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It works...or it is a mighty coincidence ;)
by Mom of three

I give these pills to 2 of my 3 kiddos (the youngest is 1).

Let me start with my daughter, she is 10 now. She started 5th grade. She was diagnosed ADD--no hyperactivity--just attention issues. I have never seen her so focused. We went from Parent Teacher Conferences in the 4th grade that said she just didn't seem to pay attention or be interested, to one last week in the 5th grade where ALL of her teachers said, she is always on task and works hard and completes assignments on time. She has always been an A/B student--this year she is ALL A's!

My son, who is 8, is a VERY active BOY! I think if I didn't stay on top of him and teach him continually what is acceptable and not, he would be completely out of control and diagnosed ADHD before I could catch my breath. He has been on ATTENTIVE CHILD for about 8 months now, and we have seen improvement on his behavior. He is still active, but seems to understand better when it is appropriate to channel that energy. He is a very athletic little boy, and plays soccer, football, baseball and basketball for leagues in our town--and is always the high scorer. So it is also important that parents know how to help them channel that energy. You don't want to change the child, just help that child manage and cope with life :) He is in second grade and has gone from reading 1.5 level books at the start of the year to the most recent 3.4 level book--and it is because he can sit and focus better! He is turning into such a nice young man.

So either this stuff works or it is a HUGE coincidence. Call it what you may, we won't be stopping the pills anytime soon!

Also, my kids swallow the pill, they don't chew daughter gets 2 because of her age and size and my son still just the 1.....if anyone knows if swallowing is not as good as chewing please let me know!

Impressed with results so far
by Mary H

My 6 year old was having a difficult time focusing and staying on task. We were getting notes from the teacher at least once a week that he wasn't doing his work and just not performing. When asked, my son said there was too much going on in his head to think. SO did some research and found Attentive Child in my local GNC. Started them over the christmas break so he would have it in his system for 2 weeks before starting back. His teacher is so impressed. She said he is like a different child and is able to focus and pay attention. The grandparents can't believe how well behaved he has been at our store after school instead of running around . The only downside is that my son does NOT like the taste so it is an argument to get him to take them. Would like to find it in a liquid form so he could take it fast and get it over with instead of the chewable that take a while to eat for him. Overall very pleased with the product.

So Far So Good!
by Shelli

I started my son on Attentive Child a week ago. I have an older son with ADHD that we took the medication route with him (I was much younger and less informed). I saw my son struggle and even be over medicated in our search for the "right formula". When my 6 year old started showing signs, I dug my heels in. I refused to make him go through what my older son went through. A week ago we had a parent teach conference and I knew that it was time to search for an alternative. I found Attentive Child and started him on it immediately. We saw an instant improvement in his behavior, and it gets better every day. I am very pleased with this product and have already recommended it to others. Thank you!

still concerned
by Brittany

i have more of a question about this product. My son is 6 and grade wise is doing amazing in school however is struggling with not talking and staying focused when he needs to. Hes been on this for 3 days and wondering how long before i notice a difference and if this is the right supplement for him to be on?

Once Worried Mother
by Mom

This product is great! My 6 year old takes it along with the DHA and I noticed a difference the first day. He went from two thumbs down to two thumbs up over night in his school performance. Worried that we would struggle forever with this because of a heart condition keeping him from taking any prescription medication for ADD I am so happy that we found this!

That is totally impressed
by A mother

My son has had trouble in school since he started when he was 5 years old. He couldn't sit still, very high, couldn't sit still or concentrate on his work. I would just sit at work during the day and everytime my phone rang and I saw on the caller id that it was his teacher calling to say what he had done wrong that day, or come home to red cards in his back pack. The school put him in counseling and then when that wasn't working, they said he had ADHD and suggested to put him on meds, which I totally refused. Second grade was just as hard as kidnergarten and first grade. Then at 3rd grade, I didn't know what to do, he still had trouble with reading comprehension, his handwriting was not legible also writing letters backwards, etc. I just prayed and prayed for an answer. I took him to a lady that does cranial sacial massage, which wasn't helpful but it lead me to the path to a gentleman that helps kids with adhd, autism and he told me about Attentive Child vitamins and how helpful they were for helping kids be able to focus. I went right away to get them and after the first week, 1 wafer a day, nothing, after a month went by, it was a total turn around. The second half of 3rd grade, his reading went up from a D grade to an A, his handwriting was beautiful and now that he is in 4th grade, he is still doing very well, also on the Honor's list! These are wonderful!! Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product!! :o)

