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Muscle Milk Packets

Creatine Production: Patent-pending, medically proven EndoCreatine gives you maximum benefits of creatine loading and storage by increasing your body's natural production of creatine.

Efficient Energy Production: Lean Lipids are special fats that are easily mobilized for workout energy, enhance your body's fat metabolism and promote protein synthesis, anti-inflammatory effects and mineral retention.

Muscle Growth and Repair: EvoPro is a complex ratio of proteins, peptides and amino acids designed to replicate the amazing benefits of mothers milk for rapid tissue growth and repair.

Best ways to use Muscle Milk:

Before: Take at least 30 min or up 2 hours before your work out.

During: Drink together with Cytomax to flood the body with growth nutrients and acid-buffering agents

After: Drink within one-hour after workouts to encourage muscle synthesis during periods normally marked by breakdown.

Evening: One serving before bed helps make your sleep time more anabolic.
Product: Muscle Milk Packets
Brand: Cytosport (More Products)
Size: 20 Packets
Dosage: 1 Packet
Retail: $72.44
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8 Customer Reviews

Taaza doodh
by Kapil milk

I love it

by Santos

Great product!Very convenient in trips and without lactose for people like me with intolerance to lactose.The only complaint is that I want new flavors!!

Reminds me of a milk shake
by Keith G

I mix mistle milk with actual milk. I don't lift weights, but I do excercise. It has made a difference.

by Nancy G.

Muscle milk tastes "funny" as I would have thought because of all of the vitamins and things that are in it.
Other than that, I have seen significant improvement from watching my little brother get bigger and stronger while he was drinking this. He no longer uses it because my dad found something better for him, but well worth it and can be found in regular supermarkets (Ralphs, Albertsons).

Muscle Mils
by Stanimir Yordanov

I can say that this is one of the best products on the market. It is convenient for people that travel a lot. After taking it for 1 year, I can say that I feel that it helped me to increase my power and also add some muscle mass too. Great product for a good price.

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