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A patented processing method is utilized in the manufacture of BodyShots’ products. This process, while making no alteration in the natural molecular form of the constituent nutrients, allows for hyper-absorption of the elemental solution. Laser molecular measurement of solution particle size revealed a largest general particle size of 0.3 microns. This approach facilitates even the fat-soluble essential nutrients Vitamins A, D, E, Beta Carotene, Lipoic Acid and CoQ10, which are normally not well liberated from other nutrients by hydrolysis and saponification, to non-aggregate and be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. A much higher nutrient concentration is achieved than in the lymph after emulsification with bile.Emulsification with bile has been the only means the body had to absorb fat-soluble elements. This route loses over 75% of the consumed nutrient quantity to the excretory systems. They are simply passed through the digestive system providing only a bare fraction of their vital substance. Serum blood level tests indicate absorption of 95 to 100% of the component nutrients of our products when consumed as directed. Even individuals who have significant digestive/absorption impairment due to allergy, disease, injury or surgical alteration experience levels of nutrient bio-availability no other form of food or diet supplementation can meet.
Technical details aside, these products deliver the highest percentage of nutrient volume to the cellular level and optimal health can only begin at the cellular level.
Product: BodyShots:One
Brand: BodyShots (More Products)
Size: 15 oz.
Dosage: 1 oz.
Retail: $39.95
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2 Customer Reviews

by nikki

I am always looking for ways to take supplements that don't involve more pills. This is one that I highly recommend. We found it was very easy to use and provided many of vitamins and nutrients that we wanted in our diet.

Boost your health quickly and easily
by S

BodyShots entire line of products is a safe and effective way to get some vital nutrients. Most of today's diets don't allow complete absorption of key nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that everyone needs. BodyShots is absorbed in the stomach quickly and easily, and is very helpful for people with IBS, allergies, or digestive disorders. After just two weeks my digestion improved and I felt better after eating meals!