f Javalution Coffee Company JavaFit Diet Plus Regular Coffee Reviews and Information

JavaFit Diet Plus Regular Coffee

With a scientifically formulated blend that contains:

Chromium Polynicotinate: blood sugar support
Garcinia Cambogia: may inhibit fat production; with hydroxycitric acid
Citrus Aurantium: thermogenic; with synephrine
Extra Caffeine: an extra 150 mg to serve as a thermogenic, exercise performance enhancer
Product: JavaFit Diet Plus Regular Coffee
Brand: Javalution Coffee Company (More Products)
Size: 12 oz
Dosage: 1 serving twice daily
Retail: $27.99
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16 Customer Reviews

Not a fan
by Faye

Purchased the Frack Pack, so I was able to try all kinds. Everyone I tried caused stomach pain, and nausea. My boyfriend had the same experience, not only did he have pain, nausea, but also got diarrhea. We experimented by going back to our old standard coffee, and had none of the symptoms. Once we brewed up the Javafit we were right back to stomach pain/nausea. On a positive note, I did think it tasted fine.

Love it!!
by Nicole Cortez

Tried it at a friends house before working out, it was awesome. wish it was in more stores.

im drinking it anyway
by java general

I have been reading about the expense but have you been to www.javafit.com lately. The prices are now cut in half. I seriously cant even drink any other coffee anymore besides Javafit.

great product
by j taylor

I started taking this because of my friend she was so excited about the weight loss she got from it..I was skeptical but I have tried everything else to lose are maintain my weight so I thought I would go ahead and try it. I have to say I loved it. I lost 7 pounds on doing nothing other than drinking coffee. I thought the taste was pretty good. It is expensive so what I do is buy every other month. I love this coffee.

Not just Coffee
by Jeremy P

I actually liked this stuff, but then again, I like coffee in general. The taste is great and there's only a minor bitter aftertaste. I tried this during the beginning of the summer in 2006 and lost 8 pounds within the first month. If I could've afforded to buy more right after I finished what I had I would have.

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