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Manna Bears

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New Manna Bears from Mannatech are a beneficial supplement designed especially for youngsters. These colorful, chewy supplements in gummi-bear shapes are sweetened with natural cane juice crystals and tapioca syrup for a unique glyconutritional snack that kids will come back for again and again.

In addition to the specially formulated glyconutritional blend, Manna Bears deliver the phytonutritional goodness of ten different dehydrated fruits and vegetables, including pomegranate powder, which is recognized as an excellent antioxidant.

When used as part of a nutritious diet along with Glyco Bears multivitamin/mineral supplements, MannaBears are ideal for helping kids stay healthy and grow properly.
Product: Manna Bears
Brand: Mannatech (More Products)
Size: 10.6 oz
Dosage: Take 4 MannaBears daily
Retail: $28.45
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18 Customer Reviews

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by Tiffany Westcott

I have been using manna bears on my daughter for 4 years. She is the healthist child in her home daycare.

She still may get sick, but nothing like the other kids. The home closed for 3 days due to all the kids vomiting, 103 temp. My daughter was a little warm and said her tummy was upset. That was it, she was mad she had to stay home from "School".

by Belinda


I bought MannaBears yesterday as it was highly recommended by a friend.

My baby is 7 months old and is constantly sick, so I want to get this MannaBears in her system comes hell or high water.

I tried to cut them into very small pieces so that I can mix it with her porridge, but they're too sticky.

I then tried boiling water and it dissolved so I can mix it with her milk.

Do you think the boiling water / milk will spoil the ingredients?

by Liisa Petainen

My uncle suggested that I try Manna Bears and I have heard him talk about them for years. Finally I agreed to try them in a package I received...and am thrilled with the results. These are definitely not just for children. I make sure to take them each day and since then my digestive system has been working to the key and the constant bloating I felt after I ate every meal has subsided. Thanks to Manna Bears I can honestly say that I am a new person...and I don't care how "cheesy" that sounds. Try them! I highly suggest it!

by Heather

My children absolutely love these vitamins. It is hard to get them to eat a vitamin everyday, but I had no problems with these. They love them. Would highly recommend.

by chris

I started giving them to my toddler, who not only loves the taste but has a shown a big, big, improvement in his eating habits. Now he's eating well. He is also eating more fruit-- grapes, apples, and bananas. I'm thankful a friend gave me a free bottle to try.

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3 Customer Opinions

by D. Hughes

This is a comment to B. Andersen who was recommended to give MannaBears to her dogs. I just learned from my vet that dogs should not have xylitol. It is a big "no-no". Since xylitol is in this product I would not give them to any animal.

by Brenda Andersen

I've been told that Manna Bears is recommended for Maltese puppies/dogs (or any dogs) that have a tear staining problem. Anyone have any experience with giving these to their pet? My rating listed is for what the person who recommended this product says.

by melanie gibson

My little girl was a very fussy eater and always had trouble with her belly. She would become bloated and then would not eat as a result. Once she started taking the mannabears we noticed a big difference her belly was never bloated and she started tring different foods. We stopped her on the bears to see what shed be like and she went back to having bloated bellys again. I swear by them.

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