by Dominique
by Chason's Mom

I started my 8 year old son on this product almost 3 weeks ago, along with an Omega 3 supplement EVERYday at the same time, with a cup of Orange Juice. We have also cut his sugar intake in HALF! Wow What a difference! His grades have come up and he actually sits down and really pays attention and is focused on what he is doing! I thank my LORD, that we found this natural product! He doesn't like the taste, but he says they are his smart pills. I researched this product and I am still so encouraged by the reveiws that I read. I hope this helps some moms out there who are struggling with their child on paying attention and focusing!

Excited to Try
by GG

My son is 4 and has been having all sorts of problems since beginning pre-k. He has never had a problem with school before now and he had been in school since he was 9-months. He has not been diagnosed but I too wanted to give Attentive Child a try, so I went to GNC yesterday and got a bottle. Before this week is out I will go back to get some omega 3. I am really looking forward to seeing some results. These reviews are a great help!

Hoping this helps my daughter
by Brenda

I had a teacher meeting today for my 5 yr old daughter and was disappointed by their ADHD assessment. After reading about ADHD and being against any narcotics previous to this meeting, I ran home to read up on everything. One teacher mentioned Attentivechild supplement. After reading rmarks about nutrition being the basis for misdiagnosis, I am ready to try it!

by Pamela Dennis

I sent a review already, but forgot to include e-mail address.

by Pamela Dennis

My son who has autism has been using Attentive Child for some years now and it really helps him cognitively but we had to go on meds for behavior issues such as anger and distructive behaviors. Once I took my son off of the Attentive Child and just gave him meds to see if there was a difference. There was a noticeable difference by his teacher.

However, my granddaughter tried this, and her mother took her off of it before she had enough time to see a difference because, she urinated too much on herself while using Attentive Child. She was having a problem with wetting on herself anyway at the time, but this made it worse according to my daughter.

Colt's Mommy
by Mindi

My son was born 3.5 months premature. We are lucky to have few health issues, but anxiety and focus seem to have a grip on him. One doctor prescribed prozac...very bad son got violent and bit his dad. He just finished 1st grade, is 7 yrs old, and is very smart. But his teacher says he lacks focus (among other things...she is a cold bitch who needs to retire). I have only had Colt on this product, 2 wafers a day, for 5 days, but I am hoping to see a difference soon. I am giving this product 5 stars because it has given me hope. Hope is a word you don't hear much when it comes to the extreme preemies. I will write a follow up review in a month and let you all know how it is working for him. Thanks and heres to hoping for all of you!

It is the best so far
by Anya

I think it is the best thing out there for the kids that have ADHD (dont know anything about ADD). The doctors told me that my son has ADHD and I REFUSE to put him on meds. My friend suggested me this supplements and I went and got it. I am not kidding you the next day he went to school and his teacher said that he was very focused and did all the work. I saw the difference when I was disciplining him. Before when any adult would try to talk to him he would move around and make faces, now I can actually talk to him and see his eyes. He is listening and looking at me when I am talking to you. I give him one in the morning before school and another one when he gets home after lunch and that way I make sure that it lasts through the day. I dont know if it works for all the kids the same but for mine did. We bought it at Henry's but they said if we keep the receipt and it doesnt work for him then we can bring it back and exchange for something else. Dont be afraid to try it, it cant hurt.

My active 8 year old!
by Erica

I started my son on this supplement a month ago and am truly amazed with how much it has helped him. EVERYONE has noticed the improvements in his behavior and attention span. I am so relieved to have found something natural to help him cope with his active personality ;) We are also using a fish oil that his pediatrician recommended.

