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Candidol™ is a nutritional matrix formulated to supplement what you don't find in your everyday diet. As part of a healthy lifestyle, the natural nutrition in Candidol™ helps promote normal, healthy yeast balance in your body without negative side effects.

Candidol™, in its final encapsulated form, contains a new and improved proprietary non-isolated blend of ingredients in their natural, unrefined form -- the way nature intended your body to consume them. The blend incorporates eight conditionally essential monosaccharides, sometimes called the eight miracle sugars, and other healthful ingredients, contained in all-natural form, which are designed for maximum results. Unrefined all-natural ingredients are far superior to the overly refined, purified, and processed substances found in other manufactured products.

With Candidol™ you can enjoy:
Support for healthy yeast balance
Decreased vaginal itching, itchy yeast overgrowth, and Candida overgrowth
Episodic fatigue relief
Improved cellular regulation
Conditionally essential glyco-8 nutrition
Healthier immune system function
Boosted sense of well-being
Increased energy levels
Better overall health

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Product: Candidol
Brand: MicroNutra (More Products)
Size: 60 Capsules
Dosage: One capsule twice daily, ideally one in the morning and one in the evening. However, many individuals increase their in-take while undergoing initial detoxification. Candidol™ is completely safe to consume in any quantity.
Retail: $67.00
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10 Customer Reviews

Works better than anything else I've tried...
by Virgil

I've been taking Candidol for 14 months. I had been dealing with Candida and yeast problems for years and had tried everything and nothing has worked as well as Candidol. I've been feeling better and better and my health has been improving continuously. I also sleep better and no longer suffer from episodic fatigue or cluster head aches.

This stuff is Great!!
by Stephanie

Candidol works great. I've been using it for over a year. I first noticed results within a week. The differences were dramatic. My discomfort subsided and my overall health and energy have improved dramatically. I was taking a multitude of other supplements and Candidol has replaced them all. It's so nice to just have to take the one product.

Worked Right Away!
by Shayna

Stuff began releasing from my digestive system almost immediately after I started taking Candidol. A lot of heaviness and fullness left me, and I had almost immediate weight loss. Other yeast related signs disappeared, and I could feel it was working. I did not suffer extreme difficulties as I had in the past, when trying to deal with systemic yeast overgrowth.

I love Candidol
by Hedy

I ordered Candidol and from that time on I feel like a new woman. I maintain Candidol as my daily supplement along with my regular vitamins. I think that we can all use this product as part of our daily regimen. Thank You!

I signed up!
by Scott

I was loaded with Candida from head to toe. I have taken Candidol for a week, and I’m seeing results like never before. I realized today that any product that can save your life is the easiest product to sell in the world. Trust me, Candidol saved my life! I signed up to be a distributor today.

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