f Extreme Health US, Inc. Wild Tibetan Goji Berry Reviews and Information

Wild Tibetan Goji Berry

There are over 40 different varieties of the Goji Berry found throughout the world. The Himalayan or Tibetan berry is noted for purity and grown in ancient soils free of pollutants or pesticides. The Tibetan Goji Berry should not be mistaken for the Chinese Wolfberry which can be loaded with pesticides and can be highly sulfured and irradiated. Experts consider the Tibetan berry to be the most potent on the planet.
Product: Wild Tibetan Goji Berry
Brand: Extreme Health US, Inc. (More Products)
Size: 16 oz.
Dosage: 12 - 15 Berries up to four times daily
Retail: $29.50
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3 Customer Reviews

great, juicy berries - great energy
by stevie

i bought 2 bags of these berries and they are amazing. it increases my sex drive, and gives me great energy. i have lost a little bit of weight since i have started snacking on these instead of junk food. i feel better! thanks

The cure all
by Mike

I get sick a lot, and easily. I started taking Goji, and now I don't get as sick as often. It has increased my immune defenses and improve my overall health. Supposedly, Goji might make me live longer and look younger when I'm older. Hopefully this will happen, we'll see!

Great if you can afford it!
by Diane Keys

This is a fantastic and cutting edge product. Goji berry is supposed to destroy cellulite and have great antioxidant properties. It's very easy to get kids to take because they are very sweet and delicious. The only obvious drawback is that it is so expensive--worth it, but expensive!