Not so good
by Mom

My son was diagnosed with ADHD and we decided to try Attentive Child first before putting him on medication. He has been taking two wafers everyday for about a month now, and we haven't noticed a difference yet.

Hopeful Mother
by Jennifer

Hopefully I have cried my last tear and yelled for the last time. A few days ago my husband and I decided it was time to put our 10 year old daughter on ADD meds. Being very loving and kind- she struggled terribly in school, following directions and not listening. For two years I have listened to her teachers say, "If she would just pay attention and focus she could do it." Never any major behavior problems-A's in deportment, so this led to us thinking she was just being lazy. One minute you thought she was learning something only to find when you asked her hours later she had no clue. I began researching on the web for one more hope of something other than those awful drugs and came across this. My husband went straight out and got it and we are starting tomorrow. The reason I am posting now is because all of the comments touched me and gave me hope. If you haven't been through the struggles and arguments, seeing your child hurt when you nag them over school, when they have no confidence, and are ashamed because everyone else gets it, you want to move mountains. I pray this works because I can't stand to see her hurt and upset, not to mention the strains on everyday family life. I will update any and everyone who checks back! Again, I am very hopeful and excited. God Bless these children and parents!
I am rating a 5 now just because I'm thrilled to have an alternative~ will rate again soon!!

by Juniper

My sister had been using Attentive Child for many years with her son who is ADD and it helped him focus in school. My husband has been diagnosed with ADD also and it was suggested that he try it also. He did and doesn't go a day without it! When our son was also diagnosed with ADD we imediatly put him on it also. Attentive Child works wonders with young and old! We love it!



Stay @ home Mommie

I used this product for my daughter and was very pleased with the results!

Active intelligent daughter
by Proud Mom

I have a very active and very intelligent daughter. She is 5 and is in the top of her 1st grade class.
Academically she does great but she gets very bored and she rarely sits still even at dinner or watching a program she likes. From the moment she wakes up to the moment she lies down she is non-stop talking or moving from one subject to another. Its exhausting to keep up with her. I went to my local nutitent store and attentive child was recommended. I googles and found this site. I began her one a day dose 4 days ago with skepticism. I wanted to really see if this worked. I find my daughter in four days to be more calm, attentive and thoughtful. She listens and follows thru with her tasks and actually sat down to talk to me :)
My only negative is that she does NOT like the tart tast of wafer. I've crushed and mixed with yogurt but she can still taste the bitter flavor. Bubble gum or cherry would be a nice option

by suddash

I have been through so much with my son that is now 5. Behavioral problem after behavioral problem starting at around 18 months. I have done EVERYTHING I know to do. Taken him to phycoligists, behavioral therapy, taken away sugar, etc. I didn't know what else to do so I took him to a phyciatrist that of course diagnosed him with adhd and prescribed meds. I am so against putting my 5 yr old on meds so I went on line and researched natural remedies. I found attentive child and went to right to gnc! He has been on it 5 days now and I already see some changes. He's just not as agressive and so quick to get upset as he was a week ago. So far so good!

by bxmommy

This product is fantastic. Turned my daughters whole school year around.

Our son
by Chrissy

Our son has always been full of energy! He is bright and intelligent. But we noticed once he got into kindergarten and now 1st grade he has a hard time concentrating and focusing. We added Attentive Child to his multi-vitamin and Omega's and with in a week we saw a large improvement so has his teacher. He is still full on energy but he is listening and finishing assignments in class. We also researched diets for ADHD and they seem to help also.

Great Alternative!
by Leeanne Bentley

Several of my friends have used Attentive Child for their own child and it has made a difference. My son's school and daycare have suggested that maybe he is ADD because of his behavior at school. I like that I have a possible alternative to potentially medicating my child. As a teacher myself, I want my son to be successful in school and well liked!

