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Candida Control Kit with Flora Balance Powder

Candida is normally present our digestive tract, but is kept in check by the healthy bacteria that reside there. It becomes a problem when it grows out of control due to frequent use of antibiotics and cortisone related drugs, a high sugar diet, or a high stress life-style and other factors. It is believed that 80+ million Americans are affected, most unknowingly.

This kit contains a months supply of Flora Balance powder, Biotin and Ultimate Acidophilus Plus. Includes complete instructions for an effective anti-candida program.

Put an end to:

digestive problems including bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation
sugar cravings
chronic vaginal yeast infections
oral or vaginal thrush
brain fog
environmental sensitivities, food sensitivities
cystitis (urinary frequency)
fungal skin problems, athletes foot, fungus nails
symptoms of immune system depression, frequent colds, cold sores, EBV, Herpes

Product: Candida Control Kit with Flora Balance Powder
Brand: O'Donnell Formulas (More Products)
Size: 1 Kit
Dosage: Use as needed.
Retail: $39.95
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6 Customer Reviews

Candida gone wild.
by M.R.

"I believe your product really got me through a very bad case of Candidiasus or perhaps systemic Candidiasus, I was pretty much unable to eat Anything without a reaction,allergies, sudden asthma,consant headaches,rashes all over,especially my scalp,major hair loss,Iwas so bloated that I would release gas uncontrolably like an overpressure valve, my sense of small was gone, my tongue was like a shag carpet which hydrogen peroxide took care of right quick,very strange poop,itchcy butt,extreme depression,super short term memory loss.I won't go into the whole saga but antibiotics, mercury, and corticosteriods are all involved.

Doctors were absolutely useless during this whole period, they new nothing and they would do nothing except give allergy pills and asthma inhalers for the symptoms but they couldn't see the big picture that all these symptoms could be caused by ONE culprit Candida gone wild."

by CH


I admit I was skeptical at first because I thought you'd have to use a more harsh method to get rid of the systemic yeast I've had for many years, but after using the Candidia Control Kit for only a week now I'm already starting to see a marked difference in my digestive process. I'm also very impressed with it's gentleness. So much so that I just ordered my second kit. I'll keep you posted as to my progress.

Thank you!!!
by L & S

Thank you very much!

We have ordered your Candida Control Kit before, for my daughter, whose mysterious stomach problems are now GONE! So I recommended the regimen for my father, who also has stomach pain and various other symptoms, and that's where this order is going. After it helps him, I plan on getting the kit for my sister!

Thanks for a great product; I think yeast over-population in the gut is the cause of a great number of illnesses, all misdiagnosed by a medical community that won't look at the simplest things first.

Feelin' better
by Anonymous

We do not want to run out. My face was "middle-age" puffy, gone, looks twenty-something! Ghost aches & pains from fluid there & on right side of body from "sinuses" is gone. No complaining after work done around here from body aches & no more having to massage out those reoccuring problems.

Healthier and Happier...
by EC

The first kit was for our daughter who had trouble because of antibiotics during a hospital stay w/wrong medication! This is has changed our lives for the better. Cleared up all kinds of discomfort and anguish for the "patient" & concerned family. We are happier because she is healthier. Thanx for b n there

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