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Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet

Lose weight naturally, while you cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenate your body: For 2 days enjoy a special formulation of all natural juices and botanical extracts. Instead of fats, processed sugars and artificial ingredients, you will flood your body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and essential oils that detoxify and rejuvenate your body while you shed pounds. Individual results may vary.

Product: Hollywood 48-Hour Miracle Diet
Brand: All Essentials Inc (More Products)
Size: 32 fl oz
Dosage: 4 ounces 4 times daily
Retail: $19.99
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53 Customer Reviews

read the label
by shellsbells

I give this product 4 out of 5 stars...it does pretty much what it claims to do. For everyone who has given a poor review and/or wouldn't recommend this product because it didn't make them look like a model or celebrity, or they gained the 5-10 pounds back that they lost on it as soon as they started to eat again....it says on the label that it is for temporary weight management. It also says that your results will vary (as do all diet pills/drinks).
Seriously, how did you expect it would make you feel? Not eating for 2 days....of course you're going to feel weak, tired, and dizzy- at the very least.

Always read the label first and be realistic about your expectations. I lost 12 lbs and did gain about 4 1/2 of those back but have since lost more than that by eating right and exercising. I would suggest this product- it's a great start to any change of lifestyle...it really gets your motivation up when you see the weight coming off instead of having to wait 2-3 weeks to lose 3 or 4 pounds.

by Kathlene

This did not work at all. It tastes awful and yes I was still starving after drinking it. It is just another product trying to make money off the super slim celebrity models out there. You will not look like a celebrity after using this and you probably will not lose any weight.

by Jessie

Please don't waste your money on this diet plan, and I use that term losely. It's not a healthy alternative to real diet & exercise. Plus it just doesn't work. Even if you manage to take off a few ponds while drinking it, they'll come right back. A few of my friends tried it a few years back and one of them got really sick. Please, please, please don't waste your money!!

the absolute worst
by es

This has to be one of the worst diet scams on the market today. Although the enthusiasm of this product has declined over the past few years, the fact that it is still on the market at all is appalling. This is the most disgusting this is the most disgusting thing I have ever tasted and I feel that it insults the intelligence of many Americans today. It relies of the desperation of people trying to look better to increase its sales. If I drink water and take laxatives for a day, I am sure I would reach the same results.

by Susan A

This is the worst diet product on the market. I tried it a year ago before I went on vacation. Give me pills anytime. First getting it down was impossible. I became sick to my stomach and ended up in the bathroom most of the time. I did lose 5 or so pounds, but was so sick after that I couldn’t enjoy the first 2 days of vacation. The weight came right back also. I can’t believe it’s still on the market.

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Slim down your wallet, instantly!
by Katie

Why would anyone buy this? Want to lose weight and save $20? Go on any diet where all you do is drink 1.5 liters of juice a day and you'll lose weight - if you don't faint first. This is not healthy.

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