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by tommy boy jr

Ive been taking these pills over a year, and i can see a change in my urinating abilitys as in color and bowl movements. But the bright side is i have more energy and I run 9 to 10 miles a day. I walk 5 miles on the weekends. I really recomend these pills to everybody!!

by israel

I took it for a year, im very active, work out regularly, and try this pills. felt awesome the first 4 months, but after i start to fell weird symptoms, my pressure went up and i felt kidney pains also, one night i was working and a chest pain brought me to my knees, i was afraid went to the hospital, im all right but i stopped taking those pills for good, after that i havent felt bad again, but every time i drink or take any kind of thing with thermogenic properties i feel bad...........

Mega Men Sport
by Anonymous

No negative effects at all from these potent suppliments. I like how the time release is an actual protein binding process. Five Stars for this product.

Kevin Robie MA Medical Assistant

by Chris

Boosts energy levels. Good early in the day, taking it later makes it tough to sleep. Taste is similar to all other multi vitamins. Eating on an empty stomach often leaves a sour feeling. Best bet is after lunch for a pick me up through the rest of the day and some energy for the gym after work.

One time user!
by Tawaka

I hear a strong hum, my eyes get red, my feet feel on fire, and my face blushes; probable cause, high blood pressure, and that’s only with one pill, what about three?

by John Kernell

Am 78, have taken this product for years. Bought the 50-Plus version and find and can't swallow it! Had to buy some other product to spray on the tablet. Have to force it down with liquid. What gives?

by Roboclam

Been taking MM now for over 10 yrs, never once had a belly ache or any other side affects...Part of my "routine" daily, I take 2 and hardly ever miss ...Think anybody who "works out" daily should take some sort of high quality daily vitamin...

MegaMan 50 Plus
by LFor

I took Mega Man 50 Plus for two months and my blood pressure skyrocketed. It took two weeks for it to go back down to normal. I have stopped taking them

Mega Men Vitamin pack
by Alan

Since taking the product I also am experiencing the pain around my kidneys and my blood pressure sky rocketed up to the point my doctor thought I would have a stroke. Have had flu like symptoms also. This must be a vitamin for younger men. Have taken Advocare vitamins for years and thought I would try to save money with this one, but from now on will stick with what works for me.

Sport Pack
by Chris

Dylan - Sounds like your stomach is sensitive to caffenie. One of the pills has caffenie in it which would explain why it affects your stomach.

Tony- The pills contain some fiber which is why you release your bowels in the morning. Its a good thing.

Regular guy
by ET

I took Megamen years ago and got distracted with things in life (like most folks do) and stopped taking the vitamin. After being off the vitamin for almost a year, I began to notice a significant loss of energy, concentration, and an overall decrease in zeal for most things in life. I began exploring as to why I wasn't feeling "normal". I got back on Megamen and can say I won't discontinue again. I've tried other vitamin products and experienced side effects such as stomach or headache issues, not with MM. It recommends 2 daily, I take 1 that's what works for me.

by Armand

I take the powder form, and have taken it for some time now. It is amazing how many people don't know about the yellow urine. This will happen with any vitamin, and is nothing to worry about. I like the powder because it has fiber, plus other ingredients for the prostate, and other things which benefit men. I notice a difference when I don't take it, and think
that it is a beneficial part of my diet. Even though I try and eat right, it is hard to get the large spectrum of health benefiting ingredients found in this product.

by Everette Rivers

I been taking mega man off an on for years. You must take with a meal not just crackers. If I don't it with a meal it gives me migraines. The pill make's me more hungry an if I dont get food quick enough I get a headache. But It does wonders I'n the gym. I be ready to bench the entire weight room. But other than the headache, it's perfect.

by hairil

excellent! make my sexual really wife smile always in the better,GNC is my favorite supplement food.

by The Dark Knight

I have been using mega men sport for a while on and off. Only when I work out. I noticed my urine is yellowish, and in the morning I have to go release my bowels. I find that to be great. No side effects. Starting to take it every day and see what happens.


This is an excellent drug for the health of a man.It sexual mental and muscular power.

by Eric

This vitamen is great, one a day gives me the energy I need to get through the day. my urine does come out bright yellow which is normal just means the vitamen is doing its job

So Far So Good
by JoshV

The price was good for the quality. I've seen a lot of comments on the yellow urine. This is a result of the high Riboflavin (B2) dosage. It is neither harmful NOR temporary. It's simply a biproduct of that particular vitamin. I've used both the standard formula and the sport formula. I think the sport is better for active individuals, but they are both high quality vitamins.

