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Complete Liver Cleanse

Why cleanse the liver?
Everything we breathe, eat, drink and absorb through our skin is purified and detoxified in the liver.

Environmental toxins and the effects of improper eating and lifestyle habits can build up in the liver.

It makes sense; toxins have to go!
How does it work?

A unique combination of ingredients stimulate bile flow, which help rid the liver of toxins.

Once toxins are on the move, you don't want them reabsorbed.

Complete Liver Cleanse is the answer. It has a specially-designed fiber which binds with toxins so they leave the body.

The result is superior support for liver function and health!
Product: Complete Liver Cleanse
Brand: Enzymatic Therapy (More Products)
Size: 84 Ultra Caps
Dosage: 6 UltraCaps™ daily
Retail: $24.95
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17 Customer Reviews

by Nellie

I must be the strange one - I only have 3 days left on this liver cleanse and so far I can't see any difference with anything. No extra bathroom stops, not extra energy - no anything. Guess it just doesn't work for me.

Check with MD if on prescription drugs
by Bobbi Cummings

I take very low dosages of Cymbalta (anti-depressant) and Atacand (high blood pressure). The first couple of days on Complete Liver Cleanse I felt great, but noticed feeling chilly, and my blood pressure was slightly elevated. On day 6 I awoke in the middle of the night with excruciating pain under my left shoulder blade. Apparently this product works TOO WELL, as it not only rid my body of toxins, but of medications as well! (The pain left a few days after I stopped using it.)

by jennifer kindle

This product really works. I stay constipated a lot and it really helps me feel better.

I recommend Liver Cleanse
by Jess

I had been neglecting my liver. I found out about Complete Liver Cleanse from an internet support group. I have used it for about a month, but I noticed that my psoriasis has improved over that month. I will continue to use it as long as it improves my skin. I have recommended it on the same board.

It Works!
by Kelly

This cleanse really works! It leaves you feeling energized and cleaned out. The downside would be going to the bathroom a lot, but that is to be expected. You can really tell that the toxins are leaving your body. I would recommend this to anyone.

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4 Customer Opinions

by MC

I totally recommend this product, it totally works.

by Ron

I just started with it and feeling the effects already.The Bathrm pitStops are very true and you'll feel a little different at first but give it a few days,and your body will adjust to it.

by ahsan

This product really works. I stay constipated a lot and it really helps me feel better.

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