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Red Stuff

Gary's Red Stuff offers the convenience of fresh fruit juices in a jar. It consists of low temperature dehydrated juices of 15 nutrient dense foods that are rich vegetarian sources of the carotenoid lycopene and other phytonutrients. Awarded a Seal of Approval from the Diabetes Resource Center.
Product: Red Stuff
Brand: Gary Null Inc (More Products)
Size: 300 Capsules
Dosage: 6 capsules daily
Retail: $32.96
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4 Customer Reviews

great if you can afford it
by Ashley

I took Red Stuff for about 3 months back in the middle of '06. It was my first year in college and didn't really have much time to eat, especially fruits and veggies. My roommate recommended Red Stuff, a product her mother had been taking for years. I felt so much more energized and healthier after only a week. But being a college student and barely being able to afford to pay for my dorm, I stopped taking them and just made time to eat the recommended 5 a day. Now that I have money to afford Red Stuff, I prefer to just stick to the real thing. All in all, I would only recommend this product if you don't have the TIME to eat your veggies and fruits, not because you don't want to.

Red Stuff
by kvantol

I hopped on the Green Stuff bandwagon back in about 1998, but I didn't give the Red Stuff a shot until about 2001 or so, because I didn't believe it was necessary or beneficial. Boy, was I wrong. Red Stuff is an absolutely POWERFUL energizer, detoxifier, and healer. I couldn't believe my reaction the first time after I took this stuff. It was like I took a B12 shot. I had such a tremendous burst of energy that it was amazing. Of course, it's continued now for quite a number of years. What an amazing food this Red Stuff is. Without question, you'll experience greater benefits upon consuming this formula than just eating your fresh fruit alone. This formula is a combination of the phyochemicals of a bunch of different fruits. The phytochemicals, Gary tells us, are the healing elements in the fruits and vegetables. Not so much the vitamins and minerals.

Of course, this review sounds like an informercial or something, but it's not. I'm a person, non-affiliated with Gary Null in any way, but his products are top notch.

Use it every day!
by Lori in Michigan

Looking for a way to increase nutrition intake without eating a lot of fruits? This is like having a glass of fruit a day. It is simply taking a couple of pills. It has made me feel great.

like Gary Null's quality
by L. Jones

I've used quite a few of Gary Null's products and also read his books. His reputation for good quality is exceptional. I usually don't take the 6 recommended capsules each day just because of the cost but I think even taking half the recommended dosage is helping me to stay healthy. I don't always have time to eat the number of fruits and veggies I need so this is a good way to insure I get the nutrition from them.