Anxiety, nausea from these
by Dylan

I've noticed that while taking these vitamins, I begin to get nausea and anxiety after my meals and upset stomach throughout the day.

The way it affects my stomach is this:
I end up wanting less food throughout the day. When I do eat, I want to puke afterwards, but then I'm hungry again after a half hour. It feels both like I can't get enough food and like I'm getting too much.

Accompanying the nausea is a feeling of anxiety, which I'm assuming is my body adjusting to the B-vitamins. If I'm off the vitamins, it's not something I normally get, but I'm pretty certain my anxiety has to do with fluctuations in my diet or blood sugar.

I generally have slight stomach sensitivity; coffee does the same thing: anxiety and nausea lasting up to a few hours.

Additionally, this feeling generally lasts for about 3 or 4 days after I stop taking them; after that I'm fine.

So, while I haven't found a way to remedy these symptoms yet, if anyone else is experiencing anything similar, it could very well be the vitamins. Maybe starting at a lower dose or being more consistent could be the solution. (I currently take about one a day.)

But other than all that, I feel incredible! I'm more active and feel sharper mentally, as well as more motivated and creative. I guess I'll have to compromise..

Oh! And the neon urine is a side effect from certain B-vitamins. Nothing to worry about :)

Worth the $
by Mike G.

I love this vitamin! I take it every morning with breakfast, the bright urine doesnt bother me its just a reminder that i have or have not takin them. I use to drag all day and Now I dont. It works for me.

by just started

when i came to buy the pills i was lookn for just vitamens n when i was tlkn to the guy he said somthing about male inhancement n it makes u have more stamina to has anyone experienced inhancement or stamina

just started
by roman

i am starting to take the basic mega man the only thing i have to say is that my urine is a bright yellow and i was warned that that could happen how long should it go for and i usually drink about a half gallon of water a day is there anything else i should be worried about

by Shawn Jones

Iv'e been taking Megamen Multivitamin for 10 years now and i would not go a day without them. These suppliments give me the daily balance of essential nutrients that I need to function with balance mentaly and physically. Who ever says that these are not supportive toward better health are against good health period or they may need to go to there personal doctor for a checkup.

By far the best
by Gregg

I have been on these vitamines since 1999 and I couldn't afford them for a while. So I switched to a basic multivitamine. During this 4 month span I truley believed that there was something wrong with me. I was always tired. When I realized that this switch was my problem and not age I am now on the GNC sport and am back to working over 80 hour weeks and still kicking lol.

by Alex

I've been using the Mega Men Sport multivitamin for about five days. So far, it's been good to me and thats besides how yellow my pee gets. On day 5 (today) I started experiencing back pains.
Please does any one know if this pain will pass away? I know my complaints may be premature but I'm trying to be as safe as possible..

Mega Men Sport
by Ike

I started taking the Vitapaks about 6 months ago and could not be more pleased with them. I have more enegry through out the day and it gives me the motivation for a more intense workout when I need that extra push.

Most people would be a bit turned off by the $49.99 price for a month supply but I think you save in the long run because you're actually getting a 30 day supply of 7 different vitamins which you would be paying more for if purchased on their own. If you're worried about the price at first, talk to a friend or family member who has a gold card and have them purchase you a box during the "gold week" at the start of the month which saves you 20% off the cost.

The only things I noticed were a mild stomach pain at first but it disappeared when I took the pills with food and took them with water rather than an energy drink. My own fault for doing it so nothing against the pills.

Yes, your urine does turn sort of a greenish color but it's nothing to be worried or scared about. It's due to the amounts of B vitamin. Your kidneys are doing their job of flushing the excess out of your system and the side effect is the change in color which would happen if you took just the B alone.

by Chris

I just started taking this product 5-days ago. On the 3rd day I notice extreme lower pain on my right side kidneys. Today both left and right side are killing me. I take the vitamin pack with breakfast all of them at once in the morning. This is proven to be to much for my body. The workouts are great but the intense pain is hardly worth it. Does anyone have any suggestions
on how to break the dosage up so I can benefit from my early morning workout and ease the pain or completely do away with it?

