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Acidgone powder absorbs the acid already secreted due to its tremendous absorbing power of its ingredients (water-soluble fibers, detox herbs and nutrients). Unlike long-acting anti-reflux drugs which inhibit the secretion of gastric acid leading to indigestion, Acidgone does not interfere with the digestive process.

Acidgone has the ideal pH of 7 when mixed with water alone. This makes it very effective in neutralizing excessive gastric d with pH of 1 or 2. The goal of therapy is to raise stomach pH to 4 or above for as long as possible except when a person is eating. Drugs which block the secretion of acid do not have this property.

Due to Acidgone's very low content of protein, it discourages the secretion of over abundance of stomach acid (HCl) or gastrin. (Gastric ulcers are no longer managed by diets rich in milk products, because although dairy products do neutralize stomach acid briefly, their high calcium and protein content actually stimulates more acid secretion.)

Acidgone is a soothing gel-like lubricant that acts as an internal moisturizer, which coats the stomach lining and insulates it from the harsh effect of the stomach acid. People with esophageal or stomach ulcers may see immediate relief in pain.

Acidgone provides nutrients to gastro-intestinal tissues to help the body heal itself. No drugs or antacids give you the nutritional values as Acidgone.
Product: Acidgone
Brand: Nutrigenesis (More Products)
Size: 16.5 oz.
Dosage: Add one level scoop of Acidgone powder on top and stir briskly. If thinner consistency is desired, add more water or juice. Do not eat for approximately 2 hours after drinking Acidgone.
Retail: $47.95
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10 Customer Reviews

this product is amazing
by krysta

Acidgone is a great product to get quick relief.i suffer from gerd and use acidgone to get the quick relief that it gives. i drink the acidgone before i eat garlicy foods that will cause heart burn. i also drink the acidgone at the first signs of heart burn and it takes away the pain fast and prevents it from getting worse.

by Krysta

Acidgone is a great product to get quick relief.
I suffer from GERD and use acidgone. I drink the acidgone before I eat garlicy foods that will cause heart burn. If I forget and don't know I will get heart burn I drink the acidgone and it takes away the pain fast and prevents it from getting any worse. This product has done wonders for me and i recommend it to everyone that gets heart burn.

Nissen Surgery failed Acidgone is a miracle remedy
by Gladys Perez

I had a Nissen Surgery on 07/23/08 - Cost insurance company $12,000.00, I left the hospital feeling miserable, on liquid diet for three weeks and got worst. Acid Reflux was worse than when I entered the hospital. The doctor wrapped my stomach, put clips in my stomach and still no relief. I was on Nexium for 12 years, tried over the counter acid medication and nothing worked. I was ready to have the surgery redone for improvement but I went online and found ACIDGONE. On day number two my stomach felt better 2 weeks after using the product I am counting my blessing. This was a God sent miracle product. My acid reflux that I had for 15 years is gone. I Highly recommend the product.

by hel

Before I go to a Party I make sure I take Acidgone. from Nutrigenisis. I don't worry about what I eat or drink and have a great time. I see people choosing there food because of acid. I told them I took Acidgone before I came to the party. I would recommend it to all.

This works!
by Pattie

My husband uses this product for his chronic heartburn. He had tried other products but found no relief. Now all he has to do is drink this before he eats or drinks something spicy and there is no heartburn. He even found that it works after heartburn has begun, for those times he has eaten out for dinner.

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