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Best Acai

Acai is an exotic palm fruit from the Amazonian rain forest. The story of acai dates back hundreds of years to its use by the peoples of the Orinoco basin area of Brazil. The fruit was treasured as a source of sustenance for the people. Scientific research has confirmed the high nutritional value of acai fruit and uncovered its potent antioxidant benefits. Analyses have shown that acai is one of the richest sources of anthocyanins in the world, substances known to be powerful free radical scavengers.

Best Acai features OptiAcai, a potent, freeze-dried form of acai fruit. Ripe acai fruits that grow wild in the Amazon are harvested at their peak. The skin and pulp are separated from their seeds and dried in a unique freeze-drying process that preserves the wholesome goodness of the entire fruit, including the important anthocyanins. This ensures that OptiAcai retains powerful, beneficial antioxidant properties, which serve to promote cellular health.
Product: Best Acai
Brand: Doctors Best (More Products)
Size: 120 capsules
Dosage: Take 1 capsule daily
Retail: $29.99
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2 Customer Reviews

do not believe all the hype

My mother tried this product and it did not help her lose weight nor did it help to suppress her appetite. She felt that it was a real waste of her money and was very disappointed.

by Dave

Doctor's Best has been an eye-opener for me! I have tried a few other brands and never realized the full benifit of the Acai berry. Now I can deffinitely say that is has made an noticeable improvement to my quality of life.

1 Customer Opinions

Acai Berry- too good to be true.
by D.M.

So yes, not only Oprah, but also Dr. Oz endorses this product, so that makes the hungry consumer think, why not try it?!

Well, the fact that Acai works is no question at all: there is clear research to show that it does indeed help lose weight by increasing metabolism and suppressing appetite.

However, these results are based on research done on PURE ACAI. As of date, there are hundred of various products with Acai berry, but many of these, such as "Doctor's best" not only are not pure, but they also do not contain the clinically researched doses.

For those of you who still really want to try out this product, stick with the Monavie Acai juice; it's the closest to the purest thing, without having to give out your credit card information for a scandal.

Otherwise, save your money on these pills. I highly doubt Doctor's Best work; not only does it lack the correctly research dose, but it also contains other preservatives and ingredients making the product, rather impure.