A great choice
by Stephanie

My son struggles a lot at school. He is very very smart, but that all gets lost in his inability to focus on his work. He is in first grade now, but even in kindergarten the teacher said in a roundabout sort of way that he probably has ADD and we might need to consider medication. He's going through the screening process now for ADD, but I am leery of medicating him because of all the terrible side effects with prescription medication, so I went to the health food store and asked for help. This is what they gave me. I was told that it could take up to 2 months to start seeing any benefit but I went for it anyways. I didn't notice any difference the first day, but the second day, my son's teacher went out of her way to email me and tell me that he had the best day he has ever had at school. He was still and quiet, focused on his work and even finished it all, correctly, ahead of the rest of the class! He took it mon, tues, wed and thurs last week. I forgot friday, and he did not have a good day at school. I'm sold. He is more calm, able to listen to and follow directions without lots of reminders, and can focus on the task at hand. We will be continuing this product indefinitly! THANK YOU!

one word "WOW"
by Jaine I

I went looking for something else that was recommended but was suggested this by the store clerk. I have a 7 year old who is everywhere, can't sit still, he was having issues at school due to his hyperactivity he was diagnosed ADHD a few years ago. I hated to put him on meds but felt I had no other choice in order to give him a chance in school. I tried attentive child and have only one word "WOW"!! I have seen such a difference. He has been doing great in class and at home he is more relaxed and able to sit peacefully most of the time. He loves the taste and I love that they are chewable. Thank you so much for giving us peace in the house

Happy Mom and happy Child

A very happy mom
by Rebekah

I have a 12 year old son that I home school. He has always been a little on the hyper side, but was still always able to focus and concentrate. This last semester he has really had a difficult time focusing and concentrating with his school work. I went to the health food store to find something to help and found this. He has been taking two tablets in the morning and one in the evening. I have seen a dramatic difference in his ability to sit and do a whole math lesson without being distracted. I am so amazed and pleased with the results of Attentive Child!!

Such a difference
by mom

My son was just recently diagnosed with ADHD, and I was very apprehensive about medicating him. He has had MAJOR difficulties paying attention and completing work on time in school, even though he is very intelligient. I gave this to him the first time on a Monday, and then spoke to his teacher that afternoon. She said that he was the best he has been the entire school year, that day. It's now the second week, and it has made all the difference for him, and without any side effects. I bought the wafers because he couldn't swallow a pill, and he said they were terrible. So, I got him some tic tacs and he practiced swallowing those until he got the hang of it. So now he takes the tablets. He also takes fish oil, to improve memory, and that seems to help as well. This has been an answer to our prayers! Thank you so much!

My Wonderful Niece
by By Concerned Aunt

I have a very imaginative and unique niece. She is a very intelligent child, and has an imagination like nothing i have ever seen. The only problem was that she couldn't focus. No matter what we gave her to do, she couldn't spend more than 5 or 6 minutes on it before she was on to something else. The ADHD meds worked, but she no longer had that same spark she had before. I recently had a nutritionist suggest this product, and i'm hoping it works. I miss that unique sparkle that she had.

6 year old daughter
by Jennifer

My daughter has ADHD due to a brain injury. We did not want to try meds since she is non-verbal and cannot tell us if there are side effects. We tried Attentive Child and Omega 3 chewables and she had been on it for several months. We recently took her off the attentive child because she has had seizures in the past and it caused her to have petty mal seizures after 5 years of being seizure free. She has been off the vitamin for about 2 weeks and I can REALLY tell the difference.

If you have no history of seizures, I would VERY much recommend it. I can tell the difference since she had been off of it, and I think I am going to lose my mind!

One Happy Mom
by Ashley Reed

My 7 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD last year while in Kindergarten. His prescription meds were making him moody and his weight also started decreasing. I am so happy to read these reviews about Attentive Child. I just bought this and I hope this works for him!!

This helps my adult ADHD
by happy and healthy

I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child, but my family did not want to drug me up just to perform better in school. I went to tutoring instead.
After graduating from college, I realized I still have a hard time focusing. My doctor has worked with me for three years trying out different meds for ADHD.
This is my fourth year teaching in a private school and I see so many students negatively affected by ADHD meds.
I went to a health food store and purchased Attentive child thinking this could at least benefit as a vitamin supplement.
I no longer need ADHD meds! I only weigh 105 lbs, so I need three wafers daily. I feel much more confident and healthy.
This product is certainly worth a try!

