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Zola Acai

The Power is in the Pulp. 100% Unfiltered Acaí Pulp, made from the exotic Amazonian Acaí berry, a Brazilian fruit bursting with antioxidants.

Zola is also loaded with Omega-6 + Omega-9 fatty acids, 8 of the 9 essential amino acids, calcium, iron and replenishing electrolytes. Following the traditional Brazilian recipe, we add all-natural, long-lasting Guaraná powder, not the chemically-processed extracts found in other drinks.
Product: Zola Acai
Brand: Amazon Preservation Partners, Inc. (More Products)
Size: 11 oz.
Dosage: 1 Carton
Retail: $2.49
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11 Customer Reviews

re Psychosomatic or really works?
by al

@Randi: It contains guarana which, i believe, is on par caffeine in terms of being a stimulant.

I guess drink in place of coffee and see if its satisfies. ;) it is a only a mild effect. You can also buy pure guarana, its a brown powder.

One bottle has 20g of sugar - the same amount of orange juice has 24 (I believe)

The question is really, does it taste good? I like it.

Refreshing, but not energizing.
by Wendy B.

I recently tasted a sample of this at a local market. I thought it tasted pretty good, so I bought a few bottles. I thought it had a refreshing taste, different than any other "smoothie" drink. But, the claim of it giving you energy, didn't work for me. For a different and tasty treat, it's fine, but for energy lifting, don't plan on it.

by Mike Huang

I work out every single day, and before I do, I usually make a 100% fruit smoothie and throw in some of this Zola Acai supplement. I noticed that after using this supplement, I gain more energy. I work out about 30 minutes more each day before I get tired.

Psychosomatic or really works?
by Randi

I actually tried this for the first time at a local smoothie retailer (won't say the name for privacy.) They put it in the smoothie as a fruit supplement. While it was very tasty, which is uncommon with some supplements, I didn't feel any different after drinking it. I think they make you believe it gives you energy, and the more you believe it to be true, it will be. But I don't know if the acai is the best remedy for energy boosts. I would try ginseng or gingko biloba.

Delicious but does it work?
by Marlon

I thought this tasted delicious (much like those exotic fruit juices found at gourmet grocery stores) but I did not feel any changes in my energy level. I would prefer eating power bars instead.

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