f Kenwood Therapeutics Flora-Q Probiotic Dietary Supplement Reviews and Information

Flora-Q Probiotic Dietary Supplement

The Probiotic Species in Flora-Q®:

Promote gastrointestinal health.
Help maintain balance in the intestinal microflora.
Support the colonization of intestinal microflora.
Help support the modulation of intestinal microflora
Product: Flora-Q Probiotic Dietary Supplement
Brand: Kenwood Therapeutics (More Products)
Size: 30 Capsules
Dosage: 1 capsule daily
Retail: $32.94
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6 Customer Reviews

Medical Assistant
by Matilde Trevino

I used Flora-Q for recurrent yeast infections which in 30 days after that I didn't get another yeast infection for over 2 years its a product that does work when nothing else does. I recommended it very highly.

Matilde Trevino Med. Asst for 25 years MD I work for intergrated medicicine

i love it
by janet jones

i can no longer find this product. i love it and have been using it for years. one great thing is that when traveling it does not require refrigeration. i used to purchase your flora-q on drugstore.com they stopped carrying your product 2 months ago. any help where i can purchase your product.

by Mrs. M.J.Cooley

My doctor recommended this product. I have been taking it for five years and find it highly successful to my problem (excess gas). I can no longer find it in my area and would like to know where I may purchase it.

by Charles

This product is highly overpriced and has no effect whatsoever as far as i can determine. This company should be shut down .

by gene

My doctor recommended FloraQ after I had chronic diarrhea for three weeks. He said "my gut had been wiped out" by some kind of bug. Stool cultures were all negative.

One capsule a day for a week and my gut returned to normal.

I recommend this product.

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2 Customer Opinions

by pat

doctor gave me a sample for my ibs. It really helpedd a lot. But when I decided to buy some,Icouldn't believe the price,got some anyway and makes my stomach feel so much better,but i will have to stop as the price is way too high.

by H. Sabeti

I shall offer my views after tryed the product when recieved.

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