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Energy-releasing, fiber-enhancing AmbroStart mixed with water is a delicious, orange-flavored supplement that can help you get your day off to a great start and prevent an afternoon slump. Formulated to energize you, AmbroStart also furnishes 3 grams of soluble fiber per serving.

The nutrients in AmbroStart are quickly absorbed and converted into high energy. One of the main ingredients, fructose, is a carbohydrate that can energize you without the “let-down feeling” typical of some sugar products.

AmbroStart is also formulated with healthful medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), another important source of energy. In addition, AmbroStart contains metabolic intermediates that can enter the energy cycle directly without needing to be broken down first. Your body can instantly start using these compounds for energy production.
Product: AmbroStart
Brand: Mannatech (More Products)
Size: 325 g
Dosage: Take 1 tblsp twice daily
Retail: $63.74
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10 Customer Reviews

Good Product
by Tiff

My Husband needed an energy booster so he start taking these; they have worked great and he uses them daily. He said once he takes one a half hour later he feels the difference. He is always on the go between playing with the kids and working that he needs his energy. We recommend these to everyone out there.

Finally, something that works!
by Henry L.

I've been through the energy market, and this seems like a safe alternative to downing energy drink after energy drink. I've tried other energy boosters that cost a lot more than this, but this actually works! I've gone through the night with high energy, and a bit of the day as well. It really helped with finals week, the only thing off is the taste is a bit off, but that's the trade-off I suppose.

Excellent yet too pricey
by Ryan

I must admit that I only used this product because my girlfriend uses it. She uses it when she travels on those tiring business trips. She recommended that I give it a try during my finals week for one of my MBA classes. I was very skeptical of such products but must admit that I did feel the extra, prolonged energy boost. My mental energy was definitely improved. I would recommend taking AmbroStart in the early morning so that by night time, you can get a good night sleep. The only drawback is that it is just too pricey for poor MBA grad students.

by D. Meissner

I found this to be the best product I have tried in an effort to boost my energy. I have taken others in the past that have worked some of the times, and other times, not at all. What I like most about this product is that it is consistent. Every time I took it, I felt that my energy increased, along with my awareness. I recommend this product to anyone looking for a kick in the pants. I took it for probably 1 month and couldn't be happier. I will definitely purchase it again.

Ambrostart a new day
by Mike

Dragging my tail every night in my vapid office, I needed something to wake me up so I can accomplish my tasks. Seeing how bad in shape I was, a coworker recommended me Ambrostart. I tried it for several weeks and I must honestly say, the results are spectacular. I felt enlivened and fresh, like a butterfly undergoing the process of metamorphosis then bursting out in a vibrant display of life. However, as good as it may be, I contend with the cost, so of today, I no longer purchase it.

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