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Super short-term energy
by Margi L

This supplement does give you a terrific boost of energy but you have to be careful not to use it erveryday because before you know it you will get hooked on its effects. Occasional use is fine though. I like to break in half and use only one tablet twice a day to extend the effects.

Perfect for an afternoon boost
by Marlon

As a postal worker, I usually find myself feeling lethargic towards the end of the day. I've tried coffee, energy drinks, and energy bars to no avail. I was recommended this product by my co-worker and found that, after using it for several days, I was able to last the whole day with energy to spare. Like any other caffeinated product, however, take care not to overuse, as it can have adverse effects on your body.

Works Great
by Trudi Konzem

I used to take this most nights when I was working night shift.
Oh My, it really works. It helps so much. I used to be a Med Aide in charge of looking after 45 residents from 10pm until 6am and I couldn't have done it without the help of taking these caffeine tablets.
Some days I even stayed and did double shifts until 2pm.
I don't use them as much these days as I'm not working nigh shift any more but I still have them ready for those nights when I need to do extra studying.

Too much
by Andrew

I decided to cut back on my soda intake, but needed the morning caffeine boost, so I tried these tablets. Unfortunately they are rather strong and not only upset my stomach, but gave me severe anxiety. I would only suggest these if you are already used to having a couple cups of coffee in the morning, or if the side effects do not bother you.

Too jittery for me
by Roxanne Ranelli

I am sure that this product is great for many people who can handle the "over-intake of caffeine effect". For me, however, this left a very jittery feeling in my stomach and created some nervousness for a few hours. I am not great on caffeine, so if others are the same, this is not the product for you!

Just the right thing
by Robert

This stuff works just like it's supposed to; like a couple cups off coffee. This is great for picking yourself up. It should be used moderately depending on your energy level.

Mixed bag
by James Zitzmann

Caffeine is good, and you will have energy for an extended period of time, depending on your body. I've used pure caffeine before, and it is bitter and can make you nervous and jittery. It isn't the kind of long term energy you probably want, and I definitely wouldn't recommend it if you're going to engage in any activity that would further raise your heart rate.

Too much caffeine!
by herm

This is great if you really need to stay alert. It truly does that. I just felt like it was too much for me. It was like drinking a pot of coffee instead of just a couple of cups. I felt extremly jittery and that went on for hours. I wouldn't take it again.

Too much!
by Kyle

While this product does give me a life, I found an entire tablet to be much.. leaving me feeling jittery and on edge. I do feel better when I break the tablet in half. Reasonably priced.

Good and Bad
by drew.amp

This product kept me up so I can complete my work. I was very impressed that it was able to do so. However, it has horrible side-effects. You feel like you want to crash after the "buzz" goes away. Also, be sure you do not take more then you are supposed to, because you will start to shake and feel strange.

by kvantol

Caffeine has an energizing effect on the central nervous system, as it is a stimulant. A typical cup of coffee has about 100 mg of caffeine. Caffeine is used in several supplements, those being weight loss products and "stay alert" products, such as Vivaria.

In doses of 100-200 mg, caffeine can increase alertness, relieve drowsiness and improve thinking. The average person in the US consumes about 200 mg of caffeine per day through coffee drinking.

Like any "drug", caffeine is not without its adverse effects. At doses of 250-700 mg/day, caffeine can cause anxiety, insomnia, nervousness, hypertension, and insomnia. Over 1000 mg/d can cause tachycardia, palpitations, insomnia, tinnitus, and cognitive difficulties. More than 10 grams of caffeine is lethal.

Ironically, caffeine can make it more difficult to lose weight because it stimulates insulin secretion, which reduces serum glucose, which in turn can increase hunger. For this reason,(and other medical reasons as well, it is hard to make a case for promoting the use of caffeine as a weight loss product. I'd avoid this product if your intent is to lose weight.

Works but Beware
by Kasandra

This product works similarly to drinking coffee or a coke. If you are the least bit sensitive to caffeine...don't take it, you will likely have a reaction. If you don't' drink caffeine regularly you are better off just drinking some caffeine. Do not take this product and also drink a lot of caffeine too because you will get a caffeine overdose and will feel awful. It's a good product to use once in awhile but I wouldn't use it on a regular basis.

