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There are many factors that play a role in heart health and maintaining a healthy cholesterol level. These include diet, exercise, body weight and age. Adjusting diet and exercise properly will provide your body with the important nutrients needed to promote heart health as well as contribute to a healthy body weight. However, these factors alone don’t always reduce high cholesterol levels. Other nutrients may be involved in lowering cholesterol. Plant sterols and stanols, the active ingredient in Cholest-Off, have been shown to reduce LDL (“bad”) and total cholesterol by blocking cholesterol absorption. Therefore, in addition to a healthy diet and exercise regimen, supplementing with Cholest-Off can help lower cholesterol levels and promote overall heart health. Cholest-Off is recommended to be part of a daily regimen for Heart Health.
Product: Cholest-Off
Brand: Nature Made (More Products)
Size: 60 Caplets
Dosage: 2 Caplets twice daily
Retail: $10.99
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66 Customer Reviews

by Rosetta Dunn

Cholest-Off did not work for me. I started taking the product to try and get off of Statins which are supposed to be to harmful to us. When I began Cholest-Off, my cholesterol was 195. I had my lab work and In 3 months, it went up to 305. My LDL was 120 and in 3 months it went up to 229. I am so disappointed and have gone back to Zocor (a statin). My doctor stated that the benefits of statins outweigh the risks. I have had heart surgery and sure don't want to experience that again.

Cholest-Off Worked for me
by Maryann McPhail

My total cholesterol on 12-10 was 242 on 12-11 it was 201 My LDL [bad cholesterol] on 12-10 was 151 on 12-11 it was 116. All numbers due to my taking Cholest- Off
My doctor is as pleased as I am. I will continue taking this product along with the 2 daily omega-3 fish oil 1200 mg's I take daily. Both Nature Made products.

by Barbara

Been using Cholestoff Complete for 3 months - my LDL's went down 27 points - to a very normal level. My question: does using this long term cause diarrhea? Don't see any side effects listed.

by Michael

I started using Cholest Off about three months ago. A blood test last week showed that my cholesterol has dropped from 195 to 169, and LDR from 138 to 115. I made no other substantial changes to my diet and exercise regime. I tried a statin a couple of years ago, but got a serious leg cramp within weeks, so I discontinued it.

back on it again
by terry

nt wait to tell ne doc Cholestoff brought it down as he doesnt beieve in natural things.

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5 Customer Opinions

suddenly unhappy
by navjo

I've been taking this product for about three weeks now and had to stop cold turkey because I noticed that I was getting bloated, and having gas everyday I look like I've gained 10pds since I've been on this product the benefit is no longer worth the risk to me.

Operations Coordinator
by Cheryl H.

Borderline high for 10 years. Stopped statins due to body soreness. Couple of surgerys later Cholesterol jumped to 330. Did not want to take more drugs so I tried Cholestoff Complete and watched my diet. Dropped 59 points in three months. My doc was amazed and told me to keep up what I was doing and see him next year. Great Product

General Manager / Newspaper
by Steve Harbison

I've had cholesterol levels of 290 for 12 to 15 years. I took stantons occasional, but had problems filling the prescriptions. My reading last year was 319. Upon hearing about Cholest-Off, I took it for three months and my latest reading was down 20%, from 310 to 253. I'm a believer, and so is my doctor. He said to keep up wtih what I was doing and he did NOT recommend any prescription drugs.

Thanks, Cholest-Off!!

Steve Harbison
Greeneville, Tennessee

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