Mom so grateful!
by Sydel

My 14 year old son has been taking this product for about 6 weeks now. He is old enough to tell me if it is helping and he loves it. His grades have also went up! I definetly recommend this product to anybody looking for an alternative to prescription meds. We took that route and ended up with a very unbalanced emotional train wreck for a child. I am so grateful to have found this product!

by Vivian

As a parent who does not believe in giving a child Ritalin or Adderall, I searched the inter-net for some answers. I went to my local GNC and the gentlemen there told me alot of parents have pulled there kids off of the prescribed meds and have turned to Attentive Child. I am trying it for the first time, I am hoping for good results.

by Linda

I just bought this product for my child who has problems focusing in the classroom, staying on task and completing his classwork. He has been on the product for 2 days now. I hope and pray this does work for him. I do not want to resort to prescription medication. He is a good boy, but he does not listen and very unattentive to what I say or tell him to do. These reviews have given me hope.


I really love this product
by My 8 yr old Son

My son is a very calm, caring, enjoyable child, very well behaved. My son is not hyper and is not ADD or ADHD; however, he experiences some normal 8-9 yr old focus problems but nothing seriious or even noticeable. I choose to put my son on Attentive Child because he was having some tics (Minor tics) but although I call them minor now when he intially started having these tics I was quite concerned and upset as a parent. This vitamin has helped him immensley. I give it to him with Magnesium, Vit B and Zinc. He loved the wafers at first but got a little tired of them so I now give him the small pills. You won't be disppointed with this product.

Carrie in Savannah
by Carrie

My husband had ADHD as a child, and his mother put him on the Feingold Diet. My 9 year old son was diagnosed with ADD about 2 years ago now. In lieu of drugs, we decided to go with the diet along with supplements. Attentive Child was recommended at our local organic food store because it had a good variety of vitamins and was all natural (which follows the diet rules). Between the diet, an Omega-3 supplement and this product, we have seen amazing results. For the PharmD who commented above- until you have a child who struggles with ADD or ADHD, you will never know the happiness that every small difference can bring. Whether it is a grade higher in math, they stop stammering, they can sit in their chair while they eat a family dinner or even just look you straight in the eye while you have conversation with them - every improvement is cherished. And I don't work for any supplement manufacturer. I'm just a normal, everyday Mom who loves her child enough to try something REAL before drugging him up.

by ginger

LOVE IT !! I bought this when my sons teacher said my son showed signs of ADHD and should be taken to the doctors and put on meds. I was so very upset! I found this at GNC, I was and still am so amazed the difference in my now 10 yr old, since school is out I've thought lets do w/out for the summer, within 4 days, for his own well being have decided not an option, truely helps calm him down, he just functions much better has a calmer spirit.. is a great product for any child!!

What a difference
by Jeanne

I have a 5 year old Granddaughter who was at times out of control and hard to be around. Yelling, spanking, time outs, and nose in the corner didn't change a thing. I went to the health food store and the gal there suggested "Attentive child". I have never had any faith in, or luck with all natural stuff, but we decided to give it a try. Holy mackerel!!!!!! In two days we noticed a considerable difference in the way she behaved. I am stilled amazed at what a difference this had made in this child. She's lovable, she's much calmer, and when you ask her to do something, she just does it. I am sold on this product!! Thanks for producing something that isn't a precription that is effective on ADHD!!!!!! She can now enjoy a normal life!!

Stay at home mom
by Terra M

I think the tablets are great - really showing an improvement with my 8 yr olds school work - He just got straight A's and 100% on reading test.