Gives me energy
by mommyof2

I take these only when I really need to. They work! They give me energy when I really need it. Sometimes when I take them, my heart pounds and I get a little shaky. It makes me feel like I had five cups of coffee. I wouldn't take these after 5pm unless you want to be up all night!

Hard to recommend
by Bill

Sure, caffeine will give you a lift. The trouble is, I find taking straight caffeine picks up my heart rate a bit too much, too fast. If you can stomach the jittery feeling and absolutely need to be awake, go for it. Otherwise, go for a cup of joe instead. Drinking coffee is cheaper in the long run, anyway!

by Karla

This stuff definitely works! Kept me up when I had to finish some work. But be careful not to take more than you are supposed to, because I did that once and my forearms and hands started to shake. Like, don't drink coffee and take these after (too much caffeine). Use sparingly, also!

Great value for the amount of tablets you get!

Not a fan
by Stacy

This stuff is just awful. I had such a bad reaction to it, I felt like I wanted to jump out of my skin and it was like I drank 20 red bulls in a row. It took a long time for this stuff to wear off, so going to sleep was not easy. Save your money.

A Great alternative to Coffe or Soda.
by Jose

If you find yourself falling asleep at work, this is a great product. I use to think coffee/soda were my only sources of Caffeine. When I tried Caffeine 200 mg, it kept me awake and energized the whole day. It was much better than usual coffee/soda energy.

Better Than A Cup of Joe
by C. Matchett

A friend of mine got me to try these once, and I have been using them since. I use them when need them(studying, working overtime, ect.). Caffeine is an addicting thing, so if you think you can become addicted to these pills, please don't start taking them.

Definatly Keeps me up
by Alex Grossman

I'm a night owl. I spend 90% of my nights up to at least 12 usually 1 - and I have to wake up for school at 6:00a.m. So, sometimes a good cup of coffee just isn't enough. I gotta tell you I've been using this stuff for almost 2 weeks now and its amazing. I haven't fallen asleep in one of my course's. One of my professors even told me I looked more lively.

Makes me sick
by Stephanie

From my personal experience of this product it makes me sick to my stomach and makes me all jittery. Not recommended if you have any kind of reaction to other energy pills.

Coffee works better
by Rebecca

On a long road trip, I took these pills so I could stay awake and keep my boyfriend, who was driving, company. These pills made me feel sick to my stomach, and my heart felt like it was going to burst. I am in good health, but my heart rate must have skyrocketed when I took these pills. Drink a cup of coffee instead!

Scary feeling
by Aubre Rice

Be weary of this product. I am a healthy 32 year old woman. I exercise and take care of myself and have never had any problems with heart palpitations, until I used this product. It does give you energy, but at what cost? It makes you feel like you are very jittery and somewhat out of control. You feel like your heart is going too fast and I started sweating. I would recommend having a couple diet sodas or some coffee instead of this product. It was a scary feeling and not worth the energy boost.

Okay Alternative
by Denise

I keep a few of these in my desk at work for those days when I just don't want a cup of coffee or a soda. The perk I get from these is about the same as a cup of coffee, but as other reviewers have stated, the falloff or "crash" is more severe than with coffee. I would recommend this as an alternative to be used in moderation.

This is great
by Eric

I love this stuff!! I do not have to drink coffee or Mountain Dew in the morning. It's a real boost at a cheap price, so I say you should try this if you need a boost any time.

Caffeine, pure & simple
by Jody

A super-easy way to get the pick-me-up that you need, without having to gulp down a huge cup of coffee (I'm not a fan). I took this in business school, and it really helped to get me started in the early AM; more effective than my normal "morning" Diet Coke!

Be Aware
by Annalisa

I tried this when I was in school to help me stay awake and cram for tests. I found that it relieved my drowsiness and improved my thinking. However, if you have any sort of heart condition (palpitation, arrhythmia, etc) you should not take caffeine because it aggravates those conditions. I also found that I got sort of a hangover afterwards, like a caffeine-withdrawal headache. I stopped taking it because of this. Just be aware.