Mega Men Energy Packs
by patrick

Love this product! So much more energy in the gym from taking these!
Yes, it turns your urine a neon-yellow but that's because of the huge amount of B-complex vitamins. I actually think this silly side effect is kind of funny (and it's harmless.)


i work at gnc and the reason that your pee turns this dark yellow almost green colour is because of the b vitamins in them. If you were to just take a b complex you would notice the same thing.

Mega Men Sport
by Frank

If i here one more review of the mega men sport causing people to itch because of niacinamide, niacin, or selenium & such i'm gunna tweak! It's the Beta-Alanine in the product that causes the itching..

Yes, high doses of niacin will cause a niacin flush, for example a warming sensation throughout the body, degree's of intensity may vary depending on the person and dosage. BUT, the itching in this case is most likely if not definitely caused by the Beta-Alanine. Beta-Alanine stimulates nerve endings and causes the side effect which closer resembles a tingling or itching sensation as apposed to the niacin flush.

Just thought i'd give the heads up,. Although the mega men sport is a quality supplement you may want to consider switching to the regular Mega men or Ultra mega gold as these products have no Beta-alanine. In Good Health. : )


Mega Man Vitamins
by Chris

I have been taking them for almost 15 yrs now. I do notice a huge difference when not taking them as have others. Everyone who I have turned onto these have nothing but positive things to say.
I have chronic ulcerative colitis and contribute being in remission to them. I have not taken the recommended dose as I am concerned with blowing out my liver like with energy drinks which I have stopped. I have also tried to start drinking as much water as I can stand.
I have tried many others (multi vitamins) and can really say that I have had very good luck and consider taking them part of my daily regiment like brushing teeth

Mega Men Sport
by mitty

I have tried this for a few years, but switch to a genaric brand, just to see what would happen. Nothing happened! In fact I had lower levels of energy and a huge increase in iron. After a month I switched back and I feel much more and energized.

Do you guys just take all of it at once?

There's two types of each pill in there for a reason.

You can't take them all at once and expect your body to use them. You'll just piss them out

Half at breakfast, half at lunch. Some of the pills are packed with caffeine (173mg) so I don't take them after supper. I take the L-Glutamine in the morning.

All of the pills all at once might be really hard on your kidneys and liver.

If you take them on an empty stomach, yes, they will cause stomach aches.

Drink lots of water.

Great Boost!
by Rob

I switched back to this vitamin after taking a generic brand. There is a difference! I have taken Mega Men previously. I am 60 years old and feel great! Take this Vitamin. If you take these you won't need the "little blue pill"! Save your money as this "Mega Men" works better! You will be a "Mega Man" believe me.

Good Vitamin - but beware
by BH

I started taking mega men because I was concerned I wasn't getting the right amount of vitamins in my diet. I think overall it's a good product. I used it for several years. HOWEVER - you will notice something big if you STOP taking it. I noticed that (after taking the vitamin for over 1 year) if I would forget to take it on the weekend I would become EXTREMELY IRRITABLE. My solution to the problem was not to forget to take it. BUT – I’ve matured now, and I don’t like being dependant on any substance. I’ve since weaned myself off the vitamin and fulfill my energy and dietary needs naturally. Good luck.

by akili

I've been taking this product for about a year and I give a 5.5. Bright yellow urine is normal, but I don't take the recommended dosage. I take 1 tablet/day on a full stomach. Thumbs up GNC.

Better options
by James Burton

I used to take this but now take Vitabase Active Men's formula. I think the ingredients are much better and it is cheaper too.

GNC Sport Vits
by Side and Kidneys

I have been taking GNC Sport vitamins off and on for about 5 years. I was taking the recommended dosage which was 2 tablets. About a year ago, I started getting a burning or itching on both sides around my lats/ ribs, and when I eat it would sort of burn in the upper portion of my stomach. I stopped taking the vitamins and it quit in about a week. I just recently started taking the GNC Sport again, but I was only taking 1 tablet, and all of the same things came right back. I take the vitamins with a meal, so that didn't help. I like the vitamin, but I will probably have to change to another. Something has changed in the vitamins in the last couple of years, but I don't know what.

