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Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend

Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend packs the nutritional essence of nine varieties of berries and grapes -- blueberries, blackberries, bilberries, raspberries, cranberries, elderberries, black currants, red currants, and Concord grapes -- into convenient capsule form. Berries and grapes provide some of nature’s most powerful and healthful antioxidant flavonoids and polyphenols.
Product: Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend
Brand: Juice Plus (More Products)
Size: 4 month supply
Dosage: Refer to product label
Retail: $105.00
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28 Customer Reviews

The Truth About Juice Plus - It is A-One Quality
by Bonnie Underwood

This product needs to be taken as directed, and with plenty of quality water. All Juice Plus products are 5 star rated in my opinion - why? Because I stayed on Juice Plus and in my case it worked right away and kept showing even more benefits in my physical body as time went on. This is not junk and there is not enough of anything in our raw foods to really support our body's needs in this world today. Yes - eat our veggies and fruits raw, but it is not wasting anyone's money to do Juice Plus, but of course no has to do anything they don't want to do. But don't slam it. We need to be so grateful for the wonderful things available to us in this heavily polluted unclean world.

Amazing Quality of thie JUICE PLUS PRODUCT (s)
by Bonnie Underwood

Back in 1994 I got on Juice Plus and the people where I worked watched it change my physical life. Later Juice Plus came out with a fiber product the size about the size of a quarter or just a little bigger - loaded with benefits - believe me! Live enzymes in this product is wonderfully manufactured so it does work in our system - it took all the bloating out of my face, and made me feel like a million. I was swimming lap after lap, craving food veggies and fruits, energy was fantastic and never tired. My testimony is about 20 minutes long and never settle for a $5.00 bottle of so called veggies and fruits to imitate the real juice plus. The company is wonderful and the product outstanding withour exaggeration and only truth. Our body must have enzymes and antioxidants working in it in order to survive this world today. I rate this product number 1 without proudness and gratefulness. My nutritionist kept asking me every month, "Are you still on juice plus?" I would say, "Yes and I'm staying on it."


I have been taking Juice Plus products for 6+ months and I feel great. Before taking Juice Plus I often felt drained and tired. I have started making better nutritional choices since making my decision to add Juice Plus to my daily diet. I just feel better. I find it funny that people will get on website and "down" something that they #1 have never tried and #2 haven't studied or researched. But yet those people are so often the ones who will invest in things other than a healthy lifestyle. Even if Juice Plus never gave me any positive benefits other than knowing that I am providing myself with the nutrition that my body needs....well that is good enough for me.

vegies for those with issues
by tahoe dweller

We learned about Juice Plus through our autistic son's program director who discovered it at an Autism seminar. Knowing our son's aversion to textures and flavors, and his limited diet, she brought home the information to us. We began using JP under the care of a Naturopathic doctor who also highly recommended it.
Using JP has been instrumental to helping transform this frail young man with many health issues, into a thriving, healthy, and glowing person, now free of multiple medications, constipation problems, liver toxicity, ETC. It also immediately took the worry out of how to accurately prescribe single supplemental doses of antioxidants. Nature knows how to safely and effectively adminster the right amounts without the danger of overdosing!
We do supplement other things not naturally occurring in the fruits and vegetables used in JP, such as EFA's and minerals, which of course has been part of his overall healthful progress.
I myself load up with JP and have averted impending colds and bugs OVERNIGHT. The effects are amazing and immediate for the digestive system.
Anyone dealing with the intricacies of autism and all its aversions, will find JP a great relief!

Juice Plus Advocate
by Bryan

Looks to me that "Todd the Neurologist" assessment of JP just backs up the many positive reviews of the product, just opposite of his 1.5 star grade. It is great that you are a vegetarian and that you feel healthy and take no additional supplements. That right there is a testament to the benefits of eating whole foods/vegetables/fruits.
JP products are 100% whole foods. So for the rest of the world that are not vegetarians, this product is a tremendous step in the right direction.
I am a JP user and personally have so much more energy than before taking this product, had stomach issues that have now have greatly improved. Plus I know too many people that are reporting very positive results to a wide array of issues they have had. I am completely sold on the benefits of JP.

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Excited about product & will keep a daily log on how we feel
by Linda

My son and I started to take this product today. I do a lot of research on the products I take and JP is no exception. I like what I read & hear from those who take it. My tax man's wife suffered from severe allergies/colds/bronchitis and after being on this product for a few months, she is free of those problems. I have COPD & my son suffers seizures & his CP causes muscles issues. I will make a post of how we are both doing in a few weeks.

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