f American Health Acidophilus Powder Reviews and Information

Acidophilus Powder

American Health’s Acidophilus Powder consists of
a combination of selected strains of Lactobacillus
organisms, namely Lactobacillus acidophilus and
Lactobacillus casein which have been cultured on
a special medium and freeze-dried. These viable
organisms have been blended with instant sweet
dairy whey powder which provides nutrients to the organisms once the product has been ingested.
American Health’s Acidophilus Powder aids in
maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal flora
Product: Acidophilus Powder
Brand: American Health (More Products)
Size: 8 oz
Dosage: 1/2 to 1 tablespoon with or after each meal
Retail: $11.99
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4 Customer Reviews

Good recovery
by Elizabeth

I always make sure I have this product on hand since it saved my life after taking a ton of antibiotics when I got sick over the holidays. I was so ill that my doctor had me on all kinds of antibiotics. Once I got better he recommended I take some form of acidophilus because the antibiotics can wreck your system. This powder was great and very effective. I know that without it I wouldn't have bounced back as fast as I did. Highly recommend it if you have to take antibiotics.

For Pets as well as People!
by SierraK

Believe it or not this product works just as well for pets with stomach problems as it does for people! My vet recommended it for my Golden Retriever, who was having some stomach problems with excessive belching that unfortunately progressed to an incidence of bloat.
If you don't know what bloat is (most people don't), it's a terrifying condition in large dogs where their stomachs fill up with so much gas that the stomach actually turns and nothing can get in or out. The dog will be in pain and walk with an odd 'roached-up' position. PLEASE if you have a large dog, research this condition so you will recognize it if it happens to your dog. It's life threatening and requires immediate treatment. I am so thankful we decided to bring her to the vet right away where she was successfully treated.
The question remained, how to prevent it from happening again? That was when the vet suggested we supplement her with acidophilus, which would improve her digestion and naturally prevent excess gas from building up inside her stomach. He suggested the American Health product, as it's a powder that can be easily added to a dog's food.
Not having to give her a pill every day is more pleasant for both of us. She has been on this acidophilus powder since last summer, and has not had any more incidences of bloat and is no longer belches as much. She seems so much more comfortable!
She is a bit over 50 lbs and her dosage is 1/4 teaspoon added to her food once daily. I actually tasted the plain powder just to make sure it wouldn't make her food taste funny. Well this acidophilus powder has no taste at all and she didn't even notice it in her food.

Great for stomach problems! Also take when on antibiotics!!!
by Lisa

I chose to try this product in powder form to make it more easily absorbed by the body. It is helpful if you have problems with constipation and bloating because the organisms help to regulate your digestive system. This is also a great product to help decrease chances of yeast infections (including thrush - you can swish with it!)

For kids too!!!
by allismom

I was so happy when I found this product. Acidophilus is the first thing I recommend to mothers with canky babies. To find it in powder form is a godsend. You can just mix it in with their cereal and you have a happy baby! After all the other products I have tried this is my favorite.