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Instant-Release Niacin, the main ingredient of Nialor (500 mg / tablet), has been shown repeatedly to be an extremely effective product for cholesterol & triglycerides. In 1500 mg / day dosages (3 Nialor tablets), Niacin alone can improve Triglycerides by up to 40%, HDL Cholesterol up to 30%, and LDL Cholesterol up to 15%.
Product: Nialor
Brand: Arizona Pharmaceuticals, L.L.C. (More Products)
Size: 120 Tablets
Dosage: 3 Tablets daily
Retail: $19.99
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17 Customer Reviews

by Lynn D

I uses Nialor as directed for 3 months. My triglicerides did not go down, they actually went up a little. I suffered through the flashing and the itching for 3 months and when I tried to get the $100 money back guarentee nobody responded, either by e-mail or by phone. I would NOT recommend this product to anyone.

by Milada B

In only 1 MONTH Nialor lowered my Triglycerides from 1499 mg/dl to 297, and my Total Cholesterol from 331 to 176. My Doc adviced me to keep taking it 3x a day.
I did wach what I am eating since, and I lost 8 pounds
I did not experiencing any flashes like I used to using Niaspan.I am very happy that I found this lifesaving product.

by Getting Better

I have been taking the product for 3 weeks now & as the instruction state "Take half a pill untill the flushing goes away" I still take half a pill after every meal & notice a bit of flushing in the moring but thats about it. I am feeling great & have lost about 5 pounds. Has anyone else experienced weight loss?

Gregory Kludac
by GregK

About 2-3 years ago my cardiologist put me on Crestor because my cholesterol was around 200; however, my triglycerides were around 300. After a year and one-half, I started to develop severe back/flank pain. He immediately took me off the Crestor and tried me on ALL the old and newer drugs. I was ok for 1-2 weeks and then the pain came back. I read an article about Nialor and he told me to give it a try as there were no harmful drugs listed. Being a pharmacist myself, I thought I would give it a 3 months supply. My Cholesterol went down, my HDL went up and my LDL went down.
Now the surprising news: my triglycerides were around 300 and immediately dropped to below 150. I now recommend your product to my customers and have them ask their doctors. I believe I am ordering my 4th refill. Thank you for a SAFE and EFFECTIVE product.

by Bob

Just started taking Nialor and if you take a baby aspirin before dinner then eat then take the pill the flush is not very strong. The trouble for me comes in the am unless you plan on eating a large breakfast expect the flush. Doesn't really create any problems makes you look like you were in the tanning booth a bit longer then usual. If it lowers my try's 886 I will let you know in two months when my next blood test is scheduled.

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4 Customer Opinions

Informed Person
by John

This is a complete SCAM. It is simply NIACIN which is Vitamin B-3, sold almost anywhere (i.e. Walmart, Costco, etc) and SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper.... don't waste your money

by Hashema Shakib

I have high tryglicrid I saw this Nialor how safe it is and if there is any side effect can I find this prodect in the regular stors locally if not why not if it is so effectife why not so please give some feed back.my email is (hshakib@yahoo.com)

too much
by samantha d

i have been on Nialor for 2 weeks and dnt wish to use it anymore the flushing is aweful it hurts and 3 times a day i have a 2 yr old its hard and then i started getting shortnest of breath so i decided not to use it anymore but too each i own !

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