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Liquid Cleanse

Liquid Cleanse [Intestinal]. This effective herbal cleanse is easy to swallow—no tablets or capsules—and has a pleasant raspberry flavor. Key ingredients include:

•Aloe vera leaf, which soothes the digestive tract;
•Red raspberry concentrate, which provides a pleasing flavor and antioxidant benefits;
•Senna leaves, known for their laxative properties. Senna is used in the medical field to cleanse the bowels in preparation for a colonoscopy.
•Barberry root bark, which soothes the intestinal wall;
•Ginger rhizome, known to support digestion;
•Dandelion root, which helps the liver and gallbladder in removing waste;
•And capsicum fruit, a digestive aid.
Product: Liquid Cleanse
Brand: Nature's Sunshine (More Products)
Size: 16 oz
Dosage: Take 1 oz (30 ml) daily
Retail: $19.40
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12 Customer Reviews

by Anonymous

It definitely works but the taste makes me gag!

Liquid makes a difference...
by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

I've taken this on and off for about a month, after those buffalo wing nights. I got it because it was the first liquid cleanse I saw at my local Rx. I have had chronic constipation since I was little so naturally I grew up on metamucil wafer, but I gave this a shot. I liked the quick action, no more mixing a laxative with water. Just open and drink. It acts much quicker too; it had me going regular in no time. Taste is pretty bad, but you're not drinking this for the flavor! Worth a shot if you like the quick-action.

by Dustin

Don't take this if you are on a long car ride, because I foolishly did and I must have been driving at 100 to find the next rest stop. This stuff works for what it is made for, just take a quick shot because it does not taste very good at all. There are probably better alternatives.

definitely works
by Ashley

While I've only used this product once, it worked great. I had been constipated for quite some time, and tried everything to avoid going to a doctor. All the over the counter laxatives failed, and I was getting more and more worried. Finally, I called my doctor and he recommended this product. Within a few hours, I was completely relieved. It doesn't taste as bad as other people have described, but the results are well worth it. I just close my nose and block out the taste. Swallow some water right afterward, because it can leave a foul taste in there for hours. In fact, brush your teeth twice! I would hate to be constipated again but I am comforted knowing that Liquid Cleanse is in my medicine cabinet.

Did not work too well
by Silvio Chiba

My mom had used this product for years to clear up her minor constipation. I decided to use this one day for one of my friends. I poured a little into his drink and waited. When he put the cup to his mouth he immediately put it down because it smelled very bad. He never drunk it. Bottom line is that according to my mom it works, but it isn't too great to prank people with.

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