f GSL Tech, Inc Bitter Melon Sugar Balance Plus Reviews and Information

Bitter Melon Sugar Balance Plus

Bitter Melon Sugar Balance Plus combines promising herbs and nutritional supplements in a unique formula which may enhance the release of insulin from the pancreas and increase the number and activity of insulin receptors, thus improving insulin sensitivity. Bitter Melon Plus may also improve glucose tolerance and help the body process blood sugars. For best results use consistently with exercise and a healthy diet program.

Product: Bitter Melon Sugar Balance Plus
Brand: GSL Tech, Inc (More Products)
Size: 90 Tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet 2-3 times daily
Retail: $27.99
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5 Customer Reviews

bitter melon sugar balance plus
by barbara

My husband has type2 diabetes and takes medication
and follows a diet. He recently came down with the flu and illness reaks havok on his sugar levels. It seemed he was unable to get the glucose level back to an even keel On a recent trip to our local pharmacy he asked the druggist for advice. These were recommended. Within a few days his glucose level was were it should be. He was concerned with side affects but except for a baddish taste there weren't any. He is very happy.

Couldn't believe the difference!
by Mari

I had never heard of this until my pharmacist recommended it to me for treating my borderline (diet controlled) diabetes. I didn't even know what it was, let alone expect it to work, but it did. My blood sugar is much more stable, even more so than I expected it to be. I'm now going to get my father, who has full blown type 2 diabetes and is really struggling, to try it. I do recommend taking this with the other supplements/vitamins that your doctor recommends instead of as a replacement though, the combination seems to work the best for me. Now I recommend it for everyone trying to get control of their blood sugar and/or ward off Syndrome X/Metabolic Syndrome.

Really Works!
by drew.amp

Although I do not have diabetes myself, my dad does and he has a hard time living a normal live due to his severe diabetes. I saw this and decided to get it for him on his birthday, along with a gift card. Boy, he was amazed with what this product did! I didn't even have to get him a gift card; he loved Bitter Melon Sugar Balance Plus so much!

Can really help u
by Patricia Madden

My mom suffers from full blown type 2 diabetes, She is a insulin user and avid about checking her sugar every time she eats about 4 months ago She was having really bad leg cramps at night and her sugar was low Her friend gave her the name of this product and about 2 weeks later the cramps were gone This keeps her stable and she can rest assure her legs wont hurt her at night.

It's working
by Carol

I added this herbal to my doctors instructions to control my borderline diabetes. It's working and I am happy to have found a product that helps my body function properly. I was dreading going on medication. Thank you.