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A bit coslty
by Lorri

While we know lycopene is needed in the diet and tomatoes are very rich in it, my husband can't handle all the acid in tomatoes and sauces so we bought Vitabase Lycopene as a dietary supplement. While we don't see it working, I am only giving it a 3 since it's very expensive for a month's supply. We won't buy this brand again and are looking for another brand to try.

Great for men!
by Cara

This product was recommended by the family doctor to take care of Dad as he is approaching middle age. It has helped him trim up and works against all that trans fat he eats (he does love his food). All in all, he's been heart attack free and I attribute that to Lycopene.

by kvantol

The newest fad on the scene is lycopene. With the way some manufacturing companies are hyping this, you would think that it is the cure all type product that you simply can't live without. Well, they are partially right about that. Lycopene can’t be produced by the human body so you do need to have it introduced through foods or supplements in order to have a healthy functioning system as well as proper development in children and to boost your immune system. Now, before we get into the meat of Vitabase's version of this supplement let's clear up some of the misconceptions about it. First off, you want to look at what you are eating to see if it is necessary or warranted to even sink money into a bottle of this. With companies looking to exploit the uneducated or those who are easy to fall for gimmicks and cleverly worded adverts, I'd imagine that there are hundreds of thousands of bottles sitting in medicine cabinets, people took them for a few days or weeks then retired them after seeing no results. To be brutally honest, you won't see any real benefits from this product unless you require supplementation or are diagnosed with a deficiency of it in your diet.

So if it really isn't a major player in human health why has almost every sport nutrition company jumped on the bandwagon trying to promote it? One word - antioxidant. That one word is probably responsible for more useless products hitting the shelf than any other. An antioxidant is nothing more than something that helps to neutralize the presence of free radicals in the body. Some researchers claim that it will help to increase the strength of someone's immune system, aid in muscle recovery after a workout, help with a quicker recovery time after an illness and add to prostate function ability. Since a majority of the supplements on the market aren't regulated under the Food & Drug Administration [FDA] companies are making outlandish claims that this is the best thing since sliced bread and people are falling for it hook, line and sinker. That's not to say that there aren't benefits from taking this as a supplement but if you are currently taking a multivitamin or eat three to four servings of vegetables a day, chances are you are getting the recommended daily allowance.

Packaged in a small, easy to swallow softgel capsule, one dose [one soft gel] will provide you with 10 milligrams of lycopene. There has been a long and drawn out argument in the sports community as to what the recommended daily allowance is. One side claims that there is so set amount and that outside factors play a key role in determining how much is necessary [based on weight, height, muscle mass and exercise] while the other side clings to the FDA guidelines. I started taking this after I started to hit the gym again and was feeling fatigued and run down after a workout that, in the past, wouldn't have even phased me. I'm a real lover of broccoli and cauliflower but carrots and tomatoes have no real appeal to me. A friend at the gym suggested that I try taking some lycopene to help me through the post-workout aches and pains as well as giving my immune system a boost and helping with stressed muscles. I picked up a bottle on sale at GNC and tried it for a month or so and will be totally honest when I say that I didn't see any real benefit from taking the recommended dose of one soft gel a day.

My experience with it isn't unique; read any of the sports nutrition boards and you'll hear the same type of comment. Perhaps the benefits of taking it were masked by my own personal body composition or the fact that "muscle does remember" and after getting back into the swing of things at the gym my body regained its own natural cycle in regards to post-workout recovery and the sluggish feeling subsiding. For older adults, this could be a useful supplement if they have dietary restrictions or those who have food allergies but in these cases it's best to check with a doctor to see if it is an option. For me this was something that may or may not have made an improvement on my recovery time after a workout but it's too hard to say with so many other factors coming in to play.

One soft gel will give you 10 mg's of lycopene but Vitabase's went above the call of duty and added vitamin E to the blend as an added antioxidant. The recommended dose of one capsule per day is the standard but if you are someone that has a lot of muscle mass you may need to have several doses through the day or take two at once. Again, this is all up to the user and is not something that I recommend unless you are familiar with the supplement, how it works, what it is used for and what the possible side effects could be from exceeding the recommended dose.

If you are a vegan this isn't something that you will want to take since it contains gelatin. There are some brands on the market that are made with a synthetic casing that contains no animal renderings but you will need to read the labels closely and always double check with the wholesaler if you are ordering online.

This was a hard review to write; on one hand I like the concept of a supplement that will help boost the immune system and add some beta carotene to my diet but can't you get the same thing from having a tomato or a few carrot sticks? When you stop and think about it you are probably not going to die from the lack of lycopene in your diet and it does occur in a plethora of fruits and vegetables but for those with food allergies this seems like a great alternative. If you are concerned with the amount of lycopene that you are ingesting, then consult your physician to ask if a supplement might be something that could benefit you. Those who are worried about their cholesterol levels might also want to explore this type of a supplement in helping to support the healthy levels but be warned, this won't do anything to help reduce high cholesterol levels so read the manufacturers claims in regards to cholesterol health in conjunction with a lycopene product and take it with a grain of salt.

30 Softgels by Vitabase
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Helps lower risk of heart disease
  • Can work to prevent Macular degeneration
  • May help prevent or slow prostate problems
by Jennifer Stewart

My husband got this product for prostate health, and he found it to be great, great, great. He would recommend it to anyone. He said it helped him dramatically. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful is all he could say. He said for all men to try it.

by Dorene

My husband's doctor suggested this to him a few months ago. He hates tomatoes and anything with tomatoes in it so this is a great way for him to get the benefits of tomatoes without having to eat one!

I'm happy with it
by NTReviewer

My doctor told me to make sure that I have enough Lycopene in my diet. Tomatoes are a great source of Lycopene so I've been trying to making things with tomato sauce in it daily. On days that I don't have time to cook, I use this product to ensure that I get enough Lycopene and it's been working out great. It is wonderful to have an alternative source of Lycopene than just tomatoes.

Great Supplement
by Louis

I take this supplement to keep up my prostate and heart health. I can say that it's helped a lot. My doctor has recommended it too. I have had no side effects so far, and I have been taking this along with my multivitamin everyday. I recommend this to every guy out there so they can keep their prostate and heart healthy.

Doctor's Suggestion
by DM

My urologist suggested lycopene to me for my prostrate health--he also suggested that it would help with BPH symptoms. So far, I've had good results and its a heck of a lot easier than eating tomatoes every day. I take 2 a day as a supplement to other lycopene rich foods, and at 57 years of age my plumbing is functioning well.

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