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Lansinoh for Breastfeeding Mothers

Developed especially for breastfeeding mothers, Lansinoh is an ultrapure, medical-grade lanolin. Refined by a patented process to remove environmental impurities (including pesticide residues) and allergic components (free of lanolin alcohols and detergent residues). Lansinoh is completely safe for use by those who may have a sensitivity to wool or other refinements of lanolin. So pure and safe, Lansinoh does not have to be removed before breastfeeding. Lansinoh is the only topical that has been clinically proven in hospital trials to accelerate the healing process of breastfeeding mothers with sore, cracked nipples. It is also the only topical cream endorsed by the La Leche League International. Works great on minor burns, cuts, and abrasions too.
Product: Lansinoh for Breastfeeding Mothers
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22 Customer Reviews

The BEST there is!!
by Emily

As a breastfeeding mother of 3 kids, I wholeheartedly SWEAR by this stuff! Anyone who has nursed a baby knows how painful it can be in the first 6 weeks. I packed a tube of Lansinoh cream in my hospital bag to have ready when my baby was born because it truly does work from the first time you use it. It keeps your skin from becoming dry and cracked, which helps avoid the pain from nursing. And it is safe for baby, so you don't have to worry about cleaning it off before you can nurse. I will always recommend this to friends. It is number one in my book.

by Ashley

I breast fed for five months and this stuff was amazing. Soothing, and safe for baby too. I used it while I was still pregnant, and it helped the soreness and chafing even then

a must-have
by chrissy

I made the mistake of waiting until my son was 3 months old before trying this product. It's so great I still use it, and he's almost 1. It's so soothing and great for chapped lips and cheeks also.

Sweet relief
by Jeanette florio

The only other thing I could think that would have worked as good as this stuff is a numbing agent or orajel, lol. I absolutely love lanolin and lasholin has the purest.

High Praises
by Samantha

I couldn't find anything that worked for me while I breastfeed my daughter. Until a friend of mine told me about Lansinoh I will never use anything else

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