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Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream

-Restructures the skin with the Sunflower Oil Distillate (patented Active Lipid-Replenishing Process) which helps the skin enhance natural lipids deficient in eczema-prone skin.
-Provides lipid-replenishment and nourishes with 3 key lipids constituent of the skin.
-Quickly soothes the sensations of discomfort and helps skin regain suppleness and comfort.
-Helps rebalance and purifies the skin.
-Limits the need for use of corticosteroids by up to 75%
-Tested on eczema-prone skin under dermatological control and in pediatricians’ offices.
-Non-occlusive formula, formulated to minimize the risk of allergic reaction and without paraben. Fragrance-free.
-Rich texture applies and penetrates easily.
Product: Stelatopia Moisturizing Cream
Brand: Mustela (More Products)
Size: 6.7 fl oz
Dosage: Apply twice daily
Retail: $16.95
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33 Customer Reviews

Soft Baby Skin Again
by Angela Hood

I use Stelatopia Mosturizing Cream by Mustela on my 2 1/2 year old daughter's skin whenever she has skin irrations. This is great on roughed up skin from playing on scratchy carpet or from skinning your knee on concrete. I also have found that it soothes her skin very well if we have spent a bit too much time out in the sun. This is a wonderfully versatile product.

Great product!
by Kyle

My youngest son has extremely dry, flaky skin on his arms and legs. I tried lotions, vitamin A&D ointment, and nothing seemed to work. I got a free sample of Stelatopia from the pediatrician. By the time the sample was gone, his dry skin was much improved. Not a bad price for a product that delivers.

Try it!
by Stephen

I forgot to bring a cleanser when I went on vacation a month ago and I borrowed my best friend's cleanser, which was this product. It was so gentle that it felt like heaven when I was using it. My skin felt replenished and refreshed after using this. I even wanted to steal it from my best friend! I liked it so much that she even gave it to me. So I use this product occasionally now. When I feel like my skin needs a little bit more TLC. I recommend this product, it cleans your skin and leaves it baby soft!

Great Alternative to Steroid Based Cream.....
by Margaret Vannell

My son is now 4 years old. As an infant, we frequently used Elidel and other similar products to ease his Eczema. Within the past year, his skin has become more and more harsh and dry. A neighbor of mine, recommended this product and after one week of use, we have not yet stopped utilizing the Stelatopia Cream. It has taken away the red blotchy skin and irritable itching sensation, which at one point recently was resulting in huge scratches from excess scratching. My son doesn't even complain of that "leftover greasy" feeling either anymore. In other words, we could not have been happier to have found this product, and will continue using it from now on!!!

by liy

I have had this for the past few years, but it has been manageable. Since July, however, I have been struggling with a massive outbreak of it. That's over 5 months! I finally tried this cream, and instantly felt relief! It was like a miracle, and I will now have this cream wherever I go. To those who are disappointed in this cream and are looking for a facial moisturizer, you should look for a product made specifically for the face. This is a heavy cream meant for the body, and for those with extremely dry skin. Anyway, I highly recommend to anyone with severely dry skin...I LOVE IT!!!

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