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Centrum Kids Complete Vitamins

Centrum Kids® is a chewable multivitamin supplement that provides children with vitamins and minerals to help support growth and healthy development.
Product: Centrum Kids Complete Vitamins
Brand: Wyeth Consumer Healthcare (More Products)
Size: 60 chewable tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet daily
Retail: $6.99
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51 Customer Reviews

Centrum is great
by BA

As a parent, I have tried to give my kids many different types of vitamins. Getting my children to take them was very difficult sometimes as they can have quite the fighting spirit. One vitamin that was never ever an issue was Centrum. I loved the brand (and use the adult version myself) and my kids loved the taste. They are chewable and the kids don't even know that they are taking vitamins. Excellent product.

Daughter Loves Them!!!
by Melissa

My daughter is very picky when it comes to taking vitamins. It has always been a struggle to get her to take a vitamin without her throwing a fit and spitting it out. Now, with Rugrats vitamins, she wants to take one all the time. We have to put them on a high shelf where she can't reach them. I am so grateful that there is finally a vitamin that tastes good and gives her the nutrients she needs. Thanks Centrum Kids!!

Better than other children's vitamins.
by David Conway

I have given my children other vitamins, such as the Flinstones chewables, and they haven't really enjoyed them. They claimed that there was a bad aftertaste, so I decided to go with a less chalky product, and they really enjoyed it. It has the same essentials that the other brands have with better taste. I would highly suggest other parents give these to their children.

3 Cheers
by Dustin

My son is very picky with everything he eats. I think he gets it from his Mom. [wink] He didn't even like the Flintstones vitamins that I took when I was a kid. He will take one of these every morning with breakfast. I highly recommend these for parents that want to make sure their sons or daughters are getting the vitamins they need.

by Kevin

Well I just knew that my daughter was going to love these because she is a huge rug rat fan. At breakfast time, I eagerly give her a vitamin to take after she is done and she eats it without fighting me on it. As she was chewing up the vitamin, she started making the worst faces I had ever seen and started gagging. I told her that they could not possibly be that bad and she could drink something after she was done chewing it up. She said mom you try one and see what you think so I did. It was a mistake I picked one of the purple ones and it was the foulest tasting vitamin I have ever tasted. I ended up spitting it out and getting something to drink to get the horrible taste out of my mouth. I thought that it was just the purple ones, but no, they all taste really bad. I know that it has to be the iron in them since that is what I smell when I open the bottle.

I love that this vitamin has everything my daughter needs in it, but just can not recommend it when I myself can not even stomach the taste of these vitamins. It was money wasted since no one will take them and they just sit on top of my fridge collecting dust.

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1 Customer Opinions

good value
by Diania

My kids took these vitamins just like any other vitamin...forcefully...The smell was not as strong as other brands so I think that was great. The odor didn't "knock you down" when you opened the container to give them to the children.

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