f Gold Vitamins Liquid Gold Slimming Formula Reviews and Information

Liquid Gold Slimming Formula

GoldVitamins Liquid Gold Slimming Formula contains a proprietary blend of collagen, aloe vera, amino acids and conjugated linoleic acid. These ingredients help your body lose weight effortlessly, while melatonin aids you in a restful sleep.

Product: Liquid Gold Slimming Formula
Brand: Gold Vitamins (More Products)
Size: 15 oz
Dosage: 1 tablespoon twice daily
Retail: $39.95
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4 Customer Reviews

I had high hopes....
by Margi L

I really had high hopes that the Liquid Gold could make me feel better so I could get motivated to loose weight. Instead it made me sleepy and drained my wallet. I should have known that the girl on the bottle does not need to use this product to look like she does and that the product would not make me look like her!

Not Fantastic
by Jen

This product made me sleepy for the first month or so after taking it. I felt sluggish if I took it anytime other than before bed. Additionally, after a month, I couldn't sleep very well without it. I did not notice any substantial weight loss (except maybe some water weight). I would not recommend this product--especially because it is also a little expensive.

Doesn't work
by R

After trying many slimming formulas, I gave it a try. No results. After spending so much on the slimming medications, I now strongly believe that nothing but dietary control and exercise only can reduce my weight.

Kind of high priced
by nikki counts

This is full of many great things and is very healthy for you. I do like the melatonin as it helps me to sleep. The problem is, if you take it twice a day, your going to feel like you need a nap. I also feel that the price is rather high.