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Mega Men

Maximum performance formula for men.
50 mg B-Vitamin Complex.
Amino acid blend with L-arginine.
With Lutein, Lycopene and alpha-Lipoic Acid.
The latest scientific research suggests that all adults can benefit from taking a multiple vitamin daily.
A premium formula for active men that includes antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to supplement key nutrients missing in your daily diet.
Supplies fruit, carotenoid, vegetable and amino acid blends to provide food based nutritional support.
Product: Mega Men
Brand: GNC (More Products)
Size: 180 Tablets
Dosage: 2 caplets daily
Retail: $29.99
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97 Customer Reviews

by tommy boy jr

Ive been taking these pills over a year, and i can see a change in my urinating abilitys as in color and bowl movements. But the bright side is i have more energy and I run 9 to 10 miles a day. I walk 5 miles on the weekends. I really recomend these pills to everybody!!

by israel

I took it for a year, im very active, work out regularly, and try this pills. felt awesome the first 4 months, but after i start to fell weird symptoms, my pressure went up and i felt kidney pains also, one night i was working and a chest pain brought me to my knees, i was afraid went to the hospital, im all right but i stopped taking those pills for good, after that i havent felt bad again, but every time i drink or take any kind of thing with thermogenic properties i feel bad...........

Mega Men Sport
by Anonymous

No negative effects at all from these potent suppliments. I like how the time release is an actual protein binding process. Five Stars for this product.

Kevin Robie MA Medical Assistant

by Chris

Boosts energy levels. Good early in the day, taking it later makes it tough to sleep. Taste is similar to all other multi vitamins. Eating on an empty stomach often leaves a sour feeling. Best bet is after lunch for a pick me up through the rest of the day and some energy for the gym after work.

One time user!
by Tawaka

I hear a strong hum, my eyes get red, my feet feel on fire, and my face blushes; probable cause, high blood pressure, and that’s only with one pill, what about three?

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14 Customer Opinions

I can tell...
by Greg

If nothing else, I can agree on the energy level. I think that it's change my day completely. Along with eating a little better and exercising about four times a week, it's been a great supplement that I will continue using and I've only been through one bottle.

Mega Men GNC
by Manoj

I am eating this megamen. I have pain near kidney. So, i donot taking it further.I am taking it since four days.

when is the best time?
by question...

when should you take MM??? is the morning or in the afternoon? which do you recomend?

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