f First Endurance EFS Energy Drink (Formerly E3 Sports Drink) Reviews and Information

EFS Energy Drink (Formerly E3 Sports Drink)

E3 is an energy drink of endurance nutrition that combines the latest clinical research with input from elite endurance athletes.

Containing an ideal blend of simple and complex carbohydrates, amino acids, antioxidants and electrolytes.
Product: EFS Energy Drink (Formerly E3 Sports Drink)
Brand: First Endurance (More Products)
Size: 1.65 lbs.
Dosage: 30 grams
Retail: $21.95
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39 Customer Reviews

I want to buy the e3 energy drink.
by Robby Demers

I am a Eco Quest member. I have many friends, including my self that use this product (e3 energy drink) daily. I am in the market to find the provider of this product. Can anyone help me?
Contact me at

by emma

I am Ph.D. student now and as you well know, I stay late even the whole night a lot. And I have nearly time to do exercises. Thanks to EFS Energy Drink to provide me enough energy to handle my life.

Way better than Red Bull
by Jason Brackett

This is my secret weapon for staying up late while studying for tests/doing homework. The main reason I like this more than Red Bull is because it doesn't taste/feel like cough syrup. This product also doesn't make me feel drowsy once it wears off. All in all it is a great product.

Red Bull gives you wings and maybe this does too
by Q

Sometimes we all need a boost of energy. This product does just that and provides the little rush you need. The taste is nothing to brag about but I've tasted worse. This would be a good complement to a healthy breakfast for those that need the energy such as college kids embarking on a trip to an exam or for those that need the little edge to motivate them to workout.

The Edge I Need
by A. Rush

This drink definitely gives me the edge I need. It is a gentle pick up rather than a wired feeling. The taste is not all that impressive, but it is bearable. Once the effect wears off it is a gentle let down rather than a crash like some other products give.

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