This product helps my son
by Lori

This product looks as if it is helping my son, who has only been takingit for two days so far! There is no way it is all due to the placebo effect, a was claimed in another review, because he did not even know what he was taking it for the first day, and we still noticed an immediate difference. The reason I am giving it four stars instead of five, and the ONLY thing I canfind wring wit hthis product, is the fact that it does not come in a container with a childproof lid. The way I am dealing with that is to keep the bottle WAY up high--hopefully out of my children's reach--and to keep just my son's next dose in a little container on the counter where I'll see it and remember to give it to him. Other than that, I can find no problems with this product, and it really does seem to be helping--things are so much calmer now (knock on wood!).

by your pharmacist

This product is bogus, herbal nonsense, that has not been evaluated by the FDA to be safe nor effective. Note it even says on the bottle it is not intended to do anything. The above reviews represent whats known as a Placebo effect, which is basically the same thing as taking a sugar tablet with no real medical or pharmacological effect at all. I would venture to say the teacher post above is even actually BOGUS or biased from somebody with their hand in the manufacturer's back pocket. There is really no way of even knowing if these pills contain what they say they do, as herbal supplements like these have been found to contain dangerous chemicals at times... even weedeater string from cutting down weeds/herbs to grind up and put into a tablet, then sell it with bogus claims to make some money. It is a deplorable action to ever put something like this into your child's mouth especially on a regular basis, and it could be dangerous. The reason i found this site is because someone's 6y/o just ate a whole bottle at once... and actually it COULD be dangerous the child is in the hospital.

my 5 year old grandson
by Dianne

My grandson is in his first year of kindergarten and was not doing well at all the first semester. He only received one green smiley face all semester. We stated him on Attentive child the second semester and he has already received 5 green simley faces in just two weeks.

what a difference in the classroom
by teacher

I am a teacher and often struggle with students' ADHD in the classroom. I try never to recommend medicating even if a student seems the "poster child" for it just because I've seen over the years how terribly parents struggle with this decision. About a month ago, we held a meeting with a student's family and mentioned that this child has a difficult time being on-task and focused in class (way beyond what we would agree is normal twelve-year-old boy behavior.) However, in the last month, this student has done a "180" and seems to have somehow just jumped 100% into the game. I called the parents last week to just give them a follow up and to tell them there has been a huge [positive] change in the child's focus, on-task time, asking questions in class, following directions, leaving other students materials alone and that I just wanted them to know the students was really making an outstanding effort in class. The parents said they bought this "Attentive Child" and have had their child use it each day since our meeting. What an amazing difference!

Attentive Child
by Rita

This product is fantastic! I tried it on my 13 year old boy who has been struggling with ADD for many years. We have done many natural supplements including fish oil and a healthy diet but nothing produced results like this. Not only did it help him focus and think about his actions and most importantly stopped his emotional meltdowns. He is a pleasure to live with now. He also loves the taste which is a bonus.

My jumping baby boy!
by Maryela

From the age of 3 I knew my son had ADHD. He has been on and off meds for some time now. I have try so many meds & foods and really had though I had lost this battle. It really just killed me to put him on meds! He was just so sad and never wanted to do anything at all. So I had a long talk with him and said we are going to have a lot of bad day but I will find something to help you if you work with mommy. Also most a year later and at the end of my rope! A saleperson at the whole food store try this where always sold out when you come but we have some now! So with that said we could not be happier!!

They worked for my daughter
by Sandra

We started our daughter on these at age 7, and she is now 11. She continues to use them during the school year, and would not be able to focus without them. It was necessary to adjust the dosage as she gained in weight. We used to grind up the wafers and put them in applesauce, as she did not like the taste. Now we use the swallable tablet form, which she is much happier with. Originally, we used this product in combination with an elimination diet. The diet was an important part of the total program to improve focus. However, now she is on digestive enzymes and can eat all whole foods.

by Sue

We started my four year old on these in the fall and noticed a significant improvement in the preschool setting. Even his teacher commented on him sitting in circle time longer, etc. Around the holidays we got off track in getting him his tablets...and boy was he different. He just could not keep still/focused on anything. Once we bought his new batch - we decided to grind them up and put it into his yogurt - and he was calmer within 3-4 days. It even had more of an effect we believe since we began grinding them up...probably digesting/absorbing better. This is a must have for our son! We are so happy we found it. I gave it a 4 1/2 because I have to grind them but otherwise it's great.