Good for a pre-workout boost
by Michelle

200mg of caffeine is just enough for that boost you need when doing a late night workout. I can only workout after 10pm, and after a long day at work, I find my body needs a boost every so often. If you are caffeine sensitive or do not drink much coffee, than 200mg may be too high. It could give you the jitters so be careful - it's not for everyone.

by Phil Young

The caffeine energy booster works great for long blasts of energy throughout the day. I am never tired in the morning or throughtout the whole day. But be careful not to take to many pill because can cause interims of no sleep

Caffeine 200mg
by Sandy B

Fabulous product. I take one tablet each morning and do not have to drink coffee or caffeine to get a quick boost and not have to add on all the extra calories. I have also found it helps with headaches. I would highly recommend.

Litterally a drug.
by Shreyas Patel

Drink coffee instead. It tastes better and it works without almost putting you to sleep when it wears down. I was driving my car home after working a long week using caffeine too and I almost fell asleep at the wheel because the down with drawls.

Energy Booster
by Louis

I bought this to help me stay awake on those long nights of studying. It actually works, but it is only a temporary fix to stay focused. Try not to take too many of these as they can get addicting. Other than that, it is a good temporary energy booster.

by Krisztian

I try to stay away from caffeine as we already consume a lot which particularly could be found in coffee- tea, coke and energy drinks. Nevertheless, it is an addictive legal drug which could do you more harm.

Coffee Pills
by John S.

This is an awesome product because it gives you almost the same amount of caffeine as coffee. For me, it made me 2 times more alert when I am working. Try it.

by v

These pills are simply what they are called- caffeine. If one has an addictive personality, I would advise against taking them. These pills are just fine for a seldom pick-me-up... not for daily use. They are very easy to become immune to and easier to get addicted. Caffeine isn't the greatest thing for your heart, so these pills should really be used with a lot of caution.

Quick pick-me-up
by John H

After trying many energy supplements, I came across these Pro Lab Caffeine pills. I have been using these for the better part of 2 years as a great energy supplement pre-workout. You can't beat the price and it does what it is avertised to do.
I have also found that these pills curb your appetite to a certain degree while giving you energy on tap. Just don't take these too close to bed time, or you'll be up all night.

a gteat day starter
by tinkerboooo

I don't like drinking coffee, and am trying to kick the habit of the cokes, because of the wasted calories. So taking 2 tablets in the morning, of this product, is just what I need to jump start my day.

Good Study Helper
by mike

This product does exactly what its brand name leads you to suggest. Each 200 mg tablet of caffeine is a concentrated dose that will keep you awake. It is similar to the amount of caffeine in a mountain dew. It's the perfect way to stay up late and cram for the test that you have tomorrow.

by wendy c

These pills are the equivalent of two cups of coffee a piece- if you have more than one than you might seem a bit cracked out. They definitely keep you awake- whether or not you're useful during your waking hours depends on your tolerance to caffeine. These pills are chalky and a bit difficult to swallow.

Temporary Wake-up
by Gordy

These caffeine pills are a stand-alone product to help keep you awake and alert with immediate results.

The pros of Prolab's tablets are that they are just what the name implies, caffeine in the form of a tablet, and work somewhat effectively. They are convenient, easy to swallow, and dispense almost immediately once digested. They definitely kept me alert when I needed them (long study sessions) and had little adverse effect.

The cons of these tablets is that they can lose their effectiveness if used too often, at least from personal experience. You also need to be careful not to take these along with other sources of caffeine because it can become overwhelming and cause you to 'slow down'. The overall effect can be negated if mixed with other nonprescription drugs containing 'downers'. Finally, the price is not too attractive, but you do get 100 tablets in a bottle, so it works out to be okay (although I did find better deals than $10 if you look closely enough).

In closing, I recommend getting a bottle of these if you find yourself occasionally in a situation where you need an extra short term boost. Be sure to do your homework and check out other brands and caffeine combinations to see whats best for you. For example, a previous reviewer stated that their husband got headaches afterwards - which may be the case for some people.

by Stephen E.

