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Cheia Vida

Feel the Energy - Feel the Boost!
Non-Jittery Energy
Weight Management & Appetite Suppression
Healthy Circulation
Sharpened Mental Clarity

From extreme rainforests comes extreme life and the rainforests of South America are a true wonder of the world. They provide 20% of the Earth's oxygen, are the source of countless pharmaceutical drugs, and contain so many plant species that scientists are finding new ones every day!

It's no wonder then that rainforest berries like Acai come jam packed with nutrients, in fact they hold many times the amount of nutrients found in their North American counterparts. Just imagine what they can do for you!

Just as unique are the time-honored teas of the South American continent, specifically Yerba Mate, Green Tea and Chá de Bugre. As you will learn, these contain potent phytonutrients and polyphenols that benefit the body in ways that only these special plants can.
Product: Cheia Vida
Brand: Alive Worldwide, Inc (More Products)
Size: 30 fluid oz
Dosage: 1-3 ounces per day
Retail: $32.00
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3 Customer Reviews

by prabha

i started taking this product about 2 weeks ago, and i love it. not only it gives me an energy but it also took me off of my one of the medication that i was trying to stop since long time. i get up and work now, before i was so energyless. i don't have a enough word to discribe this product. it realy works.

by Carl

This product blew me away! I proceeded to clean my boat, my garage, and my basement after drinking 3 ounces.

This is a really unique product. It's a juice but it's also a tea!


Tastes great and really works!
by Gary J Kidd

I have been in the health beverage marketplace for a number years now and have tried many of the new health beverages available. Cheia Vida for me has the best taste, and it really does give instant energy and helps to keep me going all day. I work from home and look after my two small kids so I need as much energy as possible!

Acai for me is a wonder fruit. Having suffered from Asthma for most of my life, I can hold my hand on my heart and say that since taking Acai in health drinks I have not had an Asthma attack and my skin is tens times better than before.

I have been drinking Acai now for over three years and it will remain a part of my diet for the rest of my life.

Cheia Vida came into my life last June and has replaced all other health drinks in my refrigerator. My son is ADHD and taking Cheia Vida really helps him to concentrate a lot more on his school work.

I recommend Cheia Vida to everyone!

2 Customer Opinions

by lesie ann

I forget to add to my comment pls dont take this product at night if you want to sleep. OMG you get so much energy , you will not be able to sleep. Very good product for someone who needs a boost of energy.


i gave this product a five out of five because it really gives you alotof energy. I took two ounces and then i went and workout, OMG i couldnt sleep at all for the night. I had so much energy that night i didnt know what to do with myself.