Kids love these
by James Zitzmann

My kids love these. The fact that they are not pills or a liquid, but a wafer, makes it much easier for them to take, and they are much less likely to put up a fight about it. My wife and I have also been very pleased as to the results; the kids now are more attentive and without the bad side effects of prescription drugs.

Attentive Children's Tablets
by Kristy Blume

I first got these for my oldest son who is 12 years old. They did work a little bit on him. But to be fair I did not give him the correct dose. I gave him 1 tablet. I also gave half a tablet to my 5-year-old son. OH boy did I see a difference. He was very attentive. The teacher even noticed and said something to me about it. I do recommend this.

Wafers are a plus
by Cara

Everyone knows how hard it is to get a child to take medicine. It actually helps that this product is in wafer form. From what I can tell it makes a slight difference, but then again I think it is hard sometimes to distinguish between high energy and not paying attention.

Attentive Child Tablets
by Patrick

I purchased these for my younger brother who had been diagnosed with ADD and has trouble paying attention is class. His doctor recommended these and said that they will enhance concentration and help keep him focused. Honestly, I'm not too big of a believer in these sorts of things, but I believe it did make a difference as he has slowly made progress in this area as reported by his teachers. I will continue to keep him on these pills as long as they are needed.

Great product for Add
by Michele Harper

I use Attentive Child for my son who suffers from ADD. Since he started using it, his attention span has increased and his grades have improved as a result. I often recommend Attentive Child to other parents.

Really Works
by Patricia Madden

My brother has sever ADHD he was put on med's around the age of 5 he jumped from pill to pill until my family decided to no longer use RX drugs. We started trying a lot of different products. We have a local store that told my family about this product. After only a day or 2 my brother was a whole new person. He is 17 and still uses these chewable's. He loves them he says " They make me calm in a way med's can't " He don't have the ups and downs the being really hyper then just passing out. I think everyone who has children with ADD or ADHD should try this- it really worked for him.

6 Customer Opinions

Stay at home mommy
by Chrystina

My son is 5 years old and was just diagnosed with ADHD. My brother and father both have it and the prescription meds that they were put on affected them both in a very negative way. My brother is in his twenties now and I remember him being on at least 5 different medications before they stopped them completely when he was 15 and addicted to them. He never finished high school and is jobless and living with our parents still. Obviously I don't want that for my son and after his doctors appointment I immediately began researching alternatives. I came across Attentive Child and found it at our Better Health store and after reading so many positive reviews my husband and I are excited to start him tomorrow! I will post another review soon!

concerned mom
by concerned mom

My 6 year old daughter has never been diagnosed with adhd but I have noticed she has a little difficulty focusing and paying attention, she's a very smart child but she is struggling with her class and homework. My question is, do you think these vitamins would help her even though she does not have adhd?

Will start this tomorrow...
by NJmom

My daughter is 8 and has ADHD, but (thankfully) cannot take meds because of her small frame and low weight.

I have been researching all of the recent ADHD studies, and it would seem that a significant number of children diagnosed with ADHD also have magnesium and zinc deficiencies. Low magnesium may also be implicated in impairing EPA levels as well (omega-3 component).

Since there is no down side to taking these supplements (Attentive child & Omega 3 with EPA), there is no reason for me not to try this.

I would do anything to give my daughter the chance to have less difficulty at school.

I have been using the Omega-3 supplements for a few weeks, but I can't say that I've seen any improvements yet. I think I've heard that it can take a while.

Rather than taking a wait-and-see-approach, I am going to buy Attentive Child wafers tomorrow to complement the omega-3.

by christy

When do you give Attentive child supplement, in the morning before school (which always scares me) or before he goes to bed ?

by Nana

My grandson, who is 9 has a lot of trouble focusing at home as well as at school, which is effecting his grades. He'll do homework, but doesn't remember to turn it in. He gets very frustrated when he doesn't understand something. A teacher has recommended this product saying that it has made a big difference in some of his students that have taken. I have read very good reviews about Attentive Child and would like try this product for my Grandson.
Desparate in MS.

My Step daughter
by mom

I saw this at a health food store and have been giving it a lot of thought for my Step daughter.