Bigfoot Researcher
by Dennis Bauer

Never take this or any multi-mega-vitamin-mineral supplement on an empty stomach. Take them after a meal to supplement the meal nutritionally. That is what they are intended for. Drink a cup of fluid with the supplement to disperse it well throughout the stomach to truly supplement the meal’s macronutrients. This practice slows the rate of absorption of thesupplement’s ingredients from your digestive system, maximizing component assimilation. The amount of excess nutrient excreted in the urine is minimized and delayed. I have been using this product for over a decade as described above with non side effects described by other reviewers.

by Jeremiah

Bright colored urine is due to the excess amount of vitamins, particuarly B6 and B12. Nothing to be concerned about. This is coming from a personal trainer

Review for megaman sport
by Andrew

I have been taking Mega Men Sport for about a month now. I have started itching more than usual as well as having a very bright yellow urine and some researching revealed that this multi vitamin is an overdose of vitamins and can damage your kidneys. The dose you should take is half of one pill to ensure safety towards your kidneys and to get the proper vitamins as well.

horrible side effects!
by Tony

I (age 25, 150 pounds) recently bought this product and take only one tablet a day. My pee becomes very bright yellow, as many others have mentioned. This makes me rather upset. Also, I have strange feeling from my stomach or kidney area, the feeling could last for a whole day.

I only tried two tablets and I stopped using it. I believe the formula is overdoesd. many nutritions are way too much for daily need.some are 3000% . How crazy this is.

Be cautious!

Niacin and Selenium
by CrazyFromItching!

First off, I have used MM sport for a long time, and I really like the product. I stay focused past that 3:00pm slump that I used to hit, and feel good all day. However, unfortunately, I have had either an allergic reaction to Niacin, as another poster commented, or an overdose of Selenium. Both things can cause an all over itching, which I was experiencing to a madening degree. And now that I have read the side effects of Niacin, I have an explanation for my red face other than Rosatia. It took me a long time and a lot of doctors' visits to put together that it was my multivitamin causing the problem. I stopped taking the vitamins for a year, and the itching stopped for a year. I bought some more 3 weeks ago, and the itch came right back. It's not the vitamin's fault in any way, just my own reaction. I just wanted to put this information out there to try to help other people who may have the same symptoms.

by Joel Santo Domingo

I have been using it for 2 years and I won't stop because it helps me concentrate. It speeds up your metabolism and helps digest food. I will continue to take this product for a long time.

gnc by B
by vitamin

Works well for me, i started taking it once a day to see if stomach pains would bother me. But i feel nothing, now im at the recomended 2 a day. I love it, keeps me going at work without feeling tweaked out. Very bright yellow urine is common, i believe from the vitamin b.

this is weird
by ://

I don't know if its working too much yet but I'm 15 and I'm having side effects. Its not posted anywhere. My muscles are getting bigger and cut faster but I itch more and I don't scratch so I don't turn red. Also embarassing after I take it with food it speeds my metabolism up so much I get stomach pain and all the food comes out of me really fast.

Mega Men Max
by Drake

Mix the Vanilla flavor with Milk and it tastes much better. I mix it with my Egg protein in the morning. It works great. Best vitamin product out there!

mega men powder vanilla
by biggytupac

i have problems digesting tablets for most vitamins. this powder has yielded the best results by far. The only downside is the vanilla powder tastes like chalk at best. i have to force it down but it is worth it. next time i will try the chocolate. the package says two scoops i only use 1 and really helps my focus and energy! I also experience no crashing.

Allergic reaction
by Castalliano

This it in response to Told you,GNC MEGA MEN SPORT and many other ditary supplements contain a Niacinamide also knowen as Niacin. Niacin is a body cleanser that flushes out toxins. High doses of this stuff will cause ears to get warm, face and body to turn red, and body to started itching all over. Its normal for anyone to experance it with that kind of doses. Mega Men Sport contains 50mg witch is 250% of your daily value.I

it's a real WAKE UP
by NEWguy

I have be using Mega Man for a small amount of time. But as a senior in high school I have in fact noticed that I am much more focused in class. Also, as a football player I have noticed that my workouts are longer and more intense.

Mega Man Sport
by Anonymous

To respond to BigDetroiter below, I experienced those same pains. Glad to hear it's only temporary. I think this product works well, but there is definitely a side-effect to not taking it. My guess it that it has something to do with the BCAA blend or AL-acid. Not highly recommended. Stick to a One-A-Day and a healthy balanced diet...

