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Bamboo One-Size

Baby Beehinds' fitted nappies are designed to fit your precious little honey from birth to toddler. This means that as parents, you save money due to not having to continuously buy new sizes as baby grows. Baby Beehinds' patented design provides a trim, reliable fit while maintaining a cute funky look! All of Baby Beehinds' products are Australian designed. The original creator Davina Casey designed the products around her daughter. They are designed by a mother, with experience in what makes a nappy work and how it should fit. Since Baby Beehinds' was established, They have been delighted with the wonderful feedback from their happy customers. We feel proud to be able to offer parents a product that has proven popularity and quality! Baby Beehinds' are produced both in Australia and abroad. Baby Beehinds' has always, and will always, continue to support businesses that participate in ethical labour practices. With relevance to Baby Beehinds' internationally manufactured products, this means they pay extra in manufacturing costs to ensure that their products are manufactured according to the International Labour Organization's code of standards, which can be viewed at www.ilo.org. We guarantee that you'll be choosing products made in a fair, ethical working environment.
Product: Bamboo One-Size
Brand: Baby Beehinds (More Products)
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3 Customer Reviews

by Bridget

These diapers work great with my son, they are so easy to use.

Absorbent, but not really one-size
by Lauren

This is another diaper that won't fit as long as they say! It was a tight fit about 25lbs or so. The bamboo also got a lot less soft over time as we washed them, which doesn't happen with all Bamboo. I'd pass on this if you were looking for a one-size diaper to fit all the way through.

by naturesnappies

I have been using the Hemp Baby Beehinds for 6 months now and the Bamboo Baby Beehinds for 2 months. They are amazing. I love these diapers! The Bamboos are SOOO soft!! The adjustments on them are a no brainer and they are so simple to add to if needed for night time use. I have been using them since my son was born. At first they were a little bulky but the fit was really good. Now that he is almost 7 months they fit really nice and he is almost always trucking around the house in these. I feel as if i really got my $ out of these and they are still in great shape for the next one!