f Nature's Way Vitex Fruit 400 mg Reviews and Information

Vitex Fruit 400 mg

Vitex or Chaste tree is a traditional woman's dietary supplement.

Vitex is widely used to promote overall health and balance in a woman's cycle.
Product: Vitex Fruit 400 mg
Brand: Nature's Way (More Products)
Size: 100 Capsules
Dosage: 1 capsule 2-3 times daily
Retail: $6.99
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5 Customer Reviews

Helped my wife tons
by Michael L.

This product helped my wife with her post par tum depression. She told this right after our last baby was born. I noticed a big difference from the first baby. She also suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder as well. I have observed an increase in her energy level and a decrease in moodiness. Not only that these are very reasonably priced.

Helped me a ton!!
by Theepa

My cycles and hormones were all over the place. It helped me in regulating my body temperature and cycle. Soon after I took Vitex , my cycle became normal and I conceived the very next month with my first daughter. Definitely helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

by kvantol

Hi, I had to share my testimony. I took Vitex for less than 2 months to straighten out my hormones as my hubby and I tried to get pregnant. We had been trying for years, seeing specialists, the works with no luck. Anyway, after taking Vitex for less than 2 months, I got pregnant. I'm sure Vitex had something to do with it and if you are also trying to get pregnant and can take this herb, I think it's worth a shot since it worked for me. Thanks, good luck and God bless ya!

Helped my girlfriend a lot!
by Gordy

Vitex Fruit by Nature's Way is a great product. Me and my girlfriend recently went on a lifestyle overhaul and tried to replace a lot of our unhealthy habits with new, healthy alternatives. Both of us had awful fruit and veggie intake, and just didn't have the time or resources to get all the recommended daily servings.

We found Vitex while perusing our local GNC. It's perfect for her because it boasts a healthy blend of ingredients that target women and their lifestyles. My girlfriend has serious menstrual issues, and looks for alternatives to regulatory birth control to help ease her cycle. Vitex (along with other supplements used in conjuction) definitely gave her the necessary benefits she hoped to get.

She only had to take two to three (small) capsules a day to fit her regiment. One bottle at under $7 for a 30 day supply is a fantastic and affordable product. She gives it 5 stars and so do I.

This product is religiously taken here.
by Jessica

I take this faithfully for its many listed benefits. I LOVE the price and appreciate the improvements it gives my female body. Even after menopause, my Mom still takes it for the overall health of her bodys systems. A great product at a terrific price.

2 Customer Opinions

Just bought it
by Lisa

I just purchased this at my local GNC store and after reading reviews i am ready to try it, i took my first pill today and will be taking two pills a day. I Have always had bad and irregual .'s and Want to try for a baby i will repost in a month or two how everything goes!!

Never tried
by Niki

I have never tried Vitex before but if it works, I would try it.