f Hyalogic Synthovial 7 Reviews and Information

Synthovial 7

Hyaluronic acid is a major component of joint tissue. It helps to hold lubricating moisture in joints and cartilage, which affects their resilience, elasticity, and strength.
Product: Synthovial 7
Brand: Hyalogic (More Products)
Size: 1 fl oz
Dosage: 1 ml daily
Retail: $44.95
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3 Customer Reviews

Unhappy Customer
by Theresa

I purchased the product, Synthovial 7 to hopefully help aleviate some degenerative osteoarthritis pain in my feet and ankles. I used the HA for almost 2 months and after the 1st month I noticed a spot on my face. This turned into what looked like a blister or shingle and eventually turned into a large blemish. These spots would bleed profusely before they finally healed. I also noticed my blood pressure was going up. I did some research online and found other people who have had a reaction of shingles and elevated BP so I discontinued use of the Synthovial 7. I have been off the product for about 2 weeks now. I ended up with 3 large blemishes on my face which people at work said they looked like little burn spots (which I believe was the hyaluronic acid in my system oozing out and burning my skin) and now I have scars. Needless to say since I discontinued the Synthovial 7 and my blood pressure has returned to normal but I still have the facial scars as a result.

Synthovial 7.
by Az

Do not waste your hard earned $ on this, I´ve bought 5 vials, consumed them religiously, I did not feel any effect but my purse getting skinnier.

Knee problems
by Jannie

Husband took this for several weeks about 8 months ago and is still fine with his knee pain. He uses this when he has pain in his knees or twists his knee (happens on occasion). Some of his problems stem from old injuries from an accident when he was a kid plus more recent damage, yet the Synthovial seems to keep his problems at bay so he can get on with his work and life pretty much pain free.

What's nice is that this product is tasteless. The only thing not to like is having to take so many drops for several weeks to get results, but doing this far outweighs having to go thru surgery, etc.

Would absolutely recommend and get this product again!