Mega Men
by toldyou

Not sure which was the culprit, but something in this multi-vitamin caused an allergic reaction. minutes after taking it, my ears got warm, face turned red, and my legs started to itch. it only lasted an hour, but pretty scary

Mega Men Heart
by BigDetroiter

I've used the old version of mega men in the past and it was fine with me, I go into the GNC about 2 weeks ago and see that they have a new version of mega men targeted for people with high blood pressure. I bought the Mega Men Heart because of my blood pressure issues but anyway, I started taking this vitamin and I was experiencing a wierd side effect, I kept getting a burning sensation in the left side of my chest very frequently, I thought I was having cardiac problems so I go to the doctor and told him the problem and he said to stop taking the vitamins because that was the only change I've done in the last month. As soon as I stop taking them the burning sensation is no more. I was wondering did anyone else exprience this? Or maybe it was just one of my bodily functions reacting to certain addatives in the new version.

by Usedtobeabigfan

I have been taking mega men vitamins for over two years and was overly satisfied until recently. Recently GNC changed the formula for the mega men vitamins without any warning. They didnt think anyone would have noticed but I have noticed. The only change on the label was "Amino acid blend with L-Arginine" was replaced with "Cardiovascular Support", besides that the label is exaclty the same but they are selling a completely different vitamin. They quadrupled the amount of green tea extract, doubled the amount of alpha limpioc acid, added more folic acid, taurine, methionine,glutamine, and carnitine, and totally got rid of arginine. Its a completely different vitamin under the same label. The new vitamin leaves me feeling tense due to the lake of arginine and the increase green tea and or the amino acids (Im not totally sure). I dont recommend the new Mega men vitamins. The old ones were golden but the new ones are second rate.

Also the box on this website is advertising the old mega mens, "Amino acid blend with L-Arginine". Whether or not you guys are selling the old vitamins or the new ones. You should probably check on that.

by NEwuser

I recently purchased this product and been using it for a week now. I do feel the difference it has made but there is onething i am not happy with and that is, it has changed my urine color to dark yellow. At first I got worried but then found out that Vitamin B2 causes this when taken more than 15mg a day.

There should be a warning or notification about that.

Everyday User
by Everyday User

I have been using this product for about 3 years now and I feel great everyday. It keeps me energetic all day long and I dont feel fatigued after hard workouts. The good thing about Mega Men is that it is rich in B vitamins and magnesium which is also good for mental health. Great Product and I would definitley recommend it for all active men.

Nice product
by Petter Genn

I give this 4 stars because of the price. I have used this and the Vitabase equivalent. They both work well, but for some reason, this one just costs more.

Long time user
by Nik

I would say i've been using Mega Man for the past 8 years and I have no complaints what so ever. I feel healthy and I have noticed that I do not get as sick compared to the people I work with around me (colds and fevers).

by Scott

I just started working out again for the first time in three years. The person at GNC recomended this so I decided to try it and I have not been dissapointed. I gives me more energy then I ever had before and I'm not nearly as sore after my workouts as I use to be.

Vitamin B
by Stanimir Yordanov

I found out that this product is rich in B vitamins, which is very important for our bodies. I take it mainly because of them. The price is affordable! I take 2 pills per day, and I am very pleased by this product.

An absolute must for every active man
by Jeremy P

If I could rate this higher than 5.0, I would because it's the best men's multi-vitamin out there! I bought my first pack back in 2002 from a NC store and was not disappointed one bit. I was told by the manager of the store/friend that these were the vitamins to have for me since I play sports and weight train. The price may seem a little high to some, and it actually was to me at first since I love a good deal like the next guy, but it's well worth it. As a matter of fact, the price fits it's quality perfectly. I've been taking these for a while and have found no rational reason for a substitute. They are as good as advertised and an absolute must-have in any active man's life.

Actually works!!
by william

This is a good product. I work out 4 days a week, and would always end up feeling drained on the weekend. I used to take One-a-Days, but have recently switched over to Mega Man. I love them! They haven't made a unbelievable improvement in my stamina, but have noticeably helped me feel less drained, and have more energy to play with my kids on the weekend.

