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Flax Oil - Lignan

Lignans are a highly studied and researched class of plant chemical (phytochemical) and a form of insoluble fiber that have recently come to the forefront of nutritional research. Compelling studies funded by the National Cancer Institute have shown that lignans may possess impressive preventative properties. Research has established that the amount of lignans present in human blood samples is directly related to the amount of lignan rich producing foods consumed. When flaxseed was compared to other lignan rich producing foods, it was found to have 200-800 times more lignan precursors. By using the Barlean's Bio-Electron process the flax particulates (high in lignan precursors) is retained in the oil, offering nature's richest source of these valuable plant chemicals.
Product: Flax Oil - Lignan
Brand: Barleans (More Products)
Size: 8 oz.
Dosage: 1 Tablespoon
Retail: $8.39
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17 Customer Reviews

Easy to add to anything
by Anje

This stuff is so good for you, and it's so easy to add to any food. I add a splash of this and a little scoop of ground flax seeds to my peanut butter and spread that on my toast every morning. You don't even notice it a bit, and it provides such nutrition!

Great on Morning Eggs
by Todd

I put Barleans Flax Oil on my 6 egg whites every day. The flavor is slightly nutty and it goes well with the flavor of eggs. I believe that egg whites and flax oil is a great alternative to salmon because you get high protein and omega 3's. You don't have to worry about accumulated toxins from the fish.

Should be a part of every diet
by Marisa

As a new mom, I don't often have the time to make sure my diet is balanced. If not for my quick fruit smoothie in the mornings I don't know if I'd make it through till dinnertime. My favorite formulation is to throw frozen bananas, chocolate almond milk, and a generous tablespoon of this flax oil in the blender. (Dairy/soy-free as well!) It has helped my skin as well as my outlook!

by Judith

This is a great formulation. One does need to remember to shake well prior to use. I make a smoothie each a.m. for breakfast using yogurt and whatever fresh fruit strikes my fancy. I add my flax oil to the smoothie to create a very healthy breakfast for myself. This is one of the best that I have tried, beats the capsules hands down. Great product!

by Shauna

Barleans is the best. They follow strict standards in production. They actually are a major distributer to other companies like Nature's Sunshine, who then put their own label on it. I like to order Barlean's direct so that it's fresher.

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1 Customer Opinions

Good Brand
by Reviewer2009

I really like Barleans and the High Lignan product is excellent. They typically have two seals on the bottles and a date of production and expiration. They seem to go to alot of trouble to make sure you receive a good product.

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