily assuming that they are candies. So we can be happy that they are getting enough nutrition from these gummy bears. I really love this

Yummy Gummy
by Christi

MannaBears are more like a treat than a vitamin. I decided to give these a try after hearing my kids complain of the chalky dry bad taste of kids chewables. I agreed with them I remember how bad chewables were when I was a kid. We tried adult type vitamins but my daughter just can't swallow a pill of any kind without it making her throw up shortly after swallowing it. The MannaBears seemed like a great alternative. My kids started taking them and they loved them. I actually had to hide them from them because they would come in and grab a handful for a snack because they tasted like candy. I think the price is a little high but I am willing to pay it if my kids will take the vitamins without a fight and without getting sick. I tried them once and I thought they tasted great and smelled really good! I highly recommend these for any age.

My son loved to give these to his pals
by Donia

My son didn't know these were vitamins and thought they were candy. That is saying something. Also, all his friends that visited thought they were good. Perhaps gummies are a good idea for vitamins for kids.

MannaBears, Kids Can't Get Enough
by Erik

The packaging for this product doesn't exactly stand out and the product is relatively obscure in the marketing community for children's health supplements. I can say with relative confidence that MannaBears vitamins are a diamond in the rough (at least to my kids). I tried , countless times, offering them other types of children's vitamins, but these definitely appeal the best to their taste.

An easier way...
by acmccollom

These are the first vitamin supplements that haven't gotten an "Aw, Mom, do I have to?" in regards to taking it. Since I try anything that I'm going to give to my kids, I can tell you first-hand that these don't taste anything like the traditional vitamins/supplements.

by Lori Lynch

My kids loved these vitamins. I guess it must have been the taste and the fact that they are gummies and not the chewable chalky stuff. The texture thing has always gotten to my kids. But they loved these.

3 Customer Opinions

by D. Hughes

This is a comment to B. Andersen who was recommended to give MannaBears to her dogs. I just learned from my vet that dogs should not have xylitol. It is a big "no-no". Since xylitol is in this product I would not give them to any animal.

by Brenda Andersen

I've been told that Manna Bears is recommended for Maltese puppies/dogs (or any dogs) that have a tear staining problem. Anyone have any experience with giving these to their pet? My rating listed is for what the person who recommended this product says.

by melanie gibson

My little girl was a very fussy eater and always had trouble with her belly. She would become bloated and then would not eat as a result. Once she started taking the mannabears we noticed a big difference her belly was never bloated and she started tring different foods. We stopped her on the bears to see what shed be like and she went back to having bloated bellys again. I swear by them.