Packs a Punch
by J

This is a great vitamin with everything a man needs in one day. It does not taste great but it gets the job done by packing a bunch of different vitamins into one to make it convenient, I was very happy about one purchase, one bottle, one pill, per day. Thanks!

good athletic and non athletic
by victoria

I bought this vitamin supplement for both my husband and my father. My husband is very active and says that he has noticed less fatigue after a hard workout and that he experiences a quicker recovery time. My father on the other hand is pretty sedentary, but he has noticed that he doesn't experience mid day energy drops as often as he used to. This has been a good supplement for my family, I recommend it.

by Zheng

This is my favorite one out of all the vitamins. Its made by GNC, so it's a very trusted brand. I have just started using this product and I really like it. I can feel the difference in my health. I would buy this product again.

by Aileen ZH

I decided to buy this for my boyfriend to eat. Despite the strong bright yellow urine that he has, I think that he had been sleeping much peacefully now. I also noticed that he seems to have energy. I definitely recommend it for all the guys out there.

great vitamin
by melissa

My husband started taking these, and now he will not take anything else. These seem to give him more energy and just feel better, overall. They are a little more expensive than others, but it is definitely worth the extra.

Mega men vitamins
by earnhardtfn3

I recently purchased megamen vits. from GNC. As a lot of people I was skeptical about the whole vitamin thing. Anyways I've only been taking megamen vitamins for 2 weeks and already have a lot more energy.The taste is a bit awful and it does turn your urine bright yellow but I definitely would recommend these to anyone.

A Weight Lifters Must Have
by Brenda

My son is a weight lifter. He demands only the best in natural vitamins. GNC is and will remain his choice because of the purity included in the ingredients of Mega Man. He has used this product 2 years now, and says he will remain an avid user of their multivitamin because he believes you need to feed your body good things in order for it to work properly during regular exercise, and to maintain stamina. This has given him the ability to have more energy during workouts. He also concluded that it is priced well.

Mega Men
by Brenda B

My father took this vitamin on a daily basis, and it seemed to work well for him. My husband took once daily for men, and has since changed to this product and loves this product.

Excellent vitamins.
by leo lee

I've been taking the GNC multivitamins for about two years now. And I must say what those above have said. I noticed a difference in sex, not immediately but I did notice. The resting period essentially went away. I'm 29 years old and the little guy stays tough and ready to go immediately after, you know. I work out on a regular basis and I haven't had a real cold or flu in 3 plus years. I thought vitamins were a bunch of hoopla, but these GNC horse pills really can have an affect on your life. I would suggest them strongly and yeah, your urine does get a high yellow color, but that doesn't bother me.

You notice the difference
by Dustin

2 years ago I started running competitively in mini-marathons. Just last week, I completed my first full length marathon (just over 26 miles). I’ll take a Mega-Man every morning. On the occasions that I forget to take one, I can really notice fatigue after 30 minutes or so on the treadmill. I definitely recommend these vitamins to anyone that uses a lot of energy in their day.

Good Vitamin
by Heather

This is a good product. My husband has taken it for about a year, on and off. I recommended that he take this product because I have taken GNCs women's vitamins for several years and been very pleased. He really likes the vitamin, but doesn't like that we have to go to mall to buy them. We will buy this product again.

Works Great
by Afrit

I have been taking this daily for last six months or so. I started getting into vitamins and supplements because of my uncle who has been using them for years. When I started lifting, he suggested this, and it's given me a great deal of energy. I've been lifting much better with these than without. You and others will see results almost instantly. Not a bad price either. Highly recommended for lifting.

Mega Men - good stuff
by Bryan Montgomery

I am 18 years old, a bodybuilder, and love finding supplements that can help me have an edge. Mega men are reasonably priced and have all the vitamins you need, provide great energy. I've been taking this supplement for around a year or so, it's great and the only multi-vitamin I will buy.

Helps Energy!
by Victor

I have started using mega men's vitamin since I was feeling a bit fatigue after working in a kitchen for 10 hours a day. Mega Men's vitamins has helped me with energy levels and raised them quite a bit. I always buy this product, and it was recommended to me by my doctor.

