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The indigenous peoples of the Amazon call acai the “Tree of Life” and for centuries have used the tall, slender plant as a food and comforting balm for many health conditions.

Amazonian warriors reputedly drank the juice before battle to increase their stamina and strength, and local legends claim the juice has magical potency to enhance sexual desire. No other fruit can claim its extraordinary combination of antioxidants, amino acids, anthocyanins, and essential fatty acids. Synergy’s Mistica captures this mystical energy in a high-powered ruit blend that fortifies your body with essential life-giving nutrients. Savory and delicious, Mistica gives you what you need to accomplish more each day.

We’ve all heard of free radicals and the negative effects they can have on our health. Free radicals occur everywhere in our environment, including our food and in the air we breathe. The açai berry and the other fruits found in Mistica are natural sources of anthocyanins. An extremely potent type of antioxidant, anthocyanins are the pigments found in berries, red grapes, and other healthful foods. These compounds offer numerous health benefits, including the ability to support the circulatory and cardiovascular systems.

In addition to powerful antioxidants, acai also contains essential fatty acids, amino acids, and plant sterols, which are compounds that resemble cholesterol. Sterols help maintain proper cholesterol levels that are already in the normal range. They are also useful in maintaining a healthy prostate and in aiding the immune system.

Packed with tropical goodness, Mistica tastes great and provides your bodily systems with a dazzling array of health-enhancing properties. Including a daily serving of Mistica in your nutritional regime may help to enhance vitality and energy, while guarding against the ravages of free radical damage.

Antioxidants to help counter cell inflammation and premature aging. Anthocyanins to support the cardiovascular system. Essential fatty acids to aid in digestive tract function. Phytosterols to help maintain normal cholesterol levels. Amino acids for enhanced muscle activity.
Product: Mistica
Brand: Synergy (More Products)
Size: 25 oz.
Dosage: 1 - 2 oz. Daily
Retail: $42.25
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6 Customer Reviews

Scores the highest
by Hoady

Tastes great and gives me a great boost. It was nice to later find out that it rates higher in anthocyanins, phenolics, catechins and also has a higher orac than the other juices mentioned as independently tested. the fact that you have the founder of the American Holistic Medical association raving about it compared to all the others is a nice perk as well

Bitter, but effectvie
by Neil

I have tried several different acai products, and this one had by far the most bitter taste to it. It did have a rapid effect on my energy levels, and the bitterness isn't so bad one you get used to it.

Worth every penny
by Chris Carter

I bought this item a couple of days ago because of the rave reviews I have heard constantly regarding this product, and the myths that relate it to the Amazon "mystical juice." I was skeptical at first, but I bought it and loved it. It's expensive, but worth every penny! It tasted great and the presentation of it was very pleasing to the eyes. I would definitely buy this again; in fact, I am buying some for my good friend from Europe next week. It's definitely a conversation starter for a dinner party. You must try this juice!

Very nice
by Silvio Chiba

First off this product is very easy on the eyes. The presentation is nice and simple. The product itself also is very good. It gives me a boost of energy and it also it supposed to ward of colds and illnesses. I have to say that I would buy this product again, but the price tag can be an issue.

by caleb

I know this is an expensive item, but it is well worth it! I've been on one bottle for the past month and I enjoy taking my "shot" in the morning before I start my studies. I feel like I have more energy and it sure beats out coffee. Its good to know that I am getting vitamins and minerals as well. The price is the only downfall.

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