This product does its job, but in very short bursts. I have used these to stay up late for study sessions, but they only seem effective for about 90 minutes. After it wore off, I tended to get massive headaches and crash hard. Definitely not a product to use if you need to stay up for hours and hours or to just give a boost to your day. I would recommend this only later in the day to get you through one or two short tasks because it will make you super tired after it wears off.

Does what it says
by Herman

This product does what it says! Whenever I needed to cram for a big exam, I would eat a few of these and it actually works. I never liked the bitter taste of coffee, so I started to look for an alternative for my caffeine needs. This is the perfect product for non-coffee drinkers!

Helps keep you up
by Jeff

This is a pretty good product and it does exactly what it is supposed to do. It helps keep you up and alert so you do not feel tired.

Caffeine 200 mg
by L.M.

These do just what they are supposed to do - they provide a burst of energy when it is needed. My husband uses these to help him stay awake on his long drive home from work. They don't last too long, however, and my husband gets headaches after taking them.

Study aid
by Noah Bratvold

I remember these from my college years, great product for staying up and studying, but not a product to use if you're tired and need energy for going out and about.

They do the job.
by Angel C.

I use these when I need to study late for a test or stay up later than usual. They work, but I think drinking a couple cups of coffee would equal the strength these pills carry not to mention a cheaper price. They made me feel jittery just like any caffeine pills do, but I do have to say they do their job.

by Christy Rakoczy

I've always been a bit nervous about taking caffeine pills (as perhaps anyone in my generation who remembers the Saved by the Bell with Spano's addiction problems) but I tried these the night before a big report was due. They really did work to keep me awake, and it was better than drinking coffee all night. However I think I'll try to save them for occasions when I really do need them because I was very tired the next day. I could see how someone could be tempted to keep popping these pills to keep their energy up.

cafeine 200 mg
by lala5

I don't really think that I got anything out of this product that I couldn't have gotten out of a cup of expresso. It is basically a joke. I do have to add that it also makes you crash from your "high" after a couple of hours.

Not so good
by holly wilson

This product works well, until they start to wear off and you become very drowsy very quickly. It's also a good idea not to take these often, and people have become addicted to them in the past. It's good for a once in a while boost that you might need.

This is ok
by Garrett black

This was a OK pill to take. It kept me awake but not too much energy here. If you want an energy drink kick from a pill, THIS IS NOT IT. This is good for driving in the nighttime and studying. This products O.K.

Just a milder addiction
by Ruth

Caffeine does keep you awake (we all know that, right?) I might pop one of these before an all-nighter studying for a test, but in general try to avoid it. I don't want to get addicted to drugs, even legal ones. But it does provide energy when absolutely needed!

by Julia

This is one of the best products, mainly because I love the fact of how hyper and awake it makes me. I helps me a lot with the day, and staying awake, since I have anemia, and it keeps me more activated. When I go to the gym, I feel like working out more, and have more energy for the day, instead of drinking gallons of unhealthy sodas. I just take this and I'm ready to GO! GO! GO!

Only for the crunch times.
by Francesca Muir

If you simply have to stay awake, I recommend this. It definitely works, but after it wears off you're going to feel drained. For all nighters though, it's simpler than three cups of coffee.

by Jack Wu

Although caffeine can be helpful at times, I would not recommend it on a regular basis. I have taken this product before and stayed awake (it accomplished its purpose); however, my alertness was down and I was still drowsy. The worst part would be tackling the inability to nap or sleep after taking these pills. It was a bit frustrating, as a matter of fact.

Not me
by Adam Paul

As a motorcyclist, I am very well aware of the need to stay alert. Caffeine is one way to do it. Unfortunately, in many situations once it wears off you're in tough shape. Unless your pulling an all nighter studying, don't take it and get some much needed sleep

Wouldn't recommend it
by NG

I wouldn't recommend this, even though I do acknowledge it's uses. I know caffeine helps with alertness and energy levels, especially in a pinch like on the road or during exam time (I also know athletes who use it). But I found the 'crash' afterward to be pretty steep.

by EF

Caffeine has become a "forgotten" supplement in many ways. Here Prolab brings you caffeine pure caffeine, with no unnecessary extras, at a very reasonable price. Caffeine can assist with increased fat oxidation, increase focus and mental clarity. I would highly recommend this product.

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