Mega Men creates MEGA MEN!
by Tonya

My husband started using Mega Men about a year ago after my fathers recommendation. It was one of the best things he has ever done for his health. Mega Men gives him all of his important vitamins and minerals, gives him energy (without feeling jittery), clears his head and makes him think and concentrate better. When my husband went to pick up a bottle of Mega Men for the first time he talked to the sales clerk about the benefits of Mega Men and was told that Mega Men are time released so you feel the benefits all day, not just for a couple of hours. Mega Men is now the only vitamin my husband will take. Mega Men are a little more expensive than some vitamins but they are worth every penny!

Mega Men
by Khalilah Murarsheed

My husband uses Mega Men vitamins on a daily basis for better health. My husband suffers with fatigue. Thanks to Mega Men vitamins, my husband has more energy on a daily basis. Mega Men vitamins really does work very well.

Not Before Bed!
by Jill

I don't have any problem with my husband taking this product. In fact, I'm glad he is taking a vitamin at all, but I can always tell when he takes it just before bed, because I can smell it on his breath!

Doctor recomended
by Phil Young

My doctor said I needed more vitamins in my life and he recomended this product and now he says I'm healthier and sugests to keep using it.

Good vitamins
by Mary

My ex-boyfriend swears by these. He is a truck driver and these vitamins gave him more energy and helped him to stay focused while driving. These vitamins have everything all together so he didn't need to buy anything except these. I could tell when he was out because he was fatigued and actually a little crankier. I would highly recommend these for all you fellas out there!

Great Multi-Vitamin
by Ryan

I work out 5 days a week, and would always end up feeling drained on the weekend. I used to take one-a-days, but have recently switched over to Mega Man. I love them, they haven't made a unbelievable improvement in my stamina, but have noticeably helped me feel less drained, and have more energy to play with my kids on the weekend.

Could tell a difference
by RIC

As a new diabetic, I am increasingly concerned about my 'chemistry'. After a week of Mega Man, there was a noticeable difference in my energy. I just bought a new exercise bike, and I hope to make big changes in 2007!

A REAL energy booster
by Jill S.

My husband has been taking Mega Men from GNC for almost a year now. Like most men, he tends to work long hours and doesn't always put his health first. I feel like I am giving him the very best in the morning when I make sure he doesn't leave the house without his vitamins. Since he has been taking Mega Men, he has more energy to complete his daily tasks. About three months ago he ran out of his vitamins and didn't get to the local GNC until 4 days later. He couldn't believe how sluggish he was by not taking his daily vitamin. He now lets me know when he only has a few days left so that he will never be out of Mega Men Vitamins again.

Best multivitamin I have ever used.
by Zach

This is a great multivitamin. I started using this a few months ago and I can actually tell a noticeable difference. I feel a lot healthier. This is just another great product from GNC. I would highly recommend this product for anyone whether very active or not.

Good product
by Rick

I have been taking this for the last couple of months and it seems to give me a little more energy for my workouts and through out the day.

Great Mens vitamin
by Phil

This is a great vitamin for men to take especially if you over forty. They seem to give me more energy to get through the day. GNC's products are the best.

A *must take* for every man
by Jody

My husband has been taking these for the last five years, and he swears by them. He tried a generic brand vitamin for 3 months (bottle of 90), and truly felt a difference in energy level and overall well-being. Buy these on Super Tuesday and save on the price!

Necessity for every "Mega Man"
by n1ck

This is an excellent vitamin, from my favorite supplier, GNC. They also have a reward program along with a line of plenty of other supplements. You will feel good knowing that you are getting all the necessary nutrients your body needs!

Mega Men
by Denise Grier

My brother swears by these. He takes them every day and has for a while now. He says he feels much more energetic and that he feels healthier knowing he's getting the vitamins he needs.

Wife made me take these
by Dave

My wife bought these GNC vites for me for Christmas and made me take them. For years, I felt pretty good and NEVER took any vitamins. Within a week of taking the product, I did have more energy and was sleeping better than I had in years. I'll buy them myself next time.

wonderful, but smelly
by tony

I take these vitamins religiously, as they help my active lifestyle greatly. When I miss a day, I feel drowsy and unenergetic. I can't believe how much of a difference it makes. My only complaint is that they smell exceedingly bad.

All Energy & More!
by R. Todd Woodstock

Very good product to keep men energized throughout the day. I have used this numerous times and it really is a great product. I love the fact that antioxidants are incorporated, which help cleanse the body of impurities. Money well spent.

