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Python Extra

Sexual performance enhancer
Product: Python Extra
Brand: Vitamin Shoppe (More Products)
Size: 60 Tablets
Dosage: 2 tablets daily
Retail: $13.59
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12 Customer Reviews

This Python has a big bite...
by asktj

I started using Python about 8 weeks ago...my erections wouldn't last long enough to satisfy my drive...I needed a great testosterone booster with additional natural stimulants and a semen booster for a good nut...The first night kept me up and I got dizzy - from a mix with a Monster drink...since then, I take 48 hour breaks to cool down from the rush and the hardness of the erection...we wake the neighbors up in the house across the yard - twice :-)

Good 2 Go!
by The BigFish

I tried Python and it actually worked. My man meat is harder and I'm lasting longer. I take 1 pill during the day or two if I think I may be getting some bunz later on. Only downside is I get headaches sometimes after sex. Overall a good pill for the price!

by Brian

Turns out the dry mouth was me getting sick with some sort of virus. Anyway, I'm better now and gave this another shot. Basically got the same benefit as last time, but none of the side effects. I would recommend this product. For the ones that didn't achieve an erection were either not stimulated enough, or they may have problems they should speak to their doctor about.

Kind of weird
by Brian

The good: Very strong erection, and clear headedness. Helped when writing up a report for work.

The bad: VERY dry mouth. Even after eating it made me feel sick to my stomach. Keep in mind I'm the kind of person who can usually chug a Redbull while eating chocolate covered coffee beans and barely be phased. It made me urinate a lot (probably do to the constant need to intake water...4 half liter bottles within a few hours). And, VERY DRY MOUTH. This is taking two pills a day. I will try using one and see if the dry mouth subsides. A good product if you can get over the dry mouth.

A waste of money
by Bob

I purchased this and tried it out as directed. It had the same effect on me as a good cup of espresso -- a little wired, but nothing going on down where it counts. Taking it in the evening just kept me awake during the night. It's cheap and I guess that's what you get.

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1 Customer Opinions

This Stuff Works
by Reggie Johnson

Wow i used this stuff about 3 hours before i started to get busy..All i can say is she tapped out and she always says i run out of steam to fast..So just let the good times roll.

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