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Cell Food - 78 ionic minerals, 34 enzymes, 17 amino acids, dissolved oxygen and electrolytes.
Product: Cellfood
Brand: NuScience Corporation (More Products)
Size: 1 Bottle
Dosage: Take 1-3 servings daily.
Retail: $29.94
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23 Customer Reviews

You fail to mention that people are drinking drain cleaner
by Mike A3

When I first tried your product it tasted kind of caustic. I continued for 10 days with no effect so I did more research to find that you lied about Everette Storey's history and that Cellfood is in truth a drain cleaner developed by Storey's company called Openall (as is written in his book "Beyond Beleif." I dare you to publish this review.

seems to be helping my son with overall well being
by bruce guenter

would recommend cell food

Cell Food Is A Miracle Product!
by Sarah Figueroa

Cell Food is truly a miracle product. I've been taking cell food three times per day for the past month and I have more energy, require less sleep and I my breathing has improved. I am a runner and have never had a problem with breathing so it took me by surprise when I was running one day after taking Cell Food and noticed how muich deeper I could breath. I burned my fingers and put a drop of Cell Food on my burn and the next day it was healed. My husband had a cold sore on his lip and I placed a drop right on the sore a few times that day and it healed it immediately. My sister had cancer and had to go through chemo and radiation. I quickly bought her a bottle of cell food and she is noticing a huge improvement in her health from the damage of the treatments. I am convinced cell food will kill any remaining cancer cells in her body. Her skin was rough from the chemo and radiation and after a couple of days of using the Cell Food Face Gel her skin is smooth as silk. I love the Gel as well and look forward to using the Cell Food Bath product. I also use the Spay Vitamins and it really provides a boost in energy. Thank you to the makers of Cell Food!

by Jamie

I had a gout flareup and could hardly walk. I have a friend that said try Cellfood and within 48 hours it was gone. I am new to this and always skeptical but that is my experience.

Been Using Cellfood Everyday Since 1997
by David

I have been using Cellfood since 1997 and love it! There are a lot of reasons however I have found that I just don't get sick anymore. General all around health improvement. I love this product and recommend it highly.

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2 Customer Opinions

by Ros Burn

The literature on Cellfood appears in each product pack that is distributed by www.oxygenfor life.co.za. It includes reports of the following tests - ergogenic product test by The University of Pretoria Sports Institute; toxicity test by University of Pretoria Pharamacology Department; radiation test by NESCA (Nuclear Techniology & Services; antioxidant test by International Observatory of Oxidative Stress; free radical clinical test by Dr Michael Coyle using a FRAS d-Rom (Dacron) system; colloidal test by the Particle Characterisation Laboratories USA; electrolytic test reported in a paper by Dr Richard Weber; dissolved oxygen test by Bioscreen Testing Services, who also did microbiological tests. Currently local and international research is running dark field microscopy tests. Ongoing research is being conducted throughout the world to prove the amazing benefits of taking cellfood. This is credible scientific evidence. It appears the entry 'Cellfood' can be discredited on nearly all counts.

On a personal level Cellfood has alleviated the drastic side effects of the steroid Budesonide, which I am forced to take for my auto-immune hepatitis. My systolic blood pressure rose to a stubborn 166, and is now reducing by 10 points a month; my varicose veins have flattened out; my mental and physical energy has returned; leg muscle cramps have disappeared; muscle weakness (I couldnt write) has corrected; my HDL went down to .02, revealing the extent to which this drug has caused free radicals in my body, but has now normalised. Pimples have gone, and depression is a thing of the past. Thank you Cellfood!

Cell Food the best
by Jill

I started cell food four weeks ago I have smoked for 43 years Ive noticed I am no longer craving my cigarettes and have cut down to five a day instead of 25 so hopefully next month I will be free of nicotine. My nails are stronger and my muscles seem stronger. My skin is way better too as Im using cell food gel on my skin. Oh yes I burnt my foot with hot water and put the cell food with a little water on burn it tingled then went completely away....Oh I really think cell food is amazing.

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