Great Product
by Geoff Vaughan

I am currently taking these, and I feel like they are a great value for the price. Some other vitamins I have taken make for some really foul smelling urine, making me think that most of the product is being wasted. I haven't noticed that side effect with this brand. Overall, they contain all of the essential vitamins and minerals one needs each day.

a solid multi vitamin
by EF

This offering from GNC is a solid multi-vitamin optimized for males involved in working out and other exercise. Good product at a reasonable price.

by startnout

These work great, but they tend to smell really bad after you open them. If you are a hardcore athlete or a fitness regular, these will come in handy to make sure you have some of your basic nutritional needs filled. GNC knows how to do vitamins!

Great Product
by TM

For the money this is the best product you can get in my opinion. It has everything one needs, for a great price. But, if you don't like shopping GNC also try ON's Opti-Men and if you have the money Animal makes some great products also.

14 Customer Opinions

I can tell...
by Greg

If nothing else, I can agree on the energy level. I think that it's change my day completely. Along with eating a little better and exercising about four times a week, it's been a great supplement that I will continue using and I've only been through one bottle.

Mega Men GNC
by Manoj

I am eating this megamen. I have pain near kidney. So, i donot taking it further.I am taking it since four days.

when is the best time?
by question...

when should you take MM??? is the morning or in the afternoon? which do you recomend?

by debbie cooper

my husband uses this product faithfully. He loves it. He can tell a difference in his energy level when he has missed taking it. I would recommend this product.

GNC Sport Vitamins/Stomach pains
by Carlton

I just started taking the GNC Mega Men Sport and within 24 hours began experiencing stomach pains in the upper portion of the stomach. I have not taken another vitamin pill in over 72 hours and I am still experiencing the pain whenever I eat and the pain is periodic during digestion.

by craig ehrlich

can a vitamin produce effects you can feel??? I take them for the effect they have on anabolism in my body. I take MEGA MEN because the " numbers" are substantial. What I have noticed is a clearer focus during the day and a somewhat brighter disposition. Is it the placebo effect? who cares as long as works!

micromolecular biology major.
by Handsome asian

I feel great every time I take them in a all around perspective. I do not feel intensely energized because that's what exercise is for and not vitamins, but it makes my mind clear. (if you do want energy try full throttle energy drink, taste is not like any other energy drink, no bad after taste). Everyone dreams at night if they're well rested and when I have been taking these I remember my dreams from most nights, which isn't something that has been happening for a while until I took these. I have tried various vitamins and I do not feel like they're worth the time or give me the same feel as mega men, such as the One a day green bottle for Energy. Yes you do urinate neon green, that's just excess vitamins, but that's fine since that's harmless. I rather have excess than less as well. I recommend this product for any guy, been taking it since I was in high school.

Vitamin guy
by Zach Becker

your urine turning yellow is your body rejecting the B vitamins, not to worry though the effect will soon pass

is this product safe?
by angel

i'm a wife and since my husband has to be continuously reminded to pick up some vitamins, i wet to the pharmacist myself and asked them for the best thing on the shelf and they they gave me mega men well after reading the comments kinda scared to let him take it, lime green urine, back pain. have me thinking twice.

by Tony

I have been using mega men sport for one week. I noticed my urine is yellowish, and in the morning I have to go release my bowels this rarely happen before taking this but feel like it is leaving me empty inside witch i guess it is a good thing but im hopping this is a natural side affect. I really haven't heard much about this anyone else feel this way? But either way I do feel more energized throughout the day.

GNC Megamen Chocolate shake vitamin drink
by Ty

I started taking the Megamen chocolate vitamin drink in november of last year. I mixed it with GNC 24hour Protein shake and i begin to see results in the Gym a week later. I went from 193lbs to 216lbs in a month. solid muscle. I recommend this product to anyone looking to gain wait and be healty at the same time.

Mega Men
by Gerald

I instantly stopped taking it once my pee came out lime green. It looked as if I had been drinking radioactive water.

by Matt

It makes my pee really bright yellow almost a green type.
It seems to be somewhat working, it isnt too bad I just started taking it.

Im just curious if stomach aches and weird color pee is normal?

by ELanimal

I have been taking the vitamin pack for three months now. I am satisfied with the product it helps me focus and my work outs are a lot more efficient. It gives me the boost I need and has helped me to loose weight and gain muscle mass. I recommend the product